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  1. Latest FED's announcement indicated that the next rate hike in the US has been put on hold, yet improved inflation data is exactly what officers need to bring it back. Still an early call, the market may turn back towards the greenback during the upcoming weeks, should local data continues to improve. Next week, the focus will be in the release of the latest Durable goods data, and housing.
  2. A good site for the two of you should be babypips.com - Learn Forex Trading With BabyPips.com. I learned most of my forex trading strategies and other stuff over there. I hope it will be of use to your'll as well. Here are two great posts on switching to full-time forex trading: http://www.babypips.com/blogs/pipsychology/forex-full-time-20141024.html http://www.babypips.com/blogs/pipsychology/so-you-think-youre-ready-to-be-a-full-time-forex-trader-huh.html
  3. Vinayak

    Google Inc.

    CEO Larry Page is taking a step back to focus on the "bigger picture”. Former Android and Chrome head Sundar Pichai will now lead all of Google's core products. Google sent an internal memo to employees this afternoon to explain the changes. Pichai will now head up research, search, maps, Google+, commerce and ads, and infrastructure, in addition to Android, Chrome, and Google Apps. The six executives leading each of those product areas will now report directly to Pichai instead of Page. YouTube, run by Susan Wojcicki, will not be under Pichai's domain. Read more: Google Exec Reorganization - Business Insider
  4. I think the WhatsApp purchase was a terrible idea. WhatsApp is mostly used in India and seeing as India's per capita income is low the people will start preferring Viber - the free option. Already I see a lot of Viber advertisements on Indian TV. So this begs the question, how is WhatsApp going to make all that money back.
  5. Facebook has become the advertising outlet of choice for many of the world’s businesses and companies. Whenever there is a new product to test, a service to announce or event to promote, many organisations turn to Facebook to post news of the development. To enable this, Facebook allows users to create pages devoted to specific topics. Visitors can then “like” the page and then receive updates about the topic as well as connect with others with similar interest. The number of likes is therefore an important measure of the popularity of the page and there is considerable prestige in having many likes. However there is another way to promote Facebook pages. In recent years, a secret industry has emerged that sells likes to anyone willing to pay. These paid services inflate the interest in a Facebook page using “like farms” that generate likes on demand. Little is known about these services or how they generate likes. In particular, nobody is quite sure whether the likes come from automated bots or from paid human workers. Read More: The Hidden World of Facebook "Like Farms" | MIT Technology Review
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    Oil Stocks

    Egypt's former petroleum minister Osama Kamal said global crude oil prices are set to fall drastically, predicting afurther erosion of as much as a third in the coming days. "I expect crude oil prices to touch $60 per barrel. This will impact several economies," said Kamal, who was in Mumbai to address the top Aditya Birla Group executives. Read more at: http://articles.economictimes.indiatimes.com/2014-10-20/news/55236607_1_osama-kamal-egypt-control-food-prices
  7. Gold demand increases in India and China Low prices of gold have boosted demand for the yellow metal during the annual Diwali festival in India. This is the country’s biggest gold-buying occasion of the year. Swiss trade data released this week showed that the country exported around 95 tons of gold to mainland China, Hong Kong and India in September. Exports to China rose to 12 tons after averaging around three tons over the previous four months. The U.S. Federal Reserve may not raise interest rates as soon as had been expected and this has caused the dollar to dip, bringing back some of the demand for gold.
  8. Vinayak

    Oil Stocks

    Global Oil Supply is High, Sending Oil Prices Tumbling Oil prices posted their biggest one-day drop in nearly two years Tuesday as a U.S.-led wave of crude has crashed into weak global demand, threatening the stability of some countries and providing an economic lifeline to others. Global Oil Glut Sends Prices Plunging - WSJ Brent crude at $80 would have effect of huge global QE programme Oil companies like Exxon and BP are going to generate less in terms of revenues as global oil prices have been falling. It will be interesting to see how the oil stock prices trend in the coming weeks and months.
  9. Facebook: Latest Trends New study reveals how Facebook users check out profiles According to two researchers at the Ohio State University, a person's mood influences who they stalk on Facebook at any given time. This study has shed insights on user behavior on the popular social network. Study Explains Why You Stalk Your Most Pitiful Friends On Facebook Teens are officially over Facebook This has been a trend for quite some time now with many of the younger generation giving up Facebook for 'cooler' networking platforms. But Facebook has a bigger audience to target as it only has 1.3 billion users as of now. Remember the world population stands at over 6 billion people. Instagram appears to be the new Facebook and the good thing is Facebook has already bought the service. The $1 billion price tag may very well be worth it. Teens are officially over Facebook - Business - NZ Herald News Behind Facebook's money making machine Facebook makes a lot of money through advertising which is quite inexpensive and reaches a large target audience. Now, Facebook makes more than $1 billion a quarter in ad revenue. Annual revenue by year increased from $5.09 billion in 2012 to $7.8 billion in 2013. According to Gizmodo data from earlier this year,FB rakes in roughly $15,152 of revenue every 60 seconds, with $2,887 of that coming in as profit. The amazing thing is, that's nothing compared with what's about to come. How Does Facebook Make Money?
  10. US Consumer Spending Unexpectedly Falls 0.2% in April as Incomes Remained Unchanged
  11. Vinayak

