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Investing in the Cryptocurrency Industry Based on Sectoral Divisions: A Complete Guide

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Investing in the Cryptocurrency Industry Based on Sectoral Divisions: A Complete Guide


With the growing boom in the cryptocurrency industry and the fear of missing out on a trending investment, many investors buy into crypto projects without knowing what they are or do. While cryptocurrencies are trendy and very profitable, it helps to know exactly what it is you are venturing into.

In this article, we will dive into the different kinds of cryptocurrency available in the market and what they entail. Let’s get right into it!


Sectoral Division of Cryptocurrency

Understanding the concept behind a digital asset and having insight into the seasonal cycle or beneficial undertones of that asset puts you, as an investor, ahead of the game. The key concepts behind cryptocurrencies classify them into niche sectors, giving them unique investment potentials. Listed below are the different classifications (sectors) of cryptocurrency:

Store of Value (SoV)

As the name implies, stores of values are cryptocurrencies that serve as a reserve or hedge assets against inflation. A store of value is an excellent investment tool and is highly recommended for fledgling investors.

Currently, only Bitcoin (BTC) falls into the SoV category. While Bitcoin is yet to reach its full potential, it has gained recognition as a store of value and is sometimes referred to as “digital gold.” This explains why many companies store a percentage of their cash reserves in Bitcoin.

Investment Recommendation: Excellent

Distributed Computing

Distributed computing cryptocurrencies, also called blockchain platforms, are the next most reliable crypto investment options being the SoV category (Bitcoin). This category involves cryptocurrency ecosystems, where developers build and distribute other cryptocurrencies. The future of the crypto industry relies heavily on this category, giving them a healthy level of durability and staying power in the financial industry.

The most prominent cryptocurrency in this category is Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum hosts a vast amount of developers, crypto assets, and crypto products and applications. Other top contenders in this category include Binance Smart Chain (BNB), Cardano (ADA), Tron (TRX), and several others.

Investment Recommendation: Excellent

Financial Services

One of the latest booms in the crypto industry is Decentralized Finance (DeFi), which has grown to a +100 billion dollar industry in just a year. While the sector involves many technicalities and niche knowledge, the payouts are worth the stress. Several reports have noted that DeFi is the future of finance due to its efficiency as a financial tool.

While investing in the DeFi sector (Financial Services) is relatively riskier than most other crypto-based investments, the profit potentials make it worthwhile.

Some prominent DeFi projects currently killing it in the market include Uniswap (UNI), Chainlink (LINK), Avalanche (AVAX), Aave (AAVE), PancakeSwap (CAKE), Maker (MKR), Compound (COMP), yearn.finance (YFI), and many others.

Investment Recommendation: Excellent


Exchange Tokens

Exchange tokens are cryptocurrencies used on blockchain ecosystems for a variety of purposes including, facilitating transactions, staking, voting, and many other functions. Most cryptocurrencies in the distributed computing sector fall into this category. However, traditional exchanges are difficult to operate given the continual risk of legal and regulatory challenges. Regardless, exchange tokens can be lucrative crypto ventures.

Investments Recommendation: Good


Stablecoins, one of the fastest-growing sectors in the crypto industry, are digital currencies pegged to real-world assets (usually the US dollar). Because stablecoins are (usually) pegged to the dollar (meaning they mirror the dollar’s price action), they do not possess the typical volatility that comes with digital currencies.

That said, stablecoins are not ideal for profit-making ventures and can only get used as a reserve due to their non-risk nature.

Some examples of stablecoins include USDT (Tether), USDC (USD Coin), BUSD (Binance USD), DAI (Dai), TUSD (True USD), and many more.

Investment Recommendation: Good


In some sense, blockchain economies are similar to video game economies, where you purchase real money to purchase virtual goods for the game. One popular gaming-like Crypto project is Decentraland (MANA), which allows users to buy virtual assets in a fully immersive VR world. Instead of purchasing real-world assets like real estate, the user could acquire virtual real estate in Decentraland.

While we cannot say for sure that Decentraland will still exist in the next ten years, virtual real estate is staying a trend of the future.

