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Is Oil Price Fabricated or Real?

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Well it depends what you mean by "FABRICATED". I am not sure what “Fabricated” means in this question regarding oil prices. If it means the price of oil is being manipulated then the answer is definitely yes. One of the largest oil producing countries, Saudi Arabia, is intentionally pumping as much oil as it can with the expressed intention of destroying the American oil fracking production companies. Fracking in America produces oil at a minimum price around $50 per barrel. So long as the world price stays below that it is not profitable to drill more wells using fracking and horizontal drilling in America.

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Okay. Thanks. but If the notion of this question is that someone with a lot of money is manipulating the market by buying or selling oil as a speculation to make money, then what would be your say about it?

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Then I would say no. Daily oil production world wide is around 80 million barrels. At $50 per barrel this is a cash flow of 4 billion dollars per day. With economic activity this large it is hard to conceive of an individual or company that has enough money to manipulate the price of oil in any significant way. Only a few countries in the world have sufficient quantities of money to have an impact on the price of oil and they have other things to do with their money.

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This is my stand, you can correct if i am mistaking. I would not agree that the price is currently being manipulated. What several of the national oil companies (NOCs) are doing is driving to maintain or improve on their market share with multiple intents. 1. Keep up their income to balance their country budget 2. Eliminate some of their competition 3. Try to regain their ability to control oil prices.


As of today, the only success they have had is bankrupting the higher priced operators in the US and putting several others into financial trouble. The surplus has not diminished significantly but has only moved from crude to refined products as refiners bought up cheap oil as fast as they could process it.


The driving public is loving it with the common pricing being in the $2 a gallon Range. The over 2 million folks who have lost their jobs would tend to disagree.


As the market continues to see still high production and slower increasing consumption than expected, confusion will continue to reign and nobody, but nobody can tell you what will happen with the prices tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or next century. The only guarantee is it will go up and it will go down, sometimes for a real reasons and sometimes on rumors of rumors. What do you say?

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It seems that the oil price is manipulated. Futures trading has taken two stances on forecasting oil prices and they seem to sober up short term price rallying. This to a lesser extent dampens the blow on the market each time it plummets. The categories as below are 1) Commercial: this being the norm for futures trading as the price will be fixed over a few years.


The second position 2) Non Commercial is aimed at identifying market changes as influenced by lucrative hedge funds in the short term. These hedge funds were the primary reason for the shale oil boom initially causing large oil producing nations such as Saudi Arabia to crank up production. So keeping an eye on high value investments over the short term in this area acts as an indicator of fracking activity.


In addition to this you also have to consider existing crude stock availability, draw down and procurement activity. Regional tension and geopolitics adversely effect oil prices and as such there is a tendency to exaggerate market reaction. It's analogous to flying a jet fighter aircraft with one hand on the ejection handle.

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I wouldn’t put it exactly in that way. The price of oil may be based on availability, but our perception of the ‘value’ of the oil is influenced by the speculators who announce their opinions as to how much oil will likely be traded in the future. This is influenced by their perception of what is likely to happen next. Oil is oil. It cost no more to be drilled and poured in barrels than it did the day before.


Here’s a simple example: news of imminent war in an oil producing area, no mater how small, is a signal to buy oil before the event actually occurs and the price goes up. The cost of gasoline at the rack is the same today as it was yesterday, but the selling price at the rack and on the street goes up immediately. This creates a buy or sell event depending on the traders situation, and producers, traders and retailers see it as a chance to make a lot of profit. Imagine that you have 6 million gallons in your tanks that is suddenly worth 10 cents per gallon more than it was the day before. Suddenly you are $600,000 richer. It’s better than winning the lottery.


“Prices are going up”, and consumers fill their tanks all at once, regardless of the fact that they will not use any more gas in a week than they normally would. The sellers response is to raise their prices even more and buy more fuel. It doesn’t take long before the “war” doesn’t happen, or if it does start, it is possible that the US refineries don’t even purchase oil from the affected areas.


