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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eibacdEM6w0]Listen To Your Heart - YouTube[/ame]
  2. In a day when I dare to call myself 'a perfect trader' I'll go out and shoot myself since there would be no point in further evolvement anymore But the criteria of a succesfull trader for me is the ability to make 3-5% per month without too much drawdowns.
  3. BTW Forex Club recently held demo contests and a friend of my friend managed to win an iPad while my luck was not there. And I believe that a contest is a thing that can be easily ignored by a trader so there would be no any complaints about it.
  4. What i like in this accounts is that they are not PAMMs. They are easier, have more user-friendly interface and usability, and the most important thing is that you can add/remove an investor with 1 click. Perfect, I think.
  5. Ive read tons of information about pamms and investing in forex and came to the conclusion that it worth trying. Landser so how's your search of feedback? And answer my PM pls
  6. Well, could you pls explain? What I see is CBs, printing money and giving it to commercial banks. And commercial banks don't flow them into the real economy, preferring to sit on piles of cash. So how can inflation go up without money money supply growth?
  7. Not so bad eh? US economy continue to improve, however Fiscal Cliff could undermine this process.
  8. Emotions -> Thinking I 'know the market' Continue to try coping with that.
  9. I'm sure there're any. But why do you ask?
  10. Exactly my current view of volatility. Unfortunately, I haven't achieved the level of trading skills that would enable me to trade any kind of swings, but I'm stubborn and keep getting into.
  11. I didn't find any special bonuses or other incentives to open an account with them. Do they practice such things?
  12. Yeah, such stories are usually posted by either robot sellers of broker representatives. In the real world it wouldn't happen... Well, actually it could, but the probability of such event would be like 0.00001% or so. My expectations are not overstated since I'm the realistic person in my general views.
  13. The headline intrigues. Proceeding...
  14. First - 3 pips on EURUSD isn't 'just'. It's a HUGE spread. Second - FC doesn't have such a spread at all I'm also looking information about this broker and I see that it has 2 pip spread on MT4 and 0.6 pip on ActTrader.
  15. ... is laziness. Sometimes it's so hard to get up and make myself a cup of coffee that I feel like dying of thirst :crap:
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