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  1. A very good book to read is by Art Collins, Beating the Financial Futures Market. He tests a lot intra day ideas on different markets.
  2. trader273 Perhaps that is why most have problems using indicators. The intended use is perhaps misleading? Interesting comments. Have you traded these instances that you have come across?
  3. It is like anything, know what they are by studying them and their limitations. There are benefits which has taken me a while to truly understand.
  4. I was wondering if anyone has discovered a leading signal from using lagging indicators such as stochastics etc? Is it possible? How limited is creativity and reality?
  5. Dr Who

    The Nature of Risk

    Thanks for the review on an important topic.
  6. Thanks for posting your stuff Oz, I appreciate it.
  7. Soul, Thanks for the video. Seeing other's errors is educational.
  8. I was wondering if anyone had tried this mans course? http://www.youtube.com/user/harveywalsh
  9. Nick, Tape reading and looking at the order depth are different. Reading the tape basically means reading WHAT HAS HAPPENED in the past tense sense. I do trust it because it is what he:cool:lps form tactics for the next session or time relevant session.
  10. Duc, I agree here. $$flowing opposite to price.
  11. Look at the picture for a while then look at a white wall. Who do you see?
  12. Syamster, The first goal should be capital preservation. The second goal should be maintaining capital preservation. The third goal should be profit only after you have learned to maintain your capital preservation. Anything else is a gambling mindset that may be ok for a while but will surely see disaster in the long run.
  13. Nice plan there Torero! Being in Japan we have to consider earthquakes, snow, typhoons, and nuclear reactor mishaps. So having the laptop with a fully charged battery is paramount. Having multiple brokers and quality hedging strategies are also favoured. This is something I will constantly work on as technology changes. Dr.
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