In response to the sudden increase in the purchase of gasoline, the refineries increase their production to replace the product that is being rapidly depleted at the tank farms. Once the bogus scare is over, fearing the storage tanks will burst at their seams, the producers drop the price of gasoline rapidly to make room for the abundance of gasoline being produced, else they face the danger the refineries will have to be shut down, which will take as much or more than a million dollars just to start up again. This is worsened by the fact that retailers will hold off purchasing more fuel and subscribe to a plan of running their tanks as low as possible.


Now the retailers have the other problem. With their tanks filled to capacity, they may suddenly find themselves $600,000 poorer, so they drop their prices rapidly, else they will be caught with much more expensive fuel and be selling what they have at a loss. If the price drops for long enough, and retailers have not planned for this inevitable situation, many will go out of business.

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One could argue that Energy is still driven by supply and demand considerations. But in a trade, both things exchanged need to be authentic. If the currency being used to exchange for oil is 'fabricated'... then the price of oil and everything else is not and cannot be really discovered by the 'market' .


You may or may not have been around for the last thirty years and if you have, maybe you haven't noticed the gradual deterioration in authentic price discovery. I have. The degradation was gradual through the early 90's, accelerated some in the late 90's, and has hockey sticked since. Money supply gone mad, interest rates centrally 'controlled', outright price manipulation via derivatives, gov't agencies picking the winners and losers ... drip.. drop... cascade to total corruption. Stock pricing symptoms at http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-08-04/mind-gaap-study-links-excessive-earnings-addbacks-accounting-issues




Every institution in America is sold out, corrupted and politically rigged to favor Big Government and Big Business. "America is a lost country," explains Paul Craig Roberts. "The total corruption of every public and the private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies."


CNN, Reuters and the Associated Press are all now shameless promoters of every big lie across every sector of society, from vaccines and GMOs to elections and politics. The federal government itself is incapable of doing anything other than lying, and it has totally corrupted the entire realm of science by pulling the strings of funding via the National Institutes of Health and the NSF.


The FDA is entirely corrupt, as is the USDA. Both function now as little more than marketing propaganda pushers for Big Pharma and Big Biotech. Similarly, Google, Facebook and Twitter are all rigged, too, censoring the voices they don't want anyone to hear while highlighting the establishment lies they wish to promote.





Here's what "rigged" really means... the tools of tyranny

When I say "everything is rigged," what does that mean, exactly?


• All "official sources" are ordered to constantly lie about everything, weaving illusions to push a chosen narrative rooted in fiction (from "there are no Islamic terrorists" to "carbon dioxide is poison to the planet").


• All voices of reason and sanity are silenced. Only the most insane, irrational voices are allowed to be magnified through any media (including social media). This is also true across the sciences, where real science has been all but snuffed out by political agendas (biosludge, GMOs, glyphosate, mercury in dentistry, etc.).


• All facts are obliterated by propaganda. Facts have no place in any debate, and those who invoke facts are shamed and silenced (or even fired from their jobs, expelled from their schools or bullied into a state of suicide on social media). Anyone who invokes facts on things like the actual statistics of police shootings is told they are "part of the problem" because they have the "wrong attitude" about social justice.


• Every branch of government is weaponized against the people and used as an assault tool against political enemies who threaten the status quo. (IRS, FDA, FTC, DEA, EPA, USDA, etc.)


• All science is distorted into absurd, politically-motivated conclusions about everything the government wants to use to control the masses: Vaccines, climate change, GMOs, fluoride, flu shots, chemical agriculture, carbon dioxide and so on.


• Every branch of medicine is hijacked by globalist agendas to make sure medicine never makes anyone healthier, more alert or more cognitively capable of thinking for themselves.


• Every "news item" that's reported from any official source is deliberately distorted to the point of insanity, turning many facts on their heads while attacking anyone who might offer something truly constructive to the world. (Such as reporting that Clinton was "cleared" by the FBI when, in fact, she was indicted by the very facts the FBI presented!)


• All voices of truth are silenced, then replaced by meaningless, distracting babble (Kardashians) or meaningless, tribal sports competitions (the Rio Olympics). The point is to dumb down the entire population to the point of cultural lunacy.


• Any true reports that contradict any official narrative are immediately censored. For example, radio host Michael Savage just got blocked by Facebook for posting a true story about an illegal alien who committed murder in America.


