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Favorite Websites?

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Thanks 273! I'll for sure check out the blog! Blogs are great educational resources as long as they are written by experts. I'm looking for something extremely broad and educational over all the markets- I will be introducing a group of kids to paper trading, and will defiantly be utilizing investopedia.com, but was wondering if there are any other sites along those lines... educational yet highly appealing.


I love the interaction of this site. I appreciate your suggestion and any others! :)

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Hi Genetrader

If you are looking for "Investopedia " type sites these should keep you going for a while


Charting sites paste into your browser and save as favourite



All of these sites have a LOT of FREE info some of them also offer paid tutorials However I am recommending them for their free content even the most experienced chartist can use these in their “favourites” list for references


Stock Charts



Trade 10



Bulkowski’s pattern resource



Market screen



Elliot wave international









Traders log



FX Words



Google free books ( this is just an example there are many others)



If you google an authors name and a book title you will generally find a PFD of the book if you look hard enough Many of the file sharing sites have free trading books


Candlestick Trading Forum



Lit Wick






Street Authority



I have a bunch of news sites also but I figure the Australian financial news probably would not interest you fortunately all trading sites are pretty universal, they work for everyone. In case you are unaware many stock exchanges have paper trading competitions for kids the ASX has one that is about to sart you should be able to find out about it on ASX.com not sure when it starts but it is very soon just checked you are still in time but dont wait till the last day as it is normally booked out by then


the direct link is



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Thanks so much!! I'm familiar with some of them, but definatly not all. These will be a big help to me and to them I'm sure.


I also really hope that other newbies will be able to refer to this thread in the future as a place to find some really kickin' sites.


You're awesome!!

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If you are just starting out on your forex journey add these to your bag of essentials: Read "The Complete Turtle Trader" by Michael Covel. Learn some forex trading strategies in a place like Everestforex. (You can even receive a $100 free bonus to trade if you pass their simulator).Stay up to date with the latest at Bloomberg.com. For the forex basics, check out ForexTrendFollowing. Hope you find it helpful. Happy trading!

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I write one or two articles a month for a trading information website called Broker Signals. They offer free daily signals, as well as a whole lot of info about brokers recommending and comparing them, tips, mistakes to avoid, general info about terms, etc.

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    • USDCHF Bounces Off Lower Prices On Correction.   USDCHF bounces off lower prices on correction the past week. This has opened the door for more gain in the new week. Resistance resides at the 0.9800 level. Above here, resistance lies at the 0.9850 level and then the 0.9900 level. Further out, resistance comes in at the 0.9950 level. On the downside, support is seen at the 0.9750 level with a turn below here opening the door for more decline towards the 0.9700 level. And then the 0.9650 level. Further down, support resides at the 0.9600 level. All in all, USDCHF remains biased to the upside on further corrective strength.    
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    • Extend Trend Lines is a VTL Client-side indicator for elongating the trend lines on the chart to the last bar. Traders usually draw trend lines on the chart and use them as support resistance levels. When a trend line breakout happens, it is the beginning of a new trend. One issue with trend lines drawn manually on the chart is that they do not get elongated when new bars form on the chart. It should be manually adjusted with new bars.  Extend Trend Lines VTL Indicator takes care of this situation. It automatically adjusts all trend lines on the chart to the last bar. It monitors the trend lines on each new bar and adjust them.  This is useful when the trader opens the terminal on a new day and the old trend lines are short and need adjustments.   ExtendTrendLines.zip
    • Previous day high low is a Client Side VTL indicator that draws the last day’s high, low and today’s open on the chart. When day trading, the previous day’s high and low are important reference points or support resistance levels. In a bullish market price breaks above the previous day’s high early in the day and continue to trade above that level.  In bear markets, price break below the previous day’s low early in the day and continue to trade below that level.  Trading ranges form when price fails to break the previous day’s high or low successfully.  This info alone can improve your trading results as this give you a clear vision of what is likely to happen today. Breakout trading strategies work best when price is above or below yesterday’s range. Trend following strategies also work best in this situation.  When price is inside yesterday range, counter trend strategies work better. Oscillators like RSI and Stochastics work best in this situation.   Prev_Day_High_Low.zip
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