    Oil Stocks

    OPEC Agrees to Maintain Quota at 30M Barrels a Day OPEC has done as market analysts predicted even though there were strong hints that the oil cartel will attempt to curb supplies as oil prices have been dropping steadily. For instance, Brent crude has fallen 8.7 percent in 2013 alone and it is now to trading at about $101 a barrel. Nonetheless, the U.S. oil boom has created competition for market share in the Asian region. Additionally, there seems to be a rivalry developing between OPEC's top two producers Saudi Arabia and Iraq.
  12. India GDP for Q1 Rises 4.8%, in Line With Estimates I guess this is for those interest in investing and trading in emerging markets . Euro Area Jobless Rate Rises to Record 2.2% as Consumer Prices Climb 1.4% More bad news for a stabilizing EU
  13. Mayer's Yahoo: Outcome of acquisitions will be the key Yahoo! Inc. (YHOO) has been using the Google playbook; free meals and iPhones for employees. The Sunnyvale, CA based search giant has also started buying small tech start-ups to gain a wider audience. It all started with the purchase of the social media site Snip.It and now it is the headline-grabbing acquisition of blogging site Tumblr for $1.1B. This is a big step in boosting Yahoo's mobile ad business as a lot of Tumblr users are teens and young adults that log into the site via its well-liked mobile app. Yahoo has also been in talks to buy Hulu. This would be a good purchase as it is a popular video-streaming service that would give Yahoo additional advertising revenue. Hulu has a strong user base and the subscription revenue will also factor into any potential offer. It is true that Yahoo has a bad record with its past acquisitions with GeoCities being a famous example. But that is going to change under Mayer who has been instrumental in leaving the underlying structure of a purchased company mostly unaltered. With all that Yahoo has got going on, the stock makes sense for a value play. I want to see how much I should pay for Yahoo shares and I will use the present value of free cash flows (FCFF). The Present Value of FCFF reveals an intrinsic value of $25.02 a share and Yahoo shares are currently hovering slightly above this value.
  14. PepsiCo: Substantial and Growing Dividends This seems like a good time to buy more PepsiCo Inc. (PEP) stock at $82.58 a share. The EV/EBITDA offers further verification for investors. The EV/EBITDA is the enterprise multiple and it takes into account a company's debt and cash levels in addition to its stock price and relates that value to the firm's cash profitability. The enterprise multiple is seen as the most encompassing and generally considered the most useful in analyzing the current valuation of a stock. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization [EBITDA] is often more desirable than P/E because it is considered less docile than earnings and P/B because it is a better measure of cash profitability than book value. However, it is not without its flaws. Taking out interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization can make even completely unprofitable companies appear to be financially healthy. A look back at the dotcoms offers numerous examples of firms that actually had no future, no hope and certainly no earnings, but became the darlings of the investment world. It is always best to look at several different multiples. Still, the EV/EBITDA gives a good picture about the value of a stock like PEP. After considering the relatively low EV/EBITDA value of 12.58, options traders might look to buy calls on PEP with near to mid-term expirations. This may also be a good time for value investors to dollar cost average on PEP stock.
  15. US Initial Jobless Claims Rose 10,000 Last Week to 354,000 US Economy Grew by 2.4% in Q1
  16. S&P 500: 1620 is a near term support level US market data will get a big lift off next week after the slow week we have experienced so far. The employment bundle consisting of unemployment, ADP Employment, NFP and weekly jobless claims is what a lot of traders will be looking forward to. The forecast is that the recent rallies will be reflected in the values. Any misses will then see the markets decline even further. The technical charts reveal that 1630 is a near-term support level. The long-term support level is 1600. Option traders can go for puts on the S&P 500 with end of the week expirations.
  17. NASDAQ Pays $10M to Settle Facebook IPO Failure Charges by SEC Brazil Raises Key Rate 50 Basis Points to 8% as Forecast by 19 of 57 Economists Berkshire's Midamerican to Buy NV Energy for About $5.6B Alcoa's Credit Rating Cut to Junk by Moody's; Outlook Stable Dish Increases Clearwire Bid To $4.40 a Share, Topping Sprint
  18. More Details: Gold Bearish Gold/silver price forecasts for 2013 have been lowered by market analysts. The reasons are weak fundamentals and less demand from investors. The business cycle has been good for bulls and this has put downward pressure on gold/silver prices. There has been a lot of growth in the global economy along with rising nominal yields. There hasn't been much inflation and so investors aren't that impressive with the hedging effects of buying gold/silver. I could see silver prices going below $20 per ounce in the coming months and gold should fall below $1350 in the next couple of weeks.
  19. Vinayak