• Emotions are used as weapons to manipulate the masses. For example, when the mom of a Benghazi victim shares her grief with the world, she is ridiculed and shamed. But when a radical Muslim father who's trying to bring Sharia Law to America attacks Trump by expressing his loss of his soldier son, the media turns him into an instant celebrity, praising his "courageous voice" for daring to speak out. The media hypocrisy is enough to make you vomit...



What exactly is rigged?

• The entire mainstream media

• Google search engine and Google News

• Facebook and Twitter

• The DNC and the RNC (both 100% rigged by globalists)

• Every federal agency (EPA, FDA, etc.)

• The entire justice system (makes a total farce of real justice)

• Interest rates and the value of the money supply (central banksters)

• Academia (all public universities)

• EPA's "safe" limits on pesticides (all rigged by Big Biotech)

• Food and food labeling (all run by corrupt food companies)

• Public education (rigged into Common Core anti-knowledge idiocy)

• Banking and finance (all controlled by globalists)

• Government economics figures and statistics

• Medicine and pharmaceuticals (rigged to maximize profits)

• Big Science (totally rigged by government agenda pushers)

• The music industry (most top singers can't sing at all)

• Weapons manufacturers and war corporations

• The illegal drug trade (it's run by the government)

• Political elections (all 100% rigged at the federal level)

• Political polls (now rigged by Reuters, too)

• The health insurance industry (rigged by Obamacare)

• College admissions (legally discriminates against Whites and Asians)

• 9/11 and domestic terrorism (all rigged "official stories")

• Oil and energy industries

• The rule of law (rigged in favor of the rich and powerful)

• Infectious disease and the CDC (a constant stream of lies)

• Hollywood (all run by globalists)

• Climate change science (all a grand science hoax)

• Press release services (they only allow official narratives)

• History (what you are taught is mostly a lie)

• Government grants (only given out to those who further the agenda)

• Government bids (only awarded to those who kick back funds to corrupt officials)

• Consciousness and free will (we are all taught consciousness doesn't exist)

• Ethnobotany (medicinal and spiritual use of healing plants)

• Life on other plants (the obvious truth is kept from us all)

• The origin of the universe (the official narrative is a laughable fairy tale)


As a fantastic example of how everything is rigged, consider these paragraphs from this Breitbart.com news story published today:


Over the weekend and for the past few days since Khan spoke alongside his wife Ghazala Khan about their son, U.S. Army Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in Iraq in 2004, media-wide reporters, editors, producers, and anchors have tried to lay criticism on Trump over the matter. They thought they had a good one, a specific line of attack that pitted Trump against the military—and supposedly showed him as a big meanie racist in the process.


But, as Breitbart News showed on Monday midday, that clearly was not the case. Khizr Khan has all sorts of financial, legal, and political connections to the Clintons through his old law firm, the mega-D.C. firm Hogan Lovells LLP. That firm did Hillary Clinton’s taxes for years, starting when Khan still worked there involved in, according to his own website, matters “firm wide”—back in 2004. It also has represented, for years, the government of Saudi Arabia in the United States. Saudi Arabia, of course, is a Clinton Foundation donor which—along with the mega-bundlers of thousands upon thousands in political donations to both of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016—plays right into the “Clinton Cash” narrative.


America's transformation into Communist China is nearly complete

If you're pondering where all this is headed, look no further than Communist China, where all independent news has been outlawed by the state. Political prisoners across China have their organs harvested to enrich black market organ traders, and nearly one out of every three urban citizens is a secret spy who snitches on friends for the totalitarian communist government.


Hillary Clinton is the embodiment of Communist Chinese totalitarianism. She's such a perfect fit for their disastrous model of human rights abuses, government corruption and systemic criminality that I'm surprised she doesn't live in Beijing. If Clinton gets elected, America is gone forever, replaced by a criminal regime of totalitarians who violate the RICO Act as a matter of policy.


If this entire rigged system of biased media, Facebook censorship, Google search result manipulations and twisted science ends up putting America's most terrifying political criminal into the White House, it's lights out for the American we once knew. Almost immediately, the nation fractures into near Civil War, with calls for secession growing unstoppable as state after state seeks to escape the political wrath of an insane regime of D.C. criminals and tyrants. #TEXIT


We now live in two Americas: Half the country is tired of everything being rigged, and the other half can't wait to be exploited by yet another crooked leftist LIAR who rigs everything

America is now essentially two nations. On one hand, we have the pro-Trump America, filled with people who are tired of being cheated, censored, punished, stolen from and lied to about everything under the sun. Donald Trump supporters are people who realize everything is rigged... and they're demanding an end to the corruption and criminality of the fascist system under which we all suffer today.