Investment Recommendation: Good

Meta Chains

These are crypto-based projects that provide network interoperability between blockchains, much like how there are companies that provide interoperability between Windows and Mac OS. For example, meta chain protects can facilitate data exchange between the Ethereum and Cardano blockchains.

Investment Recommendation: Good

Meme Coins

Over the last few months, the crypto industry has witnessed the rise (and sometimes fall) of a new breed of digital assets known as meme coins. Typically, meme coins possess no intrinsic value and often serve no purpose. As the name implies, they are digital assets created around jokes, images, or social media trends.

Not surprisingly, this category of cryptocurrency is the most volatile amongst other categories, as that is the whole idea behind them. While they usually lack a healthy community who believe in the technology behind the project, this crypto category relies on internet hype and promotion from influential personalities like Elon Musk.

Meme coins are often restricted to a few exchanges due to their unrestrained nature. We have seen meteoric rises and dips in several meme coins over the past few months, including the likes of Dogecoin (DOGE), Shiba Inu (SHIB), SafeMoon (SAFEMOON), and several others.

While many investors avoid meme coins because of their volatile nature, the payoffs are usually worth the risk.

Investment Recommendation: Good

Privacy Coins

While they claim to be anonymous, Bitcoin and other mainstream cryptocurrency are not completely anonymous. Transaction histories on mainstream cryptocurrencies are readily available to anyone interested in viewing it. With privacy coins, however, it is a different story. Transaction histories are totally out of reach from inquirers.

While transactions are used for legitimate purposes, like protection of privacy or avoidance of tyrannical governments, they are heavily used for shady transactions. This places privacy coins in a position where widespread or mainstream adoption is unlikely.

Investment Recommendation: Poor


Layer 2 ETH Solutions

Layer 2 ETH solutions are crypto projects built on top of a blockchain and require no changes to the Layer 1 network (Layer 1 refers to the underlying blockchain architecture being used and changes to this network are cashed Layer 1 solutions. Examples include Bitcoin and Ethereum).

While Layer 2 solutions have to leverage the security of the consensus mechanism of the host Layer 1 network, they are capable of increasing transaction speeds dramatically. On average, Ethereum’s Layer 1 can handle about 15 transactions per second, while Layer 2 projects can facilitate up to 4,000 transactions per second.

Some examples of Layer 2 ETH solutions include Polygon (MATIC), OMG Network (OMG), Cartesi (CTSI), and many others.

Investment Recommendation: Good


The primary objective of an investment-based venture (like trading cryptos), above everything else, is to realize profits. That said, it is advisable to take time in understanding exactly what it is you might be putting your capital into to give you a better knowledgeability grasp of your investment of choice. Investing in the crypto sector based on a sectoral perspective gives you an edge over the rest of the market.

