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  1. actually nobody is willing to lose in any of the trade but it is sometimes bad luck which causes us to loose in the money . one should be enough strong to bear loosing the trade and also to improve and make some profitable trade .
  2. i have got no idea of all this external charges but i would love to know about them
  3. no doubt that disciplini is needed everywhere . while doing the trade one should be calm and cool and also fresh minded . and discilpine helps in improving all this .
  4. if you have the experience then you can trade alone and i would prefer that you should so you can make your own decision make your own profit and who else in the world would not like that
  5. being an indian i am proud that we are going to defeat china !!!
  6. i think that money circulates between the traders thats all from one to another and there is no big deal in that !!!
  7. i think that you can use google and yahoo finance for the market updates or you can subscribe to any other !!!!
  8. I AM also new here and i am also having problem in understanding these things !!!
  9. leverage is the most important thing that you should have in trading ... it increases your probablity of being in benifits
  10. agreed totally but the future in forex depends upon the potential of a person and his abilities
  11. thanks for the details and right now i am doing the same thing .
  12. is that possible ... i am a bit new here so please help me
  13. i would wish you luck in this .... keep going
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