Hillary Clinton supporters are people who are too busy chasing political rainbows to realize everything is rigged. They still believe the lies and the propaganda (the "hope and change" that never came, but is still promised by empty politicians). They're living in fairy tale delusional worlds that have been woven into their gullible minds by the skillful social engineers of the radical left. These people still think the government cares about them... or that CNN only reports truthful news. They can't wait to see another globalist in the White House because they are pathetic, weak-minded empty shells of non-consciousness who are wholly incapable of thinking for themselves.


These two camps of Americans can no longer coexist. They have almost nothing in common when it comes to knowledge, wisdom, ethics, morals or philosophy. One camp believes in the rule of law (Trump); the other camp believes that people in power should be above the law (Clinton). One camp believes in states' rights and individual liberty (Trump) while the other camp believes in the consolidation of totalitarian power in the hands of a centralized, domineering government (Clinton). One camp believes in a level playing field, free market competition and rewarding innovation and hard work (Trump), while the other camp believes in free handouts, government "equality" mandates, and the ludicrous idea that "there should be no winners or losers in society." (Clinton)


In other to try to win this election, the Clinton camp has already rigged EVERYTHING from the very start, including the coronation of Hillary, the scheduling of televised debates to minimize their viewership, the surrender of Bernie Sanders to the DNC machine, the mass organization of illegal voting schemes to make sure illegal aliens vote in November, and so much more. No doubt they're also working extremely hard to rig the black box voting machines all across the country.



Learn more: EVERYTHING IS RIGGED: Medicine, science, elections, the media, money, education, search engines, social media... you are living in a fabricated fairy tale - NaturalNews.com


If you're tired of everything being rigged, this November vote against the rigged system by voting for Donald Trump. This is truly your last chance to save America from being overthrown by a totalitarian regime of criminals who will crush every last iota of freedom and liberty in America.


:haha:of course zdo thinks that trump is complicit in the 'rigging' ... watch him 'give it away'

welcome to venuswela

across the pond... welcome to bulgria, iotaly, grease...


ya'll have a great weekend




Of Two Minds - Revealing the Real Rate of Inflation Would Crash the System

Of Two Minds - What Happens When Rampant Asset Inflation Ends?

Edited by zdo

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If you're tired of everything being rigged, this November vote against the rigged system by voting for Donald Trump. This is truly your last chance to save America from being overthrown by a totalitarian regime of criminals who will crush every last iota of freedom and liberty in America.


I am amused...


I will toss away my vote this election cycle and go with the libertarian party for president (my mind is made up). Libertarians: "conservatism without all the bullshit". I'm even amused at my own statement, in this single regard...


Has there ever been a time when "it" wasn't "rigged"? The entire argument is rigged, and it's rigged by you (me). You (we) are getting played, and it comes with our own ignorant bias (simple mindedness) that can be exploited. It has never been any different; it will never be any different. That is politics...


So... back to the OP. Are oil prices manipulated... well yes, you ignorant fuck (what else would you expect). My advice is the same though... trade it as you see it... it's as close to freedom as you will ever get.

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I do not believe that is the case. For so many years OPEC enjoyed a virtual lock on the supply of oil. This also gave them the ability to control prices. This is no longer the case. There are so many rogue nations if you will that are pumping oil with reckless abandon. There is a huge glut in oil above the ground. This is what is causing the price to remain so low. Believe me the nations that have relied on oil for there extravagant lifestyle ( mainly the Arab states ) are desparate for 80 to 100 dollar oil again. As is Venezuela, Nigeria, Mexico and Russia.

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I do not believe that is the case. For so many years OPEC enjoyed a virtual lock on the supply of oil. This also gave them the ability to control prices. This is no longer the case. There are so many rogue nations if you will that are pumping oil with reckless abandon. There is a huge glut in oil above the ground. This is what is causing the price to remain so low. Believe me the nations that have relied on oil for there extravagant lifestyle ( mainly the Arab states ) are desparate for 80 to 100 dollar oil again. As is Venezuela, Nigeria, Mexico and Russia.


