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  1. I'm looking for an eSignal programmer with experience creating automated strategies as well as knowing C#.
  2. Jerry, how do you handle the period when the VWAP is switching between above and below the PVP? Do you stand aside or anticipate what you believe will happen? Thanks!
  3. Does the TF future lead the cash index or the other way around? I see the russel future following the emini future. TIA
  4. Hi Momentom,


    I came to know that you are looking for a Multichart Programmer through the forum. For the last seven years I have been programming, I specialize working with Easylanguage and Power Editor. I have a very comprehensive knowledge of the TradeStation & Multichart platform.

    I charge a very competitive rate of $30 per hour. I greatly look forward to working with you to help achieve your goals in the financial markets.

    My skype id is tradestation_programmer.


    Kindest Regards



  5. I want some programming done on a paid basis for MultiCharts. I am looking for someone with deep skills to use on a continuing basis. Please PM me with contact details. Thanks
  6. Have you guys measured the effect of a lot of the range moving to the European time zone and earlier? Many of the best trades are now outside RTH.
  7. I'm running windows 7. Hated Vista. W7 is a great improvement in both speed and less annoyance. Your old firewall does not work with W7 and there are no new ones that I have found, that do so am using W7 native firewall so far.
  8. Trading for a tick successfully was only possible on the trading floor. We could read the microscopic order flow. No Chance to do it electronically as you have no edge for a tick with a reasonable stop. With a larger stop, the losses will eat up any number of 1 ticks. Electronically, you can trade order flow but you need to stretch it for more than 1 tick to be overall profitable..
  9. The only way I csan imagine this happening is that if its a Stop LIMIT and there are not enough lots on affer at your LIMIT. Regular Stop orders MUST be filled at the market when the Stop is elected.
  10. BillM, I was one of the early members of CompuTrac where Jim was a member too. I haven't looked at the formula for years, but now that volume is available intraday it must be useful again. Do you need the formula or are you looking for a coded indicator. If the fomer, I'll try and find my old CompuTrac papers.
  11. momentom

    IRT & ESignal

    I changed the account name I use in eSignal and cannot connect IRT to DataManager. Can' find where to change the esignal user name in IRT as it really does not need to authenticate. Its Sunday so can't getresponse from linnsoft. Anyone know where I make this change? TIA
  12. I haven't traded from the Oz timezone since 2003 and am looking at going back. What futures indices full time traders trade now days and on what exchanges? Which brokers for these are suggested (apart from IB of course}. I'm after first hand experience to add to the research I've done. TIA
  13. Thanks for everyone's help. Attached chart shows 5 point Range bar chart of ES #F (24 hour) with Volume Breakdown and under that Cumulative Volume Delta. This is in Multicharts and loads historically if TRADE VOLUME is selected.
  14. In MultiCharts, upticks-downticks and the symbol set to TRADE VOLUME gives you the volume breakout indicator that I can load historically. I'm now trying to get the cumulative VB.
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