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  1. Do Or Die, interesting thread, thanks for sharing. Will you share your divergence scan at some point?
  2. Chad, very interesting work, thanks for sharing
  3. Tek, nice setup, how wide are your monitors? And what type of arms did you use? Thanks.
  4. Does anyone have indicators similar to this: http://www.masterthegap.com/products/item8.cfm Looking for a way to highlight confluence areas in Multicharts.
  5. Hi, video not found... can you please update the link? Thanks.
  6. Oh well... wish I had known about some limitations (windows not restoring on WinXP, turtle speed to backfill data, etc) before buying my lifetime license... Right now I see it as a long term investment, hopefully not GM...
  7. Hi, I've been testing RealTick and it seems like a nice software. Also, a lot of well known traders seem to use it. I'm looking for a solid charting platform that can handle stocks (I have NinjaTrader for futures) and can use a data feed for both US and Canadian stocks... I've tried eSignal and don't like it. I like Ninja a lot but it doesn't hande stocks too well (or multiple instruments). Just wondering if anyone here uses RealTick and would like to hear your opinions. Thanks.
  8. j, I'm sorry but $30 doesn't sound possible if you are trading $50k capital... that's $0.30/share on a 100 share lot...??
  9. Jcavalieri - you said you are a prop trader, can you please give me an idea of sort of limits (please use % or other neutral measurements) are imposed to you.... I'm using 2% of my trading capital per trade and my maximum loss in a day is set at 6%.... Thanks.
  10. Abe, thanks for the response, very helpful and you are absolutely right. I have to perform almost a daily mental (and some days in writing) on how money management protects me. I understand it and it's obvious but hard to execute sometimes. Regarding addiction, yes, it feels like sometimes and the withdraw efects are also there, I feel depressed sometime -- not for losing the money but for NOT following my rules. Thanks for your help.
  11. Jerry, sounds like a good approach. Question: Which timeframe would you then use to calculate the stddev? Thanks.
  12. Jcavalieri, can you give me some tips on how you stop trading when you reach you limit... do you stop and re-evaluate your trades for the day our just go by the amount lost?
  13. Abe, I will take your help. I will try to describe some of my recent issues: - I study the markets really really hard and on a simulator (over 3 months at least) I am profitable. I have spent enough time to learn a few setups and techniques which I trust My biggest issue is breaking my rules. I've had too many days when I was up for the day and gave it all back just because I wouldn't stop trading until the day was over. I have promised myself multiple times that I would stop trading once I reached X in losses but in a lot of situations I've lost 5 times X which made me feel really depressed. I'm very successful in my career (outside of trading) and I know I have what it takes to succeed in trading but for some reason I just can't develop the discipline to stop trading when I reach a certain X or risk always the same amount. The more I lose the more I try to get it back and it ends up bad. Your suggestions are welcome.
  14. Soultrader - what's this platform you are using? Thanks.
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