I don't trade oil, so possibly I should hold my tongue. Though, much like "the Donald" I only need to know a little to speak my mind (ignorant fuck that I am)...


The price of anything can be manipulated for a time. This can occur either through collusion in one form or another, or the size of the player(s) in the market. In the end though, supply and demand is the main driver of price.


In my opinion, everyone would be happier with price at $80.

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I forgot to add, all this simply for a campaign for trump? Simply ridiculous. Trump will not change a thing, he will simply make them worst.


if you thought my post was promoting trump or insinuating he would 'solve' anything - please think again

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    • Date : 14th October 2019. MACRO EVENTS & NEWS OF 14th October 2019.No-deal Brexit risks are looking more real than ever, with reports suggesting that talks will officially break down this week ahead of the upcoming EU summit on 17 and 18 October. Elsewhere, further US data and Fedspeak could provide more clues about the possibility of a Fed rate cut. Tuesday – 15 October 2019 Consumer Price Index (CNY, GMT 01:30) – September’s Chinese CPI is seen unchanged at 0.7% while the PPI figure is expected to decline further to -1.2%. The overall reading for CPI is estimated to post a gain up to 2.9% y/y. ILO & Average Earnings Index 3m/y (GBP, GMT 08:30) – UK Earnings with the bonus-excluded figure are expected to slip to 3.7% y/y in the three months to August, down from 3.8%y/y. UK ILO unemployment is expected steady at 3.8%, which was the lowest rate seen since December 1974. ZEW Economic Sentiment (EUR, GMT 09:00) – Economic Sentiment for October is projected at -27 from the -22.5 seen last month, as the current conditions indicator for Germany turned negative. The overall Eurozone reading though expected to declne further to -33.0 slightly from -22.4. A lower than expected outcome, ties in with the stagnation in market sentiment at the start of the month. Consumer Price Index (NZD, GMT 21:45) – One of the most important figures for FX markets, the y/y CPI for Q3 is expected to come out at 1.4%, compared to 1.7% in the previous quarter. Wednesday – 16 October 2019 Consumer Price Index (GBP, GMT 08:30) – The UK CPI is expected to rebound to a 1.8% y/y rate in September after dipping to 1.7% in August from 2.1% in July. Weakness in sterling from year-go levels should impact some offset to disinflationary forces. Consumer Price Index (EUR, GMT 09:00) – The Euro Area CPI is expected to be confirmed at just 0.9% y/y in the final release for September, although the deceleration in the headline rate over the month was largely due to base effects from energy prices, with core inflation actually moving up to 1.0% y/y from 0.9% y/y in August. Consumer Price Index (CAD, GMT 12:30) – The Canadian CPI index is expected to have increased to 2%y/y compared to 1.9%y/y in August. The core CPI measures remained near 2.0%. Retail Sales (USD, GMT 12:30) – Retail Sales are an important determinant of consumer spending thus making it a leading indicator for overall economic growth. Consensus expectations suggest that we should have increased by 0.2% in September, for both the retail sales headline and the ex-auto figure, following a 0.4% August headline rise with a flat ex-auto figure. Fedspeak: Fed Brainard (USD, GMT 19:00) Thursday – 17 October 2019 European Council Summit on Brexit Employment Data (AUD, GMT 01:30) – While the Unemployment Rate is projected to have flipped at 5.3% in September, Employment change is expected to have eased, increasing by 10K compared to 34.7K last month. Retail Sales ex Fuel (GBP, GMT 08:30) – Retail Sales in the UK are anticipated to increase in September, reaching 3.0% on a y/y basis, and 0.5% on a m/m basis, from the 2.7% and -0.2% respectively Housing Data and Building Permits (USD, GMT 12:30) – Housing starts should drop back to a 1.282 mln pace in September, after a sharp rise to a 1.364 mln clip in August with the help of lower mortgage rates. Permits similarly are expected to slow to 1.370 mln in September, after popping to 1.425 mln in September. Permits have shown a solid growth path into Q3 despite a July starts set-back. Philadelphia Fed Manufacturing Survey (USD, GMT 12:30) – The Philly Fed index is seen falling to 7.0 from 12.0 in September, versus a 1-year high of 21.8 in July and a 33-month low of -4.1 in February. The late-September producer sentiment surveys deteriorated significantly after firmness in the early-September reports, and the early-October data will be closely scrutinized to see if this pull-back continued. The “soft data” surveys are at risk of a possible impact from the UAW-GM strike, alongside the ongoing headwind from troubles abroad. Fedspeak: