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  1. Veleslav,other forums would be babypips where you have decent school for noobs and trade2win forum. Think that both are quite active.
  2. NETDANIA for really decent,free java based charts.
  3. I don't care for %win/loss..it can be well under 50% and one still can be profitable on the long run. One of the odds enhancers that i use is profit margin.And it isn't just about risk/reward. If all other criteria are met then big profit margin is,actually,something that drastically increases probability that trade will go in mine favor. Also by quantification of supply and demand of the market,turning points can be anticipated with quite high degree of accuracy. So it is possible to have decent %win/loss and big profit margins.
  4. :dito It should be other way around,J. You should keep your loses small and your winners much bigger than your losses are.When we are talking about win/loss,that's the only way to ensure that you stay in tha game long enough in order to give your self a chance to succeed. I like to have profit margin at least 3 times bigger than my risk.Most of the time it is 4 or 5 time bigger than the risk or even more.So if i have R/R 1:5 in one trade it takes 5 shitty decisions to wipe out one good decision. Who can tell you not to be happy!? I certainly can't and won't:) But the point is that with time it all becomes same.At least for me.Winning or losing you are just doing your job.Losses are cost of doing business winners are part of doing it.Not much to get exited about.
  5. If you are experiencing fear because of trading,tells that you are not comfortable whit what you are doing.So taking acc size to about a minimum allowed by your broker,going with one contract and testing yourself and your strategy for couple of months would be a good idea:2c: Most likely markets still will be there in a 6 months or a year. Although you probably did some demo-trading it ain't same as live trading.25k is not a pocket change.At least not for me. So why to bring yourself potentially in situation where you lose most or all of it? I'm sure that then you would think;"why i didn't trade just with 5,6,or7k.." Back to fear...Think that respecting tha market would be enough.Would say that there is no "healthy" amount of fear.In a way,fear is unhealthy. Will quote great trader and mentor on this; Screw the axioms.Confusion about exiting points can be easily solved by a exiting rule.What i like to do is to mark entry,stop and target levels on mine chart even before i enter limits and stops into system. Exits are as important as stops and entries.Think that those 3 things(entry,stp,target)are 3 parts of the same whole.
  6. Hey J.! First of all i like your way of thinking.It's great that you are aware of problems.Most newbies seems to jump on the bull and start with rodeo. I don't think that Tams meant what he said in a foul way.Would say that he thought "stop trading and go back to drawing board." At least that's what i would do if i were in your skin.Or at least i would cut down acc size drastically. Now to give mine on some of your writings Think that there is conscious confidence and ego based confidence.First is when you are confident based on your experience and know how. Second is when traders ego wanna create illusion of confidence as a encouragement boost.You said that you are bit fearful-fear and true confidence don't go together Same one that you have when you are pissing.Or chewing a bubblegum.You just do your thing and that's it.Nothing more nothing less.That may sound bit blunt,but i believe it's like that. This tells that you don't have exiting rules or that you are not respecting those rules. If you don't have them-make them,if you are not respecting those rules-start to respect them. Also make a rule for a overnight positions.Stay in or get out before market closing.And respect the rule. Maybe you might consider FX.As you sad that you like swing trading,most of the time spot FX is great market for a swing trader+it closed just thru weekend. Emotions could make you blow up your acc.
  7. VTK

    Forex Charts & Data

    Can you use google? Sierra is great and cheap. If you wanna java based charts you can try NETDANIA Regards!
  8. Hey Josh.. Let me ask you something...would you go into minefield if you are not highly qualified in removing field mines? Now just transfer this to trading,be aware that there are many field mines on a path,get rid of "fast$$$$ mentality",learn thing or two... Wish ya all the best:)
  9. Good one,VaughanV! As mine favorite trader once wrote; ".....Instead of being afraid to fail, I now understood that success is IMPOSSIBLE without some failure.Most people are afraid of failure in any part of life, especially trading. You have to understand that failure does not happen TO YOU, it happens FOR YOU. It is an opportunity to grow. When you shift your mind and think this way, you will smile with each failure, knowing that you have just identified a flaw that needs to be corrected or removed. Adversity is scary in the moment, but it is always when we grow the most. How wonderful adversity and failure really are." Sorry for offtopicking!(is this even a word!? )
  10. I am out of ideas! If you are subscribed just pop the question on support boards. If not i could do it for you but you would have to write tha post and i could send i for you. If so,PM me...
  11. You gotta love tha pipettes! Well i am just saying to my self that such trades are testing mine discipline as i am in for almost a month.And it ain't going anywhere..Saw it went down in afternoon,maybe i am lucky and it has hit mine stop,gotta check out:D
  12. Can't help there mate as i didn't had such issue. Have you checked out THIS LINK? I did exactly as they ^^^ instructed and never had any problem whatsoever. I am not sure that they even have different versions for win/linux:shrug: EDIT I see now..they say;"Non-.NET/CLR Version of Sierra Chart.This is the very latest version of Sierra Chart." You could try to follow steps from the link above and keep .net version...?
  13. Same here.Have been running SC via Wine for last 6 months without any issue.Working same as it did in Win. Although i am using it just for charting so can't tell how it does with trading from it. In general i love SC! You can't beat the price compared with TS or ES. 250$ for TS(and that's just for FX) or 26$ for SC(DXY and SPX incl.)...hmmm,really hard decision:D I admit,i use just lines and different TFs for mine trading so i can't comment any advanced stuff. Also their support board is excellent.I can't recall that it ever took them more than 24h to respond and most likely fix the issue if there is one. I am pleased with SC FX data(which they get from FXCM),very rarely i get bad candle stamping or any other issue regarding data. So let's see... Reliable data feed Great charting tool/options Bargain price Great support ...is what,for me at least,makes SC ..."the real deal". Cheers!
  14. :rofl: .....i am stuck with this darn EURGBP trade...freakin thing just don't wanna hit mine stop or target,whichever-i don't care.. If something doesn't happen with it until xmass,will kill it personally:D
  15. Yes...it's like being in balance,walking the golden path of the middle.. In a way that if one is spending lots of time in front of screen than it would be good idea to do some mind/body recreation in order to "cancel" "extreme behavior" of sitting too much in front of screen thus getting her/him self back in balance. Maybe not the best example of mine thought but i think we are on same page...
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