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  1. It is difficult to say. Only those who had learn, practice and able to earn from Forex that can enjoy forex.
  2. Don't worry by doing two things in your life. Coz I also still holding my job as a trader. In this way you can manage your finance very well. Also when you are lost in trading you still have something to hold upon.
  3. Trusted broker is the broker that not offering funny bonuses. They have a good review from the traders or non-traders. The traders that can give good review and answering to non-trader of that broker. That shows how good the broker is.
  4. Try to divide your time between job and trading. It is difficult at first, but as the time goes by, you will use to it. I have the same problem as you before, but I can manage my time well along with my trading time.
  5. The best way to enjoy Forex is, by not treating it as a game or gambling. But as a job that you are going take. in that way you might be able to enjoy.
  6. Some of broker might be sound too good to be true. If you want to get a good broker, find information from broker reviewer. Check how those broker is being accused and how it is being answered by the admin or by the traders.
  7. Welcome, may success follow thee.
  8. Honest broker is not offering any funny business. Like earn from your losing. Or giving a higher bonuses than you can expected. All those bull shit broker should be avoided.
  9. Yap, it is definitely benefit for the traders. But we must be careful with those offers. Sometimes bad broker might suck up your credit for this contest. So, make sure the offer and the TOS before entering into a contest.
  10. I do trade where there is a free time. Either to use my mobile or I use MT4. As long as my work is not being disturbed.
  11. I trade Eur - US$ but not trading in night time of course. I trade from afternoon till evening time.
  12. I can't give specific market for you. Some people like to trade HK$ - USD some are others. That is depend on yourself. You need to read news about it before you start trading. This can help you to choose the market. For me I am taking Euro - USD and GBP - USD.
  13. My biggest mistakes is sometimes I have no time in waiting the chart, and I lost some reading. Therefore it is difficult to get profit once I'm lost in reading.
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