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This Weeks Watch list is packed with great setups. So much so that I am going to skip the review video and go over how I trade Flags in the HPS system. This week's video has 3 Best Bets that all come from the same sector..Can you say sector rotation... Well would like to see that this next week and that could also be a safety sector that might find some interest if the market pulls back some soon. But I am not calling for a top and will just see how things look early Monday morning. Markets still will be focused on headline risk. I like the gradual scale in on the SPXU but not very small increments.


This next part is a small piece of the HPS methodology section: How I trade Flags.

Flags and Pennants: Whats great about flags? Well for one thing they are everywhere and on every time frame. I actually have a technique on the 1 minute chart that is up close to 85% success rate when it appears. This you will find on the futures HPS section. Flags also usually consist of multiple indicators that I use in the HPS. It is a great pattern but just like everything else you need to have converging indicators line up at the same time.


Flags and Pennants are short-term continuation patterns that mark a small consolidation before the previous move resumes. These patterns are usually preceded by a sharp advance or decline with heavy volume and mark a mid-point of the move.


My # 1 Setup when trading a flag is that I want the stochastics to be oversold and at that time the price to be above the 20 ema or 50 ema. This is a guide for me and not a hard set rule. I mostly look for this set up on the daily time frame. In some cases the price will chop around the 20-50 ema so you don’t want to be so exact that you miss some great opportunities. Lots of times you will see the price drop below the 20-50 ema just to see it close back above it by the end of the day.


The keys are:


1. Trend is intact, we are pulling back but holding above the previous pivot low.


2. Stochastics making a fast rotation back to oversold levels <20 as the price makes a very organized pullback but hold above the 20-50ema


3. Flags like any pattern have a unique look to them. Basically they are mini channels that should be traded like any other channel (Channel Lesson) “Make sure it looks like a flag”


This combination has had high probability of success. In My experience it works over 70% of the time. That would increase depending on other convergences at that time. (Trend Lines, Reversal candles,ect)


Flags are continuation patterns and usually show up multiple times in a row, but it is important to identify them early in the trend so you can profit form them.


Here are some examples of my Trade-able Flag Setup


Lets start with the Daily Time frame:





Now lets break down how to trade the flag


Breaking down the daily time frame into a 60 min time frame shows you a great entry technique called the “Daily 60 Stochastic Combo” which is a multiple time frame trigger when both the 60min stochastics oscillator get oversold at the same time the daily stochastics are oversold.


Because the daily is a slow moving time frame the combo doesn’t happen every day but when it does it should be considered.


The Next chart is the same flags that we had on the daily now broken down to the 60 min time frame. You can see the channel much more in detail and the much quicker rotation of the stochastics.





This above technique as with any setup is dependent on market conditions. Flags are great in a trending market but trends can be defined and spotted in any time frame. You can have a trend develop on the 5 min time frame or a 1 min time frame. So understand your time frame and what to expect from it. The 60min daily combination is great for swing trades but also because the 60min is a trigger could be a great scalp also.


You can trade the 60 min flag by itself you don’t have to always wait for the combo to setup. I will go over the 60-15-5 combo in the next section.





Have a great weekend Everyone



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Sitting down doing some research tonight knowing i was going to find some gems for tomorrow. Well I will not disappoint you and instead of a video I just want to post the charts here and add a few lines to describe each setup and what looks the best.


The truth is I only got through maybe a 1/4 of my watch list before realizing there are some really great setups and so much as to make me consider the possibility that sooner and not later we will be seeing the markets move higher and making new highs before getting any real pullback.(SPX).


Lets just get started so I can get back to some mindless reality show.


I will save the best bet for tomorrow and Friday for the end of the list. Almost all are equally as great, I will try to weigh them out a little more down below.




ETR this is a on the HPS watchlist this week and performing perfectly, check watchlist for targets and alerts.




DUK talked so much about these on watch list and focus all day. Working perfectly and looking for follow through tomorrow. Also could be the beginning of a bigger trend higher.




(D) I wish it was as easy as it looks. The setup seemed obvious it's beautiful HPS flag. But you know about these stock from this weeks watch list. Lets take a look at some new ones




Wide Flag this is probably #2 Best Bet. "Wide Flag" is something that has discernible pivot areas. I find this easier to time and more reliable. Great Stock Nice Flag




Now why aren't you in this? Best Bet #1




DLB Got out of DLB way to early still love it as a play for the year. I might get back in, Great outside day candle should propel this past 46.


There are others that are popping up I want to do a full scan tomorrow morning before the open so we get a lot more setups before the open. Plan on that to happen 8:45am et. Until them Goodnight



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Enter a trade when the prices break above or below the upper or lower trendline of the flag. 

A stop-loss is set just outside the flag on the opposite side of the breakout. For the stock market, "just outside" is $0.01 or $0.02, in the forex market, one or two pips, in the futures market, one tick. Note that if the parallel lines of the flag are sloping then the breakout point (entry) will change over time (because the lines slope over time).

Flags are often considered continuation patterns, meaning that the breakout tends to theoretically occur in the direction of the preceding move (same direction as the pole). Examine enough price charts and you'll recognize this bias is wrong as often as it is correct. The simplest way to trade the pattern is to wait for the breakout, and trade it; anticipating the breakout direction is a more advanced skill. If a trade does break out in the same direction as the preceding move, the following profit target(s) can be used.

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The flag portion of the pattern must run between parallel lines and can either be slanted up, down or sideways. Flags which are angled in the same direction as the preceding move, degrades the performance of the pattern. Therefore, you ideally want to see a sharp move higher followed by a sideways flag or a flag that is slightly angled down. If the sharp move is down, you ideally want to trade a flag that is sideways or angled higher.

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