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  1. Hlm, thanks for the reply. I would really appreciate it if you would forward me the material that you have in your hands so that I can see for myself. I agree with you that everyone needs there own hard work and dedication, but i think you will also agree that everyone needs help from time to time. I also agree that they SELL SELL SELL at all times, and that gets old. I cant tell if there are any other real trades besides SEC in that room because they 'seem' to be pumping him full of comments at all times that its hard to stay focused on the price movement. With that said, ive decided not to purchase. I am sticking to the theory that people who make real cash in trading dont need to, or want to, charge for their services b/c they shouldnt need to, even though they may be the real deal, their service will be undoubtedly saturated by the others that are forever chasing the majic potion that will bring them success as a trader. I am a successful trader with real money, just always looking for more info, and Ill most likely sit that one out until further notice. I would, however, love to see how they incorporate Market Profile into their setups, and I have a strange feeling that its nothing more than S/R levels, money management, reading tape, and price action. Im looking forward to those materials if you feel generous...it would be great to see them. JD
  2. You calling me a mug? lol....this i am well aware of...which is why I am inquiring. Ever read the book Mind Over Markets? I think that is where they get the methodology.
  3. Traders, Im considering the purchase of the system for 1999 on TheTradingZone website. I am getting very good reviews, has anyone else bought? JD
  4. Nelo, Have you purchased their system? Is it worth the cost? What skills do they teach? Have you visited a webinar?
  5. James, Once again, love the forum, thanks! Had a question re: 'floor-trader pivots' I have seen people use these very effectively and wanted to see if you agree with their effectiveness. Floor Trader Pivots are calculated similar to the Classic style, however, R2, R3, S2, S3 are different. Check the link, scroll down all the way to the bottom and see the calculator to see the calculations as well. http://www.tactrading.com/floor-pivot-trading.htm Question: Have you used them on Equities? Did they hold? Have you used them on the Nikei, as you like to trade that more often. Any comments? Suggestions?
  6. James, What data feed do I need in eSignal to watch the Asian markets each day to start to see a correlation to the US Equities? Also, what times do they open and close? i heard they have an AM and PM session? or was that the DAX? Any pointers on WHEN to trade this market, related to the EST-zone? Thanks for the great work, it goes noticed! J
  7. Im an eSignal user, thank you though. What ARE floor pivots, and how do you calculate them?
  8. Greetings Everyone, My kid brother is trying to watch the markets during his free time from class and I was curious to see what people were doing to get their charting cheaply, or even for FREE. Does anyone have a shoestring trade budget that they could share? Looking for YM, NQ, ES, ER. thx! JD IntheTrade@gmail.com
  9. Soul, I too found pivots to be a very complimentary strategy to WHO i am a trader, but ive developed a small 'crush' (lol) on Mkt Profile ovber the past 6 months. Had some questions for you: 1. What is the single biggest way to use it in your opinion? Signifying levels of S/R? Mkt direction/sentiment? 2. I use the value areas to mark levels of S/R and play those intraday in the YM. Question is the best values to use, and when to gather that data to make for an accurate S/R line. The self-fullfilling prophecy that is S/R in the YM means that i dont necessarily want the accurate data, but rather the data than is most widely used in my opinion. Pioneers dont last too long with that b/c they dont have anyone else to support that price point on the chart, thus not getting any S/R out of what you THINK is the correct value. Do you.... A. Take VAH/POC/VAL (VA#'s) at the close of say Wednesday for Thursday's trading day and play those levels of S/R? B. Take the VA#'s the morning OFF the day you wish to trade, ie, 9am in the morning on Thursday, when you are ultimately getting data that includes the overnight of that current day, 12am - 9am or so... C. Use the 'developing value area' as it deveops throughout the day? Can this 'dev. VA#'s' be used as S/R on the chart as well, almost like 'buying the pullbacks to the 34EMA' in an up-trending market? Could you buy the pullbacks to the developing (key word) Value areas liek EMAs work? Do other trades do this enough for it to work? D. What resources are available to me to do more research on the S/R levels that work best using MktProfile. I am relatively new to Mkt Profile so I would like to find a Blog, Post, etc that perhaps has some historical data as it pertains to this strategy. Im anxious to learn more, thank you in advance!
  10. which 'style' of pivots are considered the FLOOR TRADER PIVOTS?
  11. Soul, Where can i find the floor trader pivots? I use ESignal.
  12. anyone know where this can be found for eSignal?
  13. Thx TinGul, i noticed youre from ME, me too, grew up in Portland, now live in PHX, soon to be moving to LA. I was merely looking for a forum or a blog where someone was leavign daily posts regarding GOLD. I have eSignal, and yes, I am receiving that info there as well, always looking for more info. What are you trading these days? How are things? You can email me @ IntheTrade@gmail.com. Joe
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