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  1. Thanks for the advice. Do you hear the beeps even when your computer is off?
  2. A little off topic but, what is swing trading and how do you do it?
  3. WOW!!! This sounds exactly like my idea! What a coincidence.... NOT! Probability in Trading http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/trading-psychology/11560-probability-trading.html
  4. The only reason I got into this probability thing is because I heard professional poker players use it somehow. They dont have Tape or Dom but somehow they make money by using probabilty. I wanted to see if It could help me in trading. It would be interesting to see your T&S data. I'm into the order flow stuff myself. You can try to upload it to a free file hosting site like filefactory.com or you can record a video with camtasia. Or if you want me to record a video I can too. I actually have some videos with T&S, just tell me what kind you want.
  5. If I where playing a game where someone flips a coin and I have to guess which side it lands on, what are my odds of me being right? 50% right? If I use the coin flip to make a trade(heads go long, tails go short) it is still 50% chance of being right. But I believe this is true if the TP and SL are equal distance from the entry.(TP=2 and SL=2) The question is, If I now increase stop to 3 and keep TP and 2, is there a higher probability of it hitting my TP since it is closer? Thanks.
  6. What about spread trading? I heard it is better than scalping. TT Autospreader > TT MDTrader?
  7. The guy has his email on his site. I've been emailing him back and forth and he seems like a very cool, nice and honest guy. No BS. Email him for price. I wont put it hear because its not on his site so maybe he wanted it not seen for a reason. I'll respect that. I will tell you thou it seems like a really good deal. month long webinar, real trades and ask questions to a guy with experience. We will see.
  8. Im gonna do the webinar.
  9. I cant believe they made this statue either...
  10. Ok. Thanks. The next picture is for you.
  11. Lol. I cant tell if your joking or telling me its stupid. Anyway, reason I posted it is because I think this is the Bull in New York on Wall Street. Yes?
  12. Were the balls necessary? One is even lower then the other. Someone put a lot of thought into it...
  13. Thats what I mean exactly. Pulled.
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