Source: https://learn2.trade 

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    • zuby just sayin'...  “This is a message that I wish were pushed more,” Zuby said during an interview with EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.” “I think we talk too much now in the West about rights, not enough about responsibility. And talking about rights is really important; I talk about rights a lot, but you always have to couple it with responsibility, because with every right comes a responsibility.”   “And I think there’s so much focus on that first part; I have a right to do this, I have a right to do that. This is my right… me, me, me, me, me. It’s really narcissistic and immature,” said Zuby. He said there is a tendency for progressives to blame everything that happens to a person, especially a non-white person, on their environment, saying they’re being victimized, and not holding that person responsible for their choices. “So if someone commits a crime, or somebody does something that’s bad or wrong, it’s purely because of environmental and social factors. And if we just had this thing in the right place [progressives think], then that person wouldn’t have done it. It almost goes against this idea of free will,” said Zuby. “I think this is an attractive thought, number one because it allows people to deny personal responsibility. But also, because there is some truth in it, but they make it absolutist,” he said. “You don’t choose the cards you’re dealt, but you can choose how you play the hand, especially over the course of multiple decades.” Zuby believes that when people make decisions without considering personal responsibility it leads to the erosion of society. “It will be outsourced to the state, it will be outsourced to somebody else who can then have control over you and manipulate you,” he said Zuby. This stands for all major issues, from gun rights to abortion. The people on the left are only focused on a woman’s right to choose an abortion but don’t talk about personal responsibility for becoming pregnant in the first place, he added. Taking the Easy Way Out “As a species that reproduces, and we all have the capacity and ability to reproduce and a right to reproduce, [but] you’ve got to be careful with that, you’ve got to be smart, you have to make good decisions,” said Zuby. Zuby believes that people on the left should be honest with their arguments for abortion, and not use it to avoid personal responsibility. “We all know how babies are made. There are various options, there is abstinence, there is contraception, there is parenthood, there is adoption, those four choices, morally, are all fine. There’s nobody getting killed in any of those choices,” said Zuby. He likened abortion to slavery, as both are abhorrent, he said. “When you erode personal responsibility, and you give people an easy out for everything, essentially, then they are going to adjust their behaviors accordingly, en mass,” said Zuby. “Alright, let’s be honest, there’s a lot of people who just think, oh, you should be able to do whatever you want, exercise every right, have none of the responsibilities, suffer none of the consequences,” added Zuby. Being hyper-focused on rights and peoples’ feelings is only fueling more problems, said Zuby. ... One of the most immoral things happening is the indoctrination of young children with gender ideology, said Zuby. “People are saying that 11-year-olds, 10-year-olds, 8-year-olds can make extremely serious and life-altering permanent decisions about themselves,” said Zuby. “And you’re seeing it happening in schools, maybe it started in the universities primarily, but it’s trickled down now to kindergarteners, to 6-year-olds, people wanting to teach 6-year-olds about all kinds of sex and sexuality-related topics and so on,” said Zuby. Zuby said he has been following the transgender issue since 2015 because he was concerned about its impact on women and children. “I was saying, well, this is inevitably going to lead to men identifying as women and entering their private spaces or even competing against them in sport, and so on and so forth,” said Zuby. And his friends were calling him alarmist but that is exactly what is happening now, he said. “On the very first song on my very first album, I have a lyric where I say my ideas are inconceivable, like men giving birth,” said Zuby. “And we’re literally living in a time now where people are advocating and arguing that men can indeed give birth.” Additionally, the so-called “transgender story hours” in schools concern Zuby. He thinks that people who support this transgender ideology, have disregarded children’s safety and well-being by allowing young children to be sexualized. “How is that even a reality? Why am I seeing videos of grown men, men, by the way, dancing for little kids and then throwing money at them or little kids dancing for grown men in gay clubs? How on earth? Can anyone look at that and say, oh, yeah, that’s good?” said Zuby. Drag queens Athena Kills (C) and Scalene Onixxx arrive to awaiting adults and children for Drag Queen Story Hour at Cellar Door Books in Riverside, California, on June 22, 2019. