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  1. Thanks for responding Sam, been a while since Iw as in the forum and so have only just seen the reply.




  2. Sorry didn't see full message when I responded.He gives seminars for them,but I find he doesn't tout that relationship.Has never pushed in that direction as far as their program and concentrates on chart reading using VSA signals.I've looked at a lot of there seminars & DVD's from Todd Kruger [he uses candlesticks instead of bars] and find that looking at charts day after day you see that's the way to go.If your having problems reading the VSA signal I,m sure hee would be a great help.It,s worth the fee.

  3. His service really helped me regarding VSA.Check out his website.The charges are on par with everyone else.

  4. I have spent the last 6 months working with Eiger on VSA chart reading[no TRADEGUIDER SOFTWARE] and can honestly state that once proficent at reading the BARS/ VOLUME the system works 95% of the time.
  5. Tradecenter.No charge for live feed.No stocks,just futres,Forex,Options.
  6. I found this post on "Re: Pure VSA" interesting and have nominated it accordingly for "Topic Of The Month March, 2009"
  7. Whatever:haha:I'm here for TRADING.Politics belongs elsewere. Bye the way. Will be BPE.
  8. Here go the BRAIN DEAD.Maybe,just maybe we have a President who really wants to do some good. But then you have the Limbaughs,Hannitys,Oreilly's, just a bunch of out of touch pompous BLOWHARDS.
  9. Find a course that works with a live feed.Static charts are great, looking at history,it's the right edge that makes the money. Find someone that will get you to working live.
  10. TRADECENTERLLC.[Open e- cry.]No charge for LIVE FEED.Competetive pricing.Great service[ask for DREW.I ave been using their paper trading platform for months for a small fee.Again no cost for live feed & their charting is pretty good.
  11. I've gone down this road.I believe you can gain a lot more insight with someone to bounce questions off.I spent a lot to work with a mentor?. 3 moving averages,etc. When i went live I was on my own.That's where I could have used some help.I find it difficult to grasp a lot of Wyckoff,VSA without some guidance. But do your research before you jump in.As everyone knows there are a zillion courses out there[just look at all the testimmonials]I wonder where the 90% losers are?
  12. There was a link to a site that had a free course by Hank Pruden on Wyckoff.Anyone have that info?
  13. For those looking to cut thru the muck & mire, may I recommend Dbphoenix's book & his links to Wyckoff.Very informative & witty.`
  14. Wouldn't mind looking over Db's, Brownsfan[to name just 2 that come to mind]shoulder.I'm sure it would shorten the learning curve.
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