Fed Bowman and Fed Williams (USD, GMT 18:00 and 20:20) Friday – 18 October 2019 European Council Summit on Brexit China Gross Domestic Product (CNY, GMT 02:00)- Chinese GDP is projected to see additional moderation to a 6.1% y/y pace in Q3, from 6.2% in Q2. Industrial Production and Retail Sales (CNY, GMT 02:00) – The September industrial production is forecast at 4.5% y/y from 4.4% previously, while September retail sales likely improved to 7.7% y/y from 7.5%. Fedspeak: Fed Kaplan and Fed Clarida (USD, GMT 15:00 and 15:30) Always trade with strict risk management. Your capital is the single most important aspect of your trading business. Please note that times displayed based on local time zone and are from time of writing this report. Click HERE to access the full HotForex Economic calendar. Want to learn to trade and analyse the markets? Join our webinars and get analysis and trading ideas combined with better understanding on how markets work. Click HERE to register for FREE! Click HERE to READ more Market news. Andria Pichidi Market Analyst HotForex Disclaimer: This material is provided as a general marketing communication for information purposes only and does not constitute an independent investment research. 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    • This should really be very easy, but I can't find an article or video to walk me through it. I picked 20 ticker symbols where the stocks are in a tight trading range. I got them all into one list I call "Channel". I'd like to add several indicators that apply to all, such as MACD, volume, 3 moving averages. Then I'd like to scroll through the list, adding trendlines, or horizontal lines to mark the top & bottom of the price channel for each. Then set an alarm for a breakout in each direction that indicates a breakout. Could you point me to an article or video that walks me through how to do this? ...or give me the steps? Thank you, RichardV2, Experienced stock trader back before the Internet was invented.😁
    • The Economic Proscription of U.S. Farmers by China Maybe Forever   Similar to a black eye on the face, it’s placing an indelible imprint. The retaliatory levies by China over U.S. commodity producers, such as soybeans, which seem to be forever. The moment such happens for the market it becomes irreversible.   It’s a dread numerous farmers from North Dakota to Mississippi have recognized for as far back as last year. They worry that they’ve put millions in soybean development on account of China. Since Chinese focus is now transferred towards Brazil rather, that market might be gone forever.   Once the confidence merchants have in the U.S. declines as a steady provider because of the trade dispute, the more vital its important for them to support and further broaden other avenues.   The developing danger for American agribusiness presently is that a great part of the piece of the overall industry lost throughout the year will be hard or difficult to win back at any point shortly, the Boston Consulting Group said in a detailed analysis discharged on Wednesday.   This is for the most part because of long term contracts that are regularly recorded among purchasers and sellers, contingent upon the item. The lesson from the analysis shows that U.S. farmers need to turn out to be less reliant on China, and simply trust in the best concerning those customers organizing a rebound sooner or later.   For the time being, China is going to Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Russia, and also for its domestic producers as an option in contrast to American developed crops and animal proteins.   From the detailed analysis: “The risk that U.S. agribusinesses may for all time lose foreign market share of the overall industry isn’t only hypothetical. In past trade disputes, for example, one with China including beef, the US has not recaptured its lost share. As a result of the increase of U.S. crops and food materials more costly than other choices, high duties bring down the price to merchants who plan to expand. Also, the fewer confidence merchants have in the US as a steady provider, in perspective on the potential for future trade disputes, the more important it progresses toward becoming for them to support and further expand. After some time, merchants could loosen up complex associations with suppliers from the U.S.”   China Receives Blames for the Pressure And this is so because China is important to American farmers. China purchased $19.5 billion in U.S. agricultural items as of 2017, representing 14% of exports of farm produce, in light of BCS analysis. In July 2018, China slammed a 25% levy on U.S. agricultural items.   Exports at that point declined by an incredible 53% for the year. While exports to China have declined also for this year, over past years free fall.   