    Oil Stocks

    Oil Bearish Long-term; Volatile Short-term to mid-term horizon There will be a lot of volatility with the oil prices (WTI and Brent Crude Oil) with all the trouble we've been having in the Middle East with the Assad regime, etc. Check this out:Russia stokes fears of an arms race with threat to deliver anti-aircraft missiles to Syria's Assad regime - Middle East - World - The Independent Also, crude oil prices had fallen a bit during the Asian trading session with reports about the declining health of the Saudi Arabian King Abdullah. There are now the rumors that he is 'clinically dead'. Saudi Arabia is the largest producer of crude oil in the OPEC. There will be a meeting on Friday in Vienna in which production quotas will be discussed. Crude oil prices went up yesterday and investors started profit taking placing downward pressure on the price of the commodity. Interestingly, US inventories has fallen according to latest reports. But this was expected. Oil Prices Down Over the Long-term The weak manufacturing data from China will hurt oil prices in 2013 as demand will now be much lower.
  20. How will the market perform on Wednesday? Important updates from Tuesday. US Consumer Confidence Rose to 76.2, it's highest level Since February 2008 US March S&P/Case-Shiller Index Shows Home Prices Rose 10.9% From Year Ago, the biggest 12-month gain since 2006. Bank of Israel Lowers Rate Again After Surprise Mid-May Cut The S&P and the DJIA soared as a result of this positive macro data as trading got underway in the NYSE. I expect the bullish sentiment to persist despite the elevated levels. Here are some stocks to watch today SoftBank Corp. (TYO:9984) $20.1 billion takeover of Sprint Nextel Corp. (S) is close to passing a national-security review by U.S. officials Dish Network Corp. (DISH), has made a $25.5 billion counteroffer for Sprint and has stated that allowing the Japanese telecommunications and Internet giant SoftBank control over a US phone network would have national security issues. Softbank has been soaring the last two weeks and it has risen as much as 4 percent, to 5,420 yen in Tokyo. This was as Japan’s benchmark Nikkei 225 declined 0.2 percent despite the Abenomics. Sprint was at $7.27, a 0.80% decline and Dish soared 2.1 percent in New York. Valeant Pharmaceuticals to Buy Bausch & Lomb for $8.7B in Cash
  21. AT&T: Value investors should look to dollar cost average right about now AT&T Inc. (T) is one of the most honored companies in the world. Recently, PCWorld/TechHive ranked the company's 4G LTE network as the fastest for a second consecutive year. AT&T has always been a solid name to consider for dividends with relatively low risk. Dividend stocks have always outperformed non-dividend stocks over the long term. This is the case whether it is a bull or bear market. The encouraging sign for AT&T is that it appears to be a better investment as a dividend stock than even IBM (IBM) and we all know how much I love IBM. There is a lot more to love about AT&T. AT&T's P/E ratio may be on the high side at 28.78, but it appears to be healthy considering that its closest competitors have astronomically high or no P/E values reported. Verizon Communications Inc. (VZ) has a P/E of 129.50 and Sprint Nextel Corporation (S) has an unreported P/E. Additionally, AT&T leads the way even with its EPS and it has the largest market cap of the three telecommunications firms with a value of $199.5B.
  22. Vinayak

    Oil Stocks

    Supply outstripping demand for oil! There is a lot of supply. Additionally, there doesn't seem to be much of a demand from China and inventories are high in the U.S. I think oil could fall further. Market analysts have stated that there is more than enough gasoline to meet seasonal demand.
  23. Draghi in London for "The Future of Europe in the Global Economy" Event ECB President Mario Draghi's speech on Thursday called for a more European UK and at the same time echoed the sentiment that the Euro zone economy will continue to expand albeit with some carefully selected measures. Still, there are EU members like Germany that will show some explosive growth and lead the region's recovery in the coming months. The US Durable Goods Orders figure rose 1.3% in April, beating forecasts for a 0.5% gain after sliding 1.7% in March and this turned out to be bad for the EUR/USD that dipped once again. Going forward forex traders should closely watch the broader market sentiment when trading the EUR/USD currency pair. The capital markets were rather threatening this past week and this could bring back the bears in full force. Then there could very well be a Euro zone recession this will see the EUR/USD slide further.
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