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  1. I do, just started a week ago, it's pretty legit. I bought a system called BO30S and I already earned around $300 this week. Maybe you wanna try it. I got it for free tho. I think this is the website extrasignals.com hope that helps!
  2. Hi all, I am newbie here, I need some advice on my trading decisions, I have some money in my checking account around $1000 and i want to either invest it or use it for trading, but I know nothing about trading, but I really want to trade Forex. So, I decided to google it, and I found one which is called binary options, on this website extrasignals.com claims that it yields 81% every hour, it also offers a system, but I wasn't sure. So I signed up 2 days ago with whatever broker it was. I was interested because I need a fast return on my investment. So, has anyone here traded such things? If yes, would you gimme some advice? Btw, I am currently a business student... Thanks!! Josh
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