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  1. i'd like to have a look at it too, if possible? cheers
  2. anyone able to convert it to ninjatrader language??
  3. Isn't scalping ,buying on the bid and selling the ask? When traders 'earn the spread'? making hundredes of trades oer day? That's what I think of when i hear 'scalping'. Im not sure what the OP means though. He says, 'find a stock that oscillates about .1 percent and you'll make a minumum of a dollar profit every time you trade' How so? What if you buy at the bottom of the typical oscillation and it carries on going down? 'A Trade every minute pretty much guarantees you $60 each hour'. how? What trade? LOL. Am *I* being stupid hear and everyone else understands his opening post?
  4. Im not at all sure what you mean. Trades dont always move into profit. Can you illustrate what you mean with a chart??
  5. MadmarketScientist: What methods do you generally use for entires/exits and from what sort of timeframes do you trade out of interest? thanks
  6. Wonder what he is actually looking at and analysing to make his trading decisions? So very vague, as all 'Non TA' people are.
  7. Yugma? yakkle? (i promise im not just making up words)
  8. Thanks for the example. I'll be honest, maybe I didn't give it long enough, although I never asked for a refund like some! I gave it about 3 weeks of looking at it from 9am-7pm, mainly looking at the ES, and the 6B (GPBUSD) in the mornings (im in the UK) Maybe I threw the towel in too quickly, but I honestly felt as though i was getting nowhere. I think the concept is probably very hard to put into words with a few snapshots as is demonstrated in teh book. I think your chances of understanding would increase ten-fold if you could sit next to someone for a few weeks who could explain things as they happen. I actually read part of the book again today, on teh back of this thread. Ill give it another shot at some point.
  9. I have the book you mention, Agekay. I will look into trading the DOM again at some point. The concept is very logial, which I like, but as I said, in my experience, I just didn't get anything out of it
  10. X2. I read a thread similar to this a long long time ago, advising me to turn everything off and 'stare at the DOM' etc. Well....nothing happened. Just chaotic randomness! Sometimes there was huge size in the bid and the market crashed. Sometimes there was again huge size on the bid and the market instead rallied. Lots of trades going off on the buy side and it carried on going up. Lots of trades going thtough on the buy side and the market dropped off! Sad to say that i I didn't gain anything from it. like the poster above said, it just made me more confused! Maybe we need to know exactly what we are supposed to be looking for before it can aid in our trading decisions.
  11. Do openEcry and tradestation both use easylanguage?? I thought someone told me they did. Im playing with openecry at the moment and cant seem to import any indicators without about 50 errors when i try to compile it. (as you can tell i dont know a thing about programming!)
  12. Interesting. Its been around for a long time and despite TA seeming to get a bad rep among trading forums at the moment (funny how these topics work in cycles), I know its making money for some. I guess anything's possible though, and maybe your right in that it could become a 'thing of the past'. Although, isn't UB's trading just technical analysis aswell? Hasn't a chunk of his method already been re-created by some guys on this very forum for use with ninjatrader in the other thread? I think that sometimes people dont want to be lumped in with the rest of the crowd, maybe associated with gambling, and kid themselves that they are seperate. I dont doubt that Goldman and the like are playing a different game though. I imagine alot of their stuff is through market making etc. You just cant compare them with ANY retail trader, no matter how special one considers themselves. If they can profit from bid-ask spreads all day and have super computers scanning the market for tiny inefficienies faster than anyone else and rake in the money, they dont need to worry about candlestick formations! Its not even 'trading' in some peoples defiinition of the word. As for NonTA strategies that the retail trader CAN employ, well thats also the other issue. Any alternative offered is always so vague from posters who claim not to use it. Cheers. Sub
  13. well done denerotrader. You must be itching to get live now!? You've been very consistent it would seem. Out of interest, does the demo you're using factor in bid/ask size, last trade, time and order delay to determine fill probability? Not that it matters a great deal because you dont seem to be 'scalping' anyway. Other than the emotional element (not to be underestimated), I cant see much standing in your way as to why your results shouldn't continue when trading live. Anway, keep it up. Sub
  14. Hey, I use ninjatrader 6.5. I dont know a THING about programming, but a kind forum user coded an alert for me for one of my setups to help me stop missing trades. Im still missing lots though! Is it possible to have like a popup screen at the same time as the alert goes off, so that if im out of the office when the sound goes off, when i come back ill see that an alert triggered because there'll be a popup on the screen?
  15. hasn't anyone just programmed a footprint chart themselves in OpenEcry, rather than paying for an 'add-on' from the broker? I dont use them, but was thinking about looking into it as a second broker. I assume you can build custom indicators etc like you can with ninjatrader. People have made footprint/delta charts with them. Not with OpenEcry? cheers.
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