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  1. Thanks Guys! I am looking for a free tool.
  2. Experts! I am working on a strategy for a while but it takes me very long to filter out stocks everyday. My requirement is as follow.. 1. S&P 500 listed 2. Stock recently suffered down days for couple of days due to, for example Downgrade by an analyst or poor earnings. 3. Last volume was low and the bar was down. 4. Daily volume being at least 1 mil except for last day. I tried building this using strategy builder of power e*trade pro but couldn't succeed. This takes about 2-3 hours of my time everyday to filter couple of stocks. Please help me to find the best possible way that takes lesser time. Thanks in advance..
  3. Thanks you all for taking time and sharing your thoughts.
  4. Experts please share which trading platform you use and the features you most like about and how it helps you with VSA.
  5. Blowfish: Please correct me if I am wrong but if signals not considering all imporatant factors may give wrong signal and may result in wrong trade. That's the reason I want that to be verified by VSA and other things. Thanks you both for taking time and responding to my post. I appreciate. I forgot to mention those 3 tools that I shortlisted. I have not tried any of them yet. 1. eSignal: gives all I want but VSA. 2. Ninja : Free software with lots of custom add-ons. Not sure if this does what I want but gonna try this weekend and see. VSA scrip is still in BETA phase and does not do an excellent job. I am just worried that based on BETA thing, should one be putting their money on risk? 3. Tradeguider: gives all what I want, but is expensive. Some folks told me that it is not worth buying. I read through so much and if I follow all of them I am sure I will end up confuse myself and will definitely get frustrated. I was impressed with VSA analysis reading (and believe that if implemented properly, will save me from getting caught into professionals hand) but I am sure VSA alone will not get me where I want. Gurus! What do you follow and how much successful that is? Which tool you are satisfied with? I don't mind paying for any tool if I know will improve my success rate. I will still do my research (as much as I can) but will at least have some confidence in the tool. Please correct me if you think I am not thinking in right direction. I am sure I can learn from your experience. Here is what I am thinking of researching (attached ) but I think will confuse me more. Appreciate it. Trade.xls
  6. Experts! Please help me find the right software/tool for trading. My requirements: Buy & Sell signals( with very good accuracy), major/important indicators,pivots, VSA or at least close to VSA. Please add any if I am missing. My Research: Read lots of articles; found 100s of indicators, very confused. Finally thinking that these 3 pivots, volume, price drives everything. Looked at lots of tools available, found 3 interesting. But need your opinion before invest lots of time and later find that it's not for me. I would prefer real time streaming as 2 days a week I trade during day rest I research in the night and place my order in the morning. My status: Not a full time trader but do research every night. Identify stock from 2 sources.. IBD (fundamental) cross check with Barchart(technical) and then buy. I do look at the marker very often during day but can't read the chart for lack of time. I burned my hand several time by MMs and smart money professionals. Please help!
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