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  1. This is a very funny one. He sure would. And I think we have the same broker!
  2. I can only imagine. Damn! What a nightmare. And having experienced that,I don't think you are being paranoid. I think it's taking measures against any other future happenings,which is a good thing.
  3. Comfort zone,huh? I find myself stuck to routines too because they work. I feel that maybe if I change then it won't work out or will not work out as good as it is right now. But then on second thoughts,I think maybe I am leaving something that could work even better out there. I think the best way to start changing is doing it gradually and not suddenly. That way we won't notice that we are changing until we look back and notice. If it is a good change,then we are happy we started it. If not,we could retrace our steps or try another direction altogether.
  4. It is just natural. We human beings feel the need to procreate,see our own offsprings and feel proud of ourselves. As much as he knows he could rob them that,he wanted to have them. Besides,we all live through risks daily....someone can die anytime and we all don't know when it is our time.
  5. Every time I lost badly,it was because I violated at least one of my rules. -David J.Merkel.
  6. Good things come in time. If we are impatient as traders then we are bound to rush into bad trades and make bad decisions. Patience goes hand in hand with consistency. If we have these two,we can face most of challenges that come with trade.
  7. Is this explanation complete? It left me hanging
  8. I feel that before we begin the training journey,we should consider our interest in it,mostly. It shouldn't be just for the money. The moment we really love it,then our attitude will be positive. Our efforts will be great and we will have the heart to face any challenges that come with it. The moment we love it,everything else will fall into place.
  9. An options trading strategy that is generally achieved by purchasing one call option and selling two other call options at different strike prices. When drawn structurally, the strike price of the long option is located below the two successively higher written calls and loosely resembles a Christmas tree.
  10. An economic indicator that measures manufacturing conditions and performance month over month by tracking the percentage of purchasing managers that report better or worse business conditions from the previous month.
  11. I hope you have started off with a demo account and not straight to a live one. Demo account helps you learn a lot.
  12. nhn

    Beginner's Question

    Short and precise answer. Helped me too. Thanks.
  13. “Leverage” in general terms simply means borrowed funds.
  14. I think it depends on the country one is in and the world economy in general. One should consider this mostly when deciding the best time to trade.
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