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'Linear Regression Line' indicator in Tradestation

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any coding buffs know how to run a continually updating linear regression line off the adv-decl line since 1st bar of day?


I changed the code to make it work off the first bar of the day on regular 'price'... but my adv-decl line runs as an 'indicator' keying off the difference of Data1($Adv) & Data2 ($Decl). thus, is there a simple way to tell this indicator to run off another indicator rather than re-coding the entire thing to reference the difference of data1 & data2??


thx in advance.


Here is my current code (which is currently the canned 'Linear Reg Line' TS indicator with a small adjustment to run off the first bar of the day):




EndDate_YYMMDD( 0 ), { 0 or YYMMDD, constant; if EndDate_YYMMDD = 0,

EndTime_HHMM ignored and last bar on chart used }

EndTime_HHMM( 0 ), { 0 or HHMM, constant; EndTime_HHMM ignored if 0 }

Color( Yellow ),

ExtRight( true ) ;



EndDate( iff( EndDate_YYMMDD < 500000, EndDate_YYMMDD + 1000000,

EndDate_YYMMDD ) ),

LRV( 0 ),

LRVAgo( 0 ),

TLLRV( 0 ),

Flag( 0 ),

Length( 0 ),



if date>date[1] then begin








if Flag = 0 then


{ Insert a lin reg line for the first time and set it's color and extents }



if EndDate = 1000000 and LastBarOnChart then


LRV = LinearRegValue( C, Length, 0 ) ;

LRVAgo = LinearRegValue( C, Length, Length - 1 ) ;

TLLRV = TL_New( Date[ Length - 1 ], Time[ Length - 1 ], LRVAgo, Date, Time,

LRV ) ;

Flag = 1 ;


else if Date = EndDate and ( Time = EndTime_HHMM or EndTime_HHMM = 0 ) then


LRV = LinearRegValue( C, Length, 0 ) ;

LRVAgo = LinearRegValue( C, Length, Length - 1 ) ;

TLLRV = TL_New( Date[ Length - 1 ], Time[ Length - 1 ], LRVAgo, Date, Time,

LRV ) ;

Flag = 2 ;

end ;

if Flag = 1 or Flag = 2 then


TL_SetColor( TLLRV, Color ) ;

TL_SetExtLeft( TLLRV, false ) ;

if ExtRight then

TL_SetExtRight( TLLRV, true )


TL_SetExtRight( TLLRV, false ) ;

end ;


else if Flag = 1 then


{ Reset the end-points of the flag-1 LRLine at each new bar after it has been drawn

for the first time; this effectively results in a new LRLine each time. }



LRV = LinearRegValue( C, Length, 0 ) ;

LRVAgo = LinearRegValue( C, Length, Length - 1 ) ;

TL_SetBegin( TLLRV, Date[ Length - 1 ], Time[ Length - 1 ], LRVAgo ) ;

TL_SetEnd( TLLRV, Date, Time, LRV ) ;

end ;



{ ** Copyright © 1991-2003 TradeStation Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. **

** TradeStation reserves the right to modify or overwrite this analysis technique

with each release. ** }


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Not an expert TS programmer here, but I think what you are asking is a little complicated with TS EL. Here is a similar example of drawing trendline on a subgraph:


there are two primary issues. First, the TrendLines Automatic indicator is hard coded to use price data. These references will need to be replaced with references to your MyRSI calculations. Second, trendlines cannot be drawn on a subgraph without price data. Thus, you have to go through a somewhat tedious process of inserting a symbol into the desired subgraph, changing its color to the subgraph's background color and fixing the subgraph's scale to match


A simple solution may be to use the Opentick NYSE feed ($1/month) of ^ADDIFFN into the free for charting Ninjatrader and plot the regression channel. Please note that the Opentick feed is not always reliable, but neither is the Adv-Decl line. :) One more advantage is that you could see the candles for the Adv-Decl line, which is useful for some traders.


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