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  1. I write one or two articles a month for a trading information website called Broker Signals. They offer free daily signals, as well as a whole lot of info about brokers recommending and comparing them, tips, mistakes to avoid, general info about terms, etc.
  2. I suggest Plus500, AVAfx, ECmarkets, Xforex or Etoro
  3. I agree with most of the post that the 'secret'/ key to being a successful trader is knowledge! Going in prepared with useful information of what to do and especially what not to do! One can also learn the 'art' of signals... learning how things actually work and past trends which allow you to predict future outcomes and create intelligent strategies rather than 'gambling' on outcomes.
  4. I really think that you are mostly the determinant of your success in trading. Yes there are factors that you cant control but there are ways to really give you the best chance at being successful and profitable in trading! Personally, I began trading only after I had learned everything I possibly could about trading, the terms, tips, how to avoid common mistakes, strategies. After having a good basis of knowledge I then went online again and found a website that compared brokers, choosing one that I thought was most advantageous to me, looked promising and that I felt I trusted. I started trading using all my previous knowledge about trading and keeping up with current tips, etc. I found daily broker signals and also looked at previous trends in the market. Eventually I was developing my own trading strategies by using all my information and broker signals which led me to become a highly profitable trader! Basically, knowledge is power and in this case (regarding trading) is money...
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