There is another motivation behind why some China customers may not come back to the U.S. China is extending its very own crop acreage, particularly for soybeans. After some time, China will turn out to be progressively independent. Except if request increases generously, China will purchase its very own soybeans, regulating export development and under control in any case.   “Individuals in the business were in a condition of cheerfulness, believing that a bargain would soon be reached,” says Michael McAdoo, associate, and related executive for BCS in Montreal. “Our analysis demonstrates that regardless of whether there is a bargain, there is worry that a similar volume won’t return. They need to try different markets,” he declared.   Source: https://learn2.trade 
    • Trade Dispute Responsible for China’s Overwhelming Gold Purchase Rate   China has included more than 100 tons of gold to its stores since it continued purchasing in December, fortifying its position as one of the significant authority collectors as national banks load up on the valuable metal.   The People’s Bank of China grabbed progressively gold a month ago, raising reserves to 62.64 million ounces in September from 62.45 million in August, as per information on its site. In tonnage terms, the most recent inflow sums 5.9 tons and comes in as an expansion of about 99.8 tons over the earlier nine months.   Bullion hit the most noteworthy in over six years in September as more slow development, the trade dispute and rate reductions prodded financial specialist request. National banks have been significant purchasers as well, particularly in developing markets. Administrative demands will probably proceed as protectionist strategies and geopolitical concerns add to the request, as forecasted by Suki Cooper, the valuable metals investigator at Standard Chartered Bank.   “With the stressed partnerships with the U.S., China requires support against its enormous possessions of the dollar, and gold serves that capacity,” said Howie Lee, a financial specialist at Singapore-based Oversea-Chinese Banking Corp. “As China turns into a superpower in its very own right, I anticipate progressively gold-purchases.”   China’s High Gold Appetite The PBOC’s continuos running of bullion-purchasing has come against the difficult setting of the trade dispute with the U.S. furthermore, a stamped lull in development at home. While high-level discussions are set to continue in Washington this week, Chinese authorities are flagging they’re progressively hesitant to consent to an expansive bargain.   Spot gold spiked to as much as 0.4% to $1,511.31 an ounce on Monday and exchanged at $1,505.84 in early London exchange. While the value declined 3.2% in September, they remain high at 17% this year. The PBOC information was discharged at the end of the week. Alongside China, Russia has additionally been including generous amounts of bullion. In the initial half-year, national banks overall got 374.1 tons, supporting the overall gold request to a three-year high, the World Gold Council declared.   While a tenth straight month of amassing, shows an unfaltering purchasing trend for the PBOC, China has in the past gone for significant stretches without uncovering moves for its gold possessions. At the point the national bank declared a 57% bounce in savings to 53.3 million ounces in mid-2015, that was the first update in quite a while.   Source: https://learn2.trade   
    • GBPJPY Reverses Its Sell-Off Around the Level at 130.75  OCTOBER 9, 2019  Azeez Mustapha  No Comments   GBPJPY Price Analysis – October 9 In the prior session, the pair closed lower for the second day in a row, but currently, the GBPJPY displays a weakness further downside of the pair while retaining its wider medium-term outlook by temporal reversal on the level at 130.75.   Key Levels Resistance Levels: 148.66, 137.80, 135.774 Support Levels: 130.75, 128.68, 126.54   GBPJPY Long term Trend: Bearish In the bigger picture, the GBPJPY consolidation structure is still forming from the technical support zone on the level at 126.54 low.   A further upward move may be recorded towards the level at 146.57 and 148.66 in an extension where its resistance is glaring before completing the structure. However, the overall trend remains bearish while displaying an intact downtrend in the medium and long-term.   GBPJPY Short term Trend: Bearish On the 4-hour time frame, its price is trading narrowly between the moving average 5 and 13 close to the key technical support level at 130.44.   As it is presently, the intraday bias in GBPJPY remains on the downside at this point where a corrective rebound from the level at 126.54 low should have completed. Meanwhile, its 4-hour RSI is bearish and pointing lower suggesting further weakness.   Source: https://learn2.trade 
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