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  1. The best times I've ever had I can't remember.
  2. Freeriding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  3. I think it does apply. It's just that a pattern day trader will have more money and margin to cover the trades.
  4. TradeStation requires $30,000. With TS (and stocks), if you have 4 round trips in any 5 day period, they will classify you as a pattern day trader and request the additional funds to equal $30K. Until you send them the money, they will only let you sell what you own and you cannot buy anything else. Again with TS, if you fund your acct with the minimum, $5,000, you are only allowed 3.5 round trips in any 5 day period. As far as the "T3" rule, it doesn't come into play as much with TS because the minimum non-pattern acct will have a margin equal to the acct balance. The T3 rule goes like this: Buy X and use all your funds and sell it the same day. You can buy Y with the funds you have coming, the same day, but you cannot sell it until the funds actually clear, three days later. In other words you could be stuck for 3 days holding a stock even if it is going down. T3 Rule and Pattern Day Trading rules are two different sets of rules. On the other hand, trading Futures does not have either rule. You can trade as much as you can stand because everything is settled that day. The catch is that you have to have a seperate stand alone acct to trade Futures. The minimum Futures acct with TS is $5,000. So if you wanted to trade both, with the minimum, you will need $10,000. This is my understanding.
  5. Here are a couple screens. With and without trend enabled.
  6. I think a point that is worth mentioning is finding the best volume per candle to trade upon, for your trading style. Most of you guys are trading the YM where Joe can say to Bob, "Look at the X vol candles". I'm trading stocks. The volume can vary a lot. Have too small of a volume candle and get burned. Have a too big of a volume candle and miss many trades. For stocks, I actually think you need to watch for a day or two or figure out that an average volume of X = a candle volume Y and set it to that. One particular volume setting does not work for for all stocks. I know this may seem elementary to some but I had to learn this the hard way switching from time to volume.
  7. TS 8.2 v3863. I think there is one newer version but that was for MS Vista, I'm pretty sure.
  8. Well, now it is totally customizable! Great job! This one should make some money and be in use for a long time. I'm going to give it a whirl tomorrow. rick, did you ever get yours fixed?
  9. I was afraid you were going to say that. I've read the forum topics on the volaccum candles; I've seen them and they are not like the equivolume candles. It's like a poor attempt to create them.
  10. What are the Equivolume candles in TS called? How do you get them started? I'd like to see them in action.
  11. I think he is talking about the candles that get fat. TS has volume based candles but Ensign has the ones that get fat on volume. September 2006 Trading Tips Newsletter
  12. Can you post a screenshot of your desktop? The indicator is working properly for me.
  13. Excellent. You said PriceLength is used to determine the moving average for the trend. May be a dumb question but how does that work? Does this mean we can adjust the sensitivity, i.e. when the trend bars change color? I was looking at a few volume "share bar" candle charts with this indicator. It appears to be working correctly with those too. Also I was thinking that your above explanation would be good to include inside the eld. Maybe a little credit for yourself too. Nothing wrong with putting your name on your work.
  14. GCB, just so I understand how to use this correctly, the winner of the up/down volume battle gets the candle. And... if the winner won the candle overwhelmingly, the color is darker. Light color for a close call. Is that correct? I think I like it better without the trend. You have done a great job with this. Two thumbs up!
  15. Your trading platform should have a toggle button. TS's toggle is at the top right.
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