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  1. Hi Guys:), I am a newbiew in Forex but am very comitted to master trading, I don't mind spend 70 hours/week or more to master Forex trading. In fact I don't see learning Forex as working ,it is fun for me and enjoyable. A little about me : I am a small business owner. I lost a lot of money and a house in mutual fund and stock trading in 2008. I was totally devastated because of this. This occurence has caused me to be a very risk averse person. Lost a lot of money because : - Over confidence - I used money that I can't afford to lose - Emotional factors - Money management - Noob skill in trading. - Other classic noob mistakes Lessons learned , it's a lesson that I will never forget for life because the experience was so painful, The desire to be a full time, profitable trader never completely ceased though. I now want to go back into trading after 5 years. What I am going to do : - I will focus on psychology, RR and money management. I will try everything to enforce discipline. - I will pick a simple, yet proven trading system at Forex Factory. http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=291622'>http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=291622 and will stick to this system only until I master it, won't waste my time playing/experimenting with other systems. - I will quit my small business and get into forex full time. The business has not been profitable for the last 3 years anyway and I don't enjoy it but with trading it feels different, it doesn't feel like work at all.It feels fun. What I have : - I have $ 125.000 saving. $ 80.000 will be enough to cover my expenseses for 2 years. After 2 years of learning Forex , I will be left with $ 45.000. Questions : - Is it possible for me to make consistent $ 5000/Mo through Forex after 2 years or hopefully 1 year using seed money of $ 45.000? I will only learn and apply 1 proven trading system , http://www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=291622 I will focus on psychology, RR and money management. I will try everything to enforce discipline. Thanks
  2. cowcool

    ATR Question

    Not at all and sorry I posted it on wrong sub forum
  3. cowcool

    ATR Question

    Figured it out . It turned out that I rad it wrong .. Thx:D
  4. Where can I d/l good emini position sizing calculator ?. Online calculator is ok too. Many Thx
  5. I am confused with ATR number on my trading platform, ATR is often showed higher than currency rates Here's a screen shot . In the screen shot ATR is almost same as rate or even higher, how to correctly calculate/interpret value in ATR indicator? Many thanks
  6. Just tried it at demo account .. buying and selling solely using MA Cross can be disastrous . I have now included volume and mini/medium trend/counter trend lines , much more reliable result now. I noticed that even in a rangin day there are usually small/medium sizxed trend lines .
  7. Tried dozens of trend/momentum indicators today with ema cross ... none work satisfactorily ... I however found out that EMA cross works better when used along side with trend lines ... ohhh the search for financial freedom through trading is really tedious. Hopefully this will work this time.
  8. Here it is Tams , please take a close look at the highlighted sections. What I want to accomplish is to remove false/weak buy/sell signals
  9. I like 15 and 50 EMA Macross but this system tend to generate whipsaws on ranging day. Is there a way to make this thing works on a ranging day?. I have tried MA cross with ADX (an indicator to evaluate the strength of a current trend) and only enter a trade if the ma cross is confirmed by ADX > 25 , but this doesn't seem to be working. Can MA Cross be used profitably on a ranging day and how to reduce whipsaws on a ranging day?. Thx.......
  10. fei zhang xie xie xuanxue ... wo zen de hen gan jie . Thx!
  11. How to spot the beginning of a trending day? Thx!!
  12. I am using 1 minute time frame and talking about huge candle that is 4-5 times bigger than the size of average normal candles, isn't this indicate that there are buying/dumping by instituionals or big traders? Ofcourse I maybe wrong. comments please
  13. Thx Tams, is it true that a big green/red candle is usually followed by series of other green/red candles?. I want a confirmation from a veteran .
  14. Based on my simple observation, a big green/red candle is usually followed by series of other green/red candles. Occurence of big green/red candle usually set panic/greed to retail traders and alert momentum traders to get in. Is my observation correct? (please correct me if I am wrong) Based on this fact, I am going to create a script/program that will calculate the average size/range of all candles during the trading day. The purpose is to correctly determine the size of what people perceived as a big candle during that particular trading day. But before putting some effort, I would like to know if there is readily available software/indicator for this purpose. I don't want to waste my time only to find out that there is readily software/indicator out there for that purpose. Thx a million!
  15. Pardon for my ignorance but what is B2B 2R 2B ? Tried to do some googling but no result is found.
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