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  1. I use Forex Club because they have the best interpretation of PAMM services I've ever seen.
  2. Well, last couple of month was didn't bring anything worth writing about. The profit amounted 6% and 2.5% correspondingly and I'm starting to think that this result is not as bad as I thought previously (especially looking at how other investors get their zeros and minuses).
  3. Well, I actually don't understand why we should do anything in our life that we don't enjoy. I personally enjoy the very idea of trading, enjoy spending less time working than my friends, enjoy to learn something new etc.
  4. This is how I choose a broker. The first and the foremost for me - a broker should be regulated. Then goes the minimum deposit and the leverage. Then withdrawal process - it should be fast and without any fuss. Then the customer service - I'd like to have an 24/7 opportunity to communicate with someone who can help me in solving technical problems. And the last is the presence of various bonuses and programs.
  5. I'm trying to trade for about 1.5 years, still studying hard.
  6. That makes me happy too. I know how this feature reallised in other brokers (saw on YouTube and on my friends' screens) and I still believe FC doesn't have any competitors here. BTW my manager made about 15% this month
  7. Thanks for your advice and experience! I've come up with the similar decision - the break is surely needed. Really hope that my idea of giving my dimes to a money manager can help me to earn some spare time (hopefully, profits too ).
  8. It actually does. Sometimes it doesn't let me to fall asleep at all since I'm thinking of how I could avoid that losses or it might be the very time to switch the strategy etc. Really want to get rid of that bad habit - it bothers me more than smoking! :crap:
  9. The thing is that a person attending such courses should not consider the information as the Ultimate Truth. Instead it worth thinking of every word that comes from the mouth of a coach. And of course noone's going to tell this person how to make billions from $1000 in a month.
  10. The month was not as good as I was hoping: the yield was about 0.3% since the manager a little bit overcelebrated the holidays. