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  1. there is no xtl outside the advanced get environment. Recently on another forum someone released an xtl according to that person, but its not quite the same a nice aproximation but not the same I have used ad get from the early 90s and xtl is quite good but the good thing of xtl is not the xtl itself but the way you shoud use it, on that account a simple sma crossover will do if you know kow to trade the xtk itself
  2. first i must state that i consider optimization as the mother of all f**kups. Having said that, the best tools are both Ninjatrader and matlab Matlab, when one has the ability to program at a certain level, goes beyond anything. For quick and dirty (and for people not familiar with programming) NinjaTrader is excellent. I have the opportunity to use NT7 and indeed solves a lot of problems regarding resources use. Two additional interesting programs for system design are quant developer and rightedge But I repeat the best actually is matlab
  3. it would be interested if you make a ninjascript advanced seminair online for the people outside US
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0ajvh6lCFQ I made that video on the use of fib time (its in spanish) you can find the tool on ninjatrader as well. An interesting material on the subject was wrote by Robert Miner the mind behind Dynamic trader, check on the web you should find an old DT manual with the technique, I remember an interesting article in tasc magazine, you could by the article in traders.com
  5. when you compare with zenfire (take a trial and watch for yourself) you get pale and say WTF, IB seems in futures at least as if there were less trades on their datafeed. Now I trade stocks and options on IB and futures on mirus
  6. dont think he is affiliate, I posted a while back that I had a problem funding the account, once I got the money back, I tried again. I started really with the left foot on that issue and now I recommend mirus to everyone
  7. thats great!, tapatalk is not available yet if I understand correctly. Dont forget to mention to developers that they should make it available globally for all countries My fav on iphone is istockmanager (you need an ameritrade account but you can open it even with fake data to use the soft)
  8. that would be interesting, since I read the forum mostly when Im not on a pc and I only have my iphone, keep the updates on this coming
  9. lordbinder


    I gave a shot to a trial of optionvue 6, I tried opvue 5 in the past and ended up with another platforms. Well the optionvue 6 never worked, it installed alright but the soft didnt show any data, when talking to support they didnt find any way to solve it and even ask me to format my computer (even knowing that the only problem was with optionvue), keep away, or give the soft a trial (14 days they allow) to see if it will work on your machine or not, but knowing the platform they are offering the lousy support and the pricing is such a ripoff...
  10. I agree that matlab is in another dimension, the only hassle is getting the data inside, there are several ways to do that the plugin matlabtoib is interesting, another way for free http://www.maxdama.com/2008/12/interactive-brokers-via-matlab.html http://www.matlabtrader.com/ Sadly there are more programmers into ninja or even more in tradestation than into matlab
  11. I didnt went to the bank and i Opened from a far from first world country. IPB programas are used to this requests they only ask for certificated documentation such as a certified copy of the passport Another solutions that I forgot is to go to an HSBC bank an get a premiere account, then ask them to open a USA one for you, citibank will do that too; for wells fargo is in person or by airmail
  12. Im working on a paper regarding the responsability of the rise of monetarism and the increase on the overall inflation an speed of crisis for overuse of the interest rates as a main tool of economic policy and i made a video of the las 300 years of interest rates both on UK and US, any opinions? not sure how to put a video so I put a link to youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzWt128gxYc
  13. You should get into an internation personal banking program, I know of two good ones the wellsfargo and the citybank, the citi has a major plus they allow (at least that is what they state on their site to make transfers costless from USA to a local account on a citi at your name), when I check them I think asutralia was on the list for this offer, and I think there is low cost atm extractions if you go to a citi atm
  14. I was abot to start an iphone thread but i made a search before, I was amaze no one wrote about the Iphone finantial apps suchs as the free istockmanager that if you have resgistered an account with ameritrade you get real time data, level 2 and everything else There is also the bloomberg app with delay. In the paid sections you have stockcharts, that is for technical analysis, its not complete but its good enough. And my favorite the hp12c (buying that one free me of carrying around the real one I actually went to buy the iphone when I found out about the istockmanager
  15. I agree ,in most strategies you must put a cap on the amount of money you can use, I have a profitable strategy that has split the capital at some point and start over cause the profit fades away as you increase the capital
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