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A Chance Encounter

I recall reading, but don't recall where from precisely, that the productivity of the city was a function of the number of chance encounters that the residents had. The higher the chance encounters then the higher the productivity.

With that in mind, I am thinking that this thread could be something about encouraging those chance encounters but for the internet. I am thinking of a thread where we share inspirational, informational, and fascinating links/blogs/etc on trading information/materials. It could be on non trading materials if it is inspirational or has a high interesting value. I am interested in unique perspectives.. unique perspectives on the market.. unique perspectives on data...

I will start with a few entries I've scoured that look interesting..

An Introduction To Pair Trading,

A Collection of Resources On Market Micro Structure - could be interesting

Blue Logo, Trading System Related

Good Jump Destination

Udacity - online university

Coursera - online university

Silicon Zoo - non trading

Google News Archive (Search old news papers)
This is now buried but still exist under News Search->Archive

Here's a real news article on Jesse Livemore (just an example)

The Founders Group

Market News From 1914

Data visualization

1926 - The Open Road - non trading

20 Most Watched Ted Talks



My blog

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Re: A Chance Encounter

Originally Posted by Predictor »
Blue Logo, Trading System Related
Quantitative Trading Systems

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ValueTrader (08-29-2012)
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Re: A Chance Encounter

Excellent post. Allow me to add my two pence (or cents) worth...


Market Heatmaps.

Markov Models for Commodity Futures: Theory and Practice by Leif Andersen :: SSRN

Markov Models.

Trading systems :: Breakout Futures

The Guys a genius. Free codes & Strats.
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Re: A Chance Encounter

This one is pretty good. I usually delete the emails I get about trading in my inbox but I decided to take a look at this one. Some useful tips on Easylanguage in the video.

Access Two Timeframes In EasyLanguage | System Trader Success
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