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  1. Could you please share the webpage you talked about. thanks
  2. Hello there everyone. I'm trying to find some bibliography, informative webpage, or someone that can explain in deep whats heppning intrensically inside the market when some technicall movements set off. I was thinking about reading The dow jones theory by Robert Rhea, for it to give me some insights. Sadly where i live books like this are hard to get, but now i have someone going to the US, and wanna get the best bibliograhpy on what i have just asked. Im not sure if this is the right place in the forum to post, but this is my question! I appreciate any info about this. Thx
  3. Anyone knows a good app to check stocks, with variables as % profit, or net profit, or any other variables. If its piad app, plz state the price, but im manly looking for the best free app. Thx!
  4. Hi there, Would you post images of your technical analysis on the stocks your speculating in that matter? I tend to see more of an overall analysis, and the analysis of someone who holds the stock for just 15 days intruges me.
  5. Hi there Jake, im new in trading as well. For what i read, it seems you are going through quite a rush about this. Try to slow down a bit, and give your trading more time. Find a regular job, earn some moeny, date a girl, go out skating or whatever, and also do trade. Read, try to find patterns, find out whats your best set up. But mainly, give it time. It seems like you really wanna make a profesion out of this, and if you keep this energy level, im sure you will. But dont be so enthusiastic about it. Take your time, experience in life, will make everything more easy to handle, so give it time to get that too. And if you ever feel you are in a job in which you aren't learning anything, know that you are learning trade, and you are a trader, and when the time is right, the money build, and life is good, drop into it. Dont strees about life, enjoy it.
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