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  1. From my understanding this is how it works. Your example: Account size: $50,000 Monday - buy 1000 shares for 50,000 Tuesday - sell 1000 shares for 52,000. (this transaction also has a 3 day clearing period) Wednesday - you want to buy 1000 shares @ 50.00 again for 50,000. this is fine. ( but understand that these shares you just bought are on "borrowed money" till your sell transaction from Tuesday clears in 3 days on Friday. meaning you can't sell these 1000 shares till Friday. If you sell before Friday you will then get a free riding ticket. Second example: Account size $50,000 Monday - Buy 500 shares of a 50.00 stock for 25,000 Tuesday - sell 500 shares at 52 each for 26,000 ( 3 day clearing period) Wednesday - buy 500 shares back at 50.00 for 25,000 (now even though your shares from Tuesdays transaction have not cleared you are able to sell these shares with out getting a free ride ticket because you have the capital in your account to back it up.) Hope that helps!
  2. Hi guys have a couple more lesson videos to add to the list. Finding the Proper Entry and Eliminating Emotion Video: Lesson Video Locking in Profits on Breakout Days Video: Misconceptions Of The Reverse Split Video: Thanks! as always feed back is appreciated.
  3. Watch List Week Of 11-30-15 $NUTR- LF break above 25.00 $CYCC- LF MoMo through 1.10 $AFFX- Inv. Head & Shoulders $ANGI- Strong upward movement. LF breakout cont. $BEAT - Large wedge with 20sma cross above 50sma $CHEF- Good Relative Vol. LF breakout over 20.00 $FSS- LF push towards 17.20 on flag break. $PCN- Multi Top 13.95 LF push through and breakout $SWHC- Multi Top ascending triangle. Breakout over 19 Technical Analysis & Chart Video:
  4. Swing Trade Watchlist Week of 10-19-15 $NFX - Invrted H&S breakout. LF continuation $DSKX - breaking out of Ascendign Triangle. $HNR - Watching current channel $AGRO - Bull Flag possible breakout $FELP - Inverted H&S breakout Friday. LF contiunation Technical Analysis & Chart Video:
  5. Weekly Swing Trading Watchlist By EatSleepTrade Check out our Watchlists that we compose each and every week. Our Watchlist will contain a written list with a short description of the trade setups for all the stocks on our radar for the upcoming week. It will also include a video that will provide a Technical Analysis chart breakdown for each of the stocks. Our Watchlist will contain high probability Stock plays that present multiple buying and profit taking opportunities. We like to focus on low risk, high reward Chart setups that have a positive amount of Relative Volume after a nice consolidation period. We love to Trade Charts from Sectors that are performing really well on a 1-3 month time frame. Need help composing your own Watchlist? Check out our Lessons Page to learn how to run scans and see how we find all the Stocks we put in our Watchlists! Trade safe and good luck to all of you. Please understand that my typical plan is a 1-5 day hold. ALWAYS lock in profits especially on breakout days, I can't stress this enough! A Watchlist is NOT a "Buy List". Swing Trade Watch List Week Of 9-8-15 $BLDR - LF breakout over 15.50 $ARQL - Watching for large wedge breakout. $DSKX - Also forming nice wedge $HNR - Nice Flag setup $JOB Descending triangle $MNGA - quad bottom at .92 $TRN - Possible reversal with bull horn setup Technical Analysis & Chart Video: Feed back appreciated. Please feel free to ask any questions.
  6. Hi Andrew Paper trading is a great place to start and honestly a must for beginners. Unfortunately paper trading tends to be incredibly easier than real trading for a couple of reasons 1. There's no emotional connection to paper like there is with real money. It's very easy to hold losing positions with out having much worry. And decisions tend to be non stressful unlike when your losing real $$ 2. Depending on what paper trading program your using it may not incorporate realistic prices during purchases and is much easier to get filled. There are no worries about bid / ask spread and available volume if shares are actually being traded. Just remember to start small and manage risk when starting with real $$
  7. Hi Jordy Might I recommend a Twitter account if you do not currently have one. It is a great place to connect with tons of traders and people are always sharing their ideas. I myself use Twitter to not only see other traders ideas but also to share my own in real time. You can add me @eatsleeptrade7 Twitter has surprisingly become one of my greatest tools. I look forward to sharing ideas with you.
  8. Hi guys below is my weekly swing Watchlist for the week of 7-13-15. If you have any questions just let me know thanks! #WatchList Week 7-13-15 Video: https://t.co/Euj0gW25I9 EatSleepTrade.net $MYRG $MTZ $CLNE $ZIOP $UAM $CLMT $GERN
  9. A larger BETA is going to provide stocks that typically have larger swings and larger range. Small cap stocks have been known to provide those larger swings in a shorter time frame.
  10. I use Yahoo Finance app to look up any fundamentals I want to see. It shows analyst grades, revenue, return on equity, operating cash flow, along with recent news catalyst and a lot more things. For watching a socks price action during the day I've been using Stockmaster app. I can add the stocks from my watchlist to this app and see their price action through out the day as well as see multiple time frame candle stick charts. This app does a lot more and does have a payed upgrade option but I just use the free version to have live updated prices to my phone as well as charts. Both of these apps I have downloaded from the apple store and both were free. I use both of them on a daily basis.
  11. Follow me on Social Media to see live updates on my trades.


    Site: EatSleepTrade.net

    Twitter: @eatsleeptrade7

    Facebook: Eat, Sleep, Trade

  12. Hi guys wanted to share my video lessons I have created with you guys. 1. Intro to tech analysis 2. Position Sizing and Risk Management 3. Identifying Market Trend 4. Support and Resistance 5. Indicators 6. Scanning for winning stocks Please leave feedback and let me know what you think. Thanks
  13. 100% money management and 10% analysis. Takes 110% to make it in the trading world.
  14. Getting the proper entry is a major part of becoming a successful trader. Big loss's lead to emotional trading, which in term leads to more loss's. With the proper entry that offers you a good risk vs reward ratio you can minimize your risk while allowing the best possible reward.You should never lose more than 2% of your total capital on any single trade.Following these two simple rules will allow you to define your risk as a trader and allow you to remove the emotional stress that trading can force on to you. Every chart has to be read differently and I don't think there is just one strategy that works for every stock. But I base my entries off good risk to reward. 1:3 or higher. So when I find a chart that offers me at least 1:3 risk to reward ratio. I make sure that my stop can be placed low enough that the stock has room to move, so I don't end up stopping out early. But not risking more that 2% total capital. Example would be $COWN My Idea on this stock was to take advantage of a major sell off or large dip. There was strong support in the 5.45 area as well as the 50day sma that was holding up. The yellow circle represents the day I started my swing at 5.50. The Red circle represent our previous low of 5.39 an area we could place our stop to define our risk. The green circle is our target at 5.95, our previous high as well a strong resistance area. so in term we are risking .11cents with a possible .45cent reward to giving us a 1:4 risk:reward ratio. Once my risk is defined I figure out how large of a position size I can do based off only risking 2% of my total capital. If a chart can not offer me these two things together then for me it is not a good entry point.
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