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images) Common Sense in an Absurd World Zuby said since the start of his freelance career he has always been rooted in common sense but the left has become more unreasonable and radical in its ideology. “I don’t want to tell people what to think. But I want to tell people to think. I want to encourage thoughts,” said Zuby. Zuby believes modern society has eroded to the extent it has because people don’t believe there are fundamental truths, including that there are two biological sexes that are inherently different. “If you can make people believe absurdities, you can get them to commit atrocities, and we’ve seen this play out multiple times over the centuries,” said Zuby. Like the absurdity that men can give birth, said Zuby. The truth is that there are only two sexes, “and that yes, there’s an overlap in roles, but they are different. And there are certain roles that are unique to each sex; every single person on this earth was birthed from a woman, all of us, every human who’s ever walked the planet,” said Zuby. Zuby criticized academia, for becoming places of indoctrination instead of learning, something that has caused society to become debased, he said. “When I say debased, I mean, unmoored and unrooted, from objectivity and reality and wholesomeness and righteousness and goodness, and morality.” Progress is good when society is rooted in solid moral truths, whether that be religion or other higher truths. If not, people will be disoriented and look for something to fill that gap, said Zuby. “Because when people are trying to orient themselves, they tend to look up. So, if there’s some maniacal figure or dictator type of person, or authoritarian, who is then giving them [a narrative], it’s easier to sell people on a narrative that way,” said Zuby. “I mean, if you look at the conditions that led to the rise of someone like Hitler, it was that you look at the situation that the German society was in post-World War I, and leading up to that, people were disoriented,” said Zuby. Ending the Pandemic of Cowardice The reason society is such as mess is because people are afraid to speak. “But we combine this with an epidemic, what I call a pandemic of cowardice, where people who even know the truth are afraid to say it,” said Zuby. Consequently, governments were able to manipulate people during the pandemic because people were disoriented and afraid, said Zuby. At this critical juncture in history, speaking up is crucial because we currently are just as susceptible to a Hitler-type leader as any society, said Zuby. “The only two advantages we have over our ancestors are [that we have] better technology and access to history.” “You know, people don’t necessarily want to be right, they want to be in the majority,” said Zuby. Most people take the least difficult path and stay silent on issues, even if they know what is being done is incorrect or harmful to society. “You also have to be willing to stand up and say no, if you think that something is wrong, or you think something is going too far, you think somebody is being mistreated, you see something that’s wrong, you have to be able to call it out, even if you’re the first person or the only person.” Speaking out against the popular narrative, initially, takes courage but becomes easier the more you do it, said Zuby.   https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_app/the-pandemic-of-cowardice-zuby-talks-transgender-athletes-in-womens-sports-covid-disinformation-roe-v-wade_4578371.html?ml_subscriber=2016545660693648720&ml_subscriber_hash=v2h5&utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=personal_responsibility_versus_emphasis_on_rights&utm_term=2022-08-14
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    • 3 Ways To Invest In The Merge Summary: The big upgrade to Ethereum — a.k.a. “The Merge” — is planned to be a once-in-a-lifetime switch from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, making Ethereum more energy-efficient and potentially much more valuable. Three ways to invest now: buy ETH, stake ETH, or invest in the top staking companies. Windows 95 was a huge deal. It’s hard to believe now, but the launch of Windows 95 was a global phenomenon. Journalists from around the world descended on Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters for a massive event, hosted by the comedian Jay Leno. To celebrate the new Start button in the lower left corner, Microsoft paid millions of dollars to license “Start It Up” by the Rolling Stones. Sales of the operating system immediately broke records. Windows 95 was a radical departure for Microsoft.It was the first Windows to streamline the graphical user interface for the masses: even your grandpa could find the Start button. It was the first 32-bit operating system, which meant every app needed to be rewritten to take advantage of its new architecture. It was a huge step forward. And it was a massive success. At computer stores (most people still bought software in stores), lines stretched down the block. It sold 40 million copies in its first year, quadrupling sales of all previous Windows versions combined. Microsoft’s stock price soared, quickly doubling in value and starting a magnificent 25-year run:The Merge as an Inflection Point Technology often has these “inflection points.” Because Windows was the operating system installed on most computers (Apple was in its death throes at the time, and only weirdos used Macs), Windows 95 radically changed the world. Ethereum’s upcoming upgrade — “The Merge” — is a similarly huge event, but it won’t be celebrated with traditional marketing campaigns. There will be no big-name comedian at the launch event (there may not even be a launch event). But The Merge will be every bit as transformative as Windows 95 because The Merge will upgrade the operating system of crypto. Here are 3 ways to invest early.Investing Opportunity #1: Buy and Hold ETH There are plenty of Layer 1 blockchain platforms, but Ethereum is the largest by far, holding 2/3 of the overall market: That huge slice is Ethereum. In blockchain, the principle of “network effects” is enormous: the more people using a tech platform, the more valuable it becomes. Ethereum has network effects galore: more users, more developers, and more apps than any other L1 blockchain. If Ethereum keeps innovating — as Microsoft did with Windows 95 — they’ll further that lead, creating a significant competitive moat. The Merge is an enormous innovation because it will cut Ethereum’s energy usage by 99.95%. (You read that right.) All the arguments about crypto using too much electricity will go up in a puff of smoke … except for the energy-hungry bitcoin, which may start looking like a worse investment than Ethereum.The new Ethereum may also become deflationary. That’s a good thing for investors, as it means that instead of continually enlarging the pie and diluting your ownership stake, the pie may start shrinking – making your stake more valuable. The easiest investing opportunity is to simply buy and hold ETH. You can already see the correlation between The Merge getting closer and the price of ETH going up as investors start to wake up from their crypto winter hibernation: ETH price over the last month, as The Merge looks more and more likely In my view, The Flippening — where Ethereum eventually overtakes bitcoin in total market cap — is likely. Ethereum is innovating at a furious pace; bitcoin is not.Investing Opportunity #2: Stake ETH When you stake ETH, you earn rewards, generally in the form of more ETH (like earning interest), and sometimes in another token as well. (See our workshop on How to Stake ETH for more.) There are a few staking options.Solo staking. If you’re tech-savvy with at least 32 ETH (about $50,000 today), you can run a validator node (instructions here): basically, souped-up PCs running special validator software. These machines “run” the new Proof-of-Stake Ethereum network in the same way that mining machines “run” the bitcoin network.Staking as a service. If you’ve got the ETH but don’t want to manage your own node, you can deposit it with a staking service, which will run the validators on your behalf, and split the reward. (List of Ethereum staking services here; please DYOR.)Pooled staking. For most of us, the cheaper and easier option is to stake your Ethereum with services like Lido or Rocket Pool. These let you stake smaller amounts of ETH, which they “pool” together to run their own validators. Users share in the rewards. Lido is the more user-friendly option by far, allowing you to stake any amount in an easy Web3 interface (try it out here). Lido has grown so popular that a new problem has emerged: the service may end up staking up over 50% of Ethereum, which would give it control over the network. (Mo money, mo problems.)Rocket Pool offers a similar service, but it also lets you run “minipools” with just 16 ETH, plus additional collateral (instructions here). It’s a cheaper option than running a full node, but it still requires an IT background and a lot of spare time. Centralized exchange staking. The easiest option is to simply stake your ETH using exchanges like Binance. You won’t get as many rewards, but it’s probably the safest and easiest option, as the big exchanges want to keep their investors safe: they have a lot at stake.Investing Opportunity #3: Invest in LDO and/or RPL directly Both Lido and Rocket Pool have their own native tokens (LDO and RPL, respectively), which are used as additional rewards. Our investing thesis is always that buying a token is like buying stock in the underlying “company.” Rather than staking ETH with Lido and gradually accruing LDO rewards, in other words, you can simply buy LDO now if you believe the value of the Lido “company” will increase over time. Think about it this way: you see a transformative new technology hitting the market, but it’s still too geeky for the mainstream. A company finds a way to make it more user-friendly, and they rapidly gobble up a third of the entire market, with people worried that it might go even bigger. This is exactly what is happening with Lido. But who or what is Lido? It’s a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which means you can see what’s happening in the “company” in real-time via their message board. For example, here’s a proposed budget that would grow the team to 80+ employees. Today, however, the team is small: they have just six core devs, located primarily in Russia and Eastern Europe. But they’re backed by a number of big investors, including some OGs in the crypto space. And they’re growing like a weed. Rocket Pool, on the other hand, is trying desperately to keep up with Lido. Compared with Lido’s smooth Web3 interface, trying to set up a Rocket Pool minipool is like trying to build a quantum computer in your bathtub. If Rocket Pool wants to beat Lido, they have to focus on one thing: making the product user-friendly. That’s it. Product, product, product.In my view, both LDO and RPL are high-risk, potentially high-reward investments. The hope is that you’re investing early in the next big thing, and their fortunes will rise with the launch of The Merge.Mo reward, mo risk If you want to take advantage of the sweet rewards of The Merge, never invest more than you’re willing to lose, because there are still significant risks, such as: The Merge is not guaranteed to happen. It is looking increasingly likely, but it has been delayed several times already. If you stake ETH now, you may not be able to get it out until The Merge does happen. If you invest in LDO or RPL, those services may not stand the stress test of The Merge – or they may be eclipsed by even better staking services.That said, I think these are some of the most exciting times in crypto — this generation’s equivalent of the Windows 95 launch. This is why we’re issuing our first-ever BUY ALERT for both ETH and LDO. Start it up. Source: https://learn2.trade/3-ways-to-invest-in-the-merge 
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