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  1. Ah somehow I didn't notice that...thanks.
  2. What's with the "Get your Traders Lab Starter Kit" ad that comes up at the bottom of the page every time I load the TL home page? It's extremely irritating.
  3. Can you elaborate upon your experience with this feed/company?
  4. Actually, having read more on this subject throughout the day today, I don't quite understand this part If they are canceling trades that occurred at greater than OR less than 60% away from the price at 14:40, wouldn't that mean the cancellation of ALL trades? This part doesn't match up with what I've read elsewhere about this. Basically what I've read is that trades have only been canceled if they were greater than 60% away from the price at 14:40. EDIT: Nevermind...I get it now.
  5. I see I read your original post wrong. Thanks for the info. Has anyone seen anything like this happen before, on this large of a scale? I'm not talking about the price action, just the cancellation of trades. I'm not experienced enough to have seen anything like this before.
  6. Is there a reason why they've decided to cancel all trades for that period? Is it only people with IB, or ANYONE who did business on those exchanges?
  7. You are using the free version of Ninja????
  8. PM Tams on here. I'm not sure if he'd be interested, but I know he's a programmer and he uses MC.
  9. I can't speak for others here, but it's your blog, so you can do whatever you want with it. That way anyone who goes to your blog will eventually find this thread.
  10. So we're all just supposed to say "Wow 86834, you're so smart and generous, thanks so much for everything you do for us!" But if someone disagrees and points out that you're just a shill, then that person is trying to get "brownie points"? And just what are you trying to do then if you're really trying to help everyone here with your posts? Let me guess, it has nothing to do with brownie points, right? You're just a fund manager minding your own business by advertising for his mentorship program on a site where you've admitted you have no potential clients, even though you say you stay up until 2 AM every day reading through the vast amounts of emails you get from candidates for your mentorship program. And you also advertise for your mentorship program on FACEBOOK. And you claim to be 24 years old in that S&C interview, yet in those posts on Facebook (made in the same year as the S&C interview) you claim to have been the president of your firm for SEVEN years. So you've been the president of your firm since you were...17? Drawing attention to the obvious isn't the same as saying "I'm Sherlock Holmes." Personally I don't care about being "thanked" for any posts I make in this thread, and I don't care if everyone on this forum thinks I'm an ******* after reading my posts here. The ONLY reason I'm posting in this thread is that there's nothing funnier to me than watching someone like you try to lie his way out of his own fantasy world. And by the way, I'm not saying "I'm right." I could very well be wrong, but too much of what you've posted here in regards to your mentorship program makes no sense to me. The difference is that you seem to have a vested interest in being "right", and I don't.
  11. But the members of the following Facebook groups probably ARE properly funded, right? (look for posts from "Chris Nelson" and "Kevin Haygreen")(http://www.traders.com/Documentation/FEEDbk_Docs/2009/06/Interview.html) Stock Investing for Students | Facebook Emini Futures Traders | Facebook European Day Traders | Facebook LOL indeed! Same here Don't worry 86348936990909 whatever your name is, you have no potential clients on TL, so this won't lose you any business:
  12. Sometimes people take a break from the internet.
  13. This isn't really relevant to where this thread is going right now, but is it pronounced "ice", as in "I am drinking ice water," or "I-C-E", which each of the letters pronounced individually?
  14. Well I guess you'd be leaving then wouldn't you?
  15. I suspected that what you were talking about had something to do with dlls or something like that. I sort of know what the purpose of dlls are, but not enough to be useful, so I think I'll just stop talking now.
  16. I use Ninja with Zenfire, and when I start Ninja, only one executable is added to the processes list. When I connect to Zenfire, no executables are added, so I'm not sure if there is something between Zen and NT in this case. That's just what I can see--I don't know much about this kind of technical stuff, though I'd like to learn more--so there could be something I'm missing. I think if you really wanted to know for this particular case, you could just go to the Ninja forums and ask one of the CS reps there.
  17. Yes, and that contribution is COMEDY. Thank you TRO, I always find threads like this to be pretty funny, but I have to say yours may be the king of them all. And to the guy named "guru_trader": Clever name! I can tell that you really are a guru. Can I please buy some of your time? My knob needs polishing and I was hoping you could help me out.
  18. I imagine that the infrastructure needed to make such things economically viable in such a large country takes a lot longer to build than it would in say Japan or some Scandinavian countries. Just a guess, though I wish it weren't that way.
  19. Wow, it's that volatile? I'll have to check this out at some point. Edit: Oh I see the tick value is quite high, interesting.
  20. I believe both are data and platform.
  21. Despite disagreements we all might have, I hope everyone has great holidays, whichever you celebrate. Stay healthy, and remember what matters most--FAMILY AND FRIENDS!
  22. Yes, DTN is a widely used and reasonably priced data feed. It is used by several platforms--most of the popular ones support it. I can't answer your other questions though.
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