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  1. Hey everyone - I have been writing here for some time now - and I have noticed that noone ever asks me anything or suggests anything when I ask them. I honestly need help - my broker company has the policy of not saying what to trade on - I respect that - of course they should not - that would be blasphemy to their profession - but you can tell me - leaving it to me to make the decision whether I want or not to follow the advise - but people do please help. The markets open in a couple of hours and I have no idea what to do - I have profitted but I have lost too. Whatever I do - I seem to have a 50/50 chance as what to do. Can someone please explain. Thank you very much all in advance.
  2. Any suggestions people as on what to trade on today?? Where do you see the Euro going?
  3. http://www.tradingforex.com/page.php?page_id=104 Dont know - so it - liked the idea - looks legit and so I applied - if anyone knows more demo contests out there - do let me know - I love demo contests - gets you into the rush and no losing - and I get to get the practice needed to be confident in trading on my own on a live account!!!
  4. How everyone - I wanted to add a little something with you guys - I have found that trying out a company - the best way to do so is through their demo account - your money is not invested - and at the same time you can see what type of support system they provide - what their spreads looks like - but do keep in mind that all demo accounts are a mixture of VIP and CLassic Accounts and they tend to be slightly late in accordance to the market view NOW!!! I have tried many demo accounts but so far - tradingforex is my favorite - try it out!!! I have ended opening a live account with them. :missy:
  5. That was nicely written!!! Thank you for the cute reading... Thank you
  6. Hi Angela!!!! Im Maya!!! Well where to begin - there are an endless number of forex companies out there. The question is though - what type of trader are you - when and how are you pplanning to trade? Will you be a scalper, a swinger, day trader ... etc - many options too. Will you focus on the market news or the indicators .... Im sorry - I seem to have truly confused you now I see. How about this - tell me a little bit more about you and your ideas - and maybe we can help one another. Thank you in advance and hope to be hearning from you soon :)O
  7. Hi everyone I am new here - oh my name is Maya. Just happened to stumble accross it. Seems to be very nice. Now for my experience - I am most definately still a beginner. Still in the learning process. Progressing fast - now the question remains - am I ready to start trading on a Live Account? And with whom? Any suggestions as in where to start? Thank you all in advance very much;)
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