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  1. A little bit yes Can you post few step-by-step graphs?
  2. Well, as my old folks are saying on my reminder that there is google: "Why do we need google, if we have you?"
  3. Apparently he had weak security of his wallet?
  4. And what does "nfp" mean then? I really want to crack this code
  5. Maybe it is curiosity?
  6. Who is the fat lady?
  7. IT! :crap: [grammar nazi!]
  8. Honestly, I'm starting to give up on anything after NSA scandal, Euro-crisis, James Gandolfini death..
  9. Classic piece Of course very old, but entertaining to read.
  10. One thing is for sure: countries with banned guns have lower homicide rates, because some angry Joe cannot shot everyone up after he came back home from a bad day, drunk bottle of liquor and decided "hell with it".
  11. Thanks for interesting documentary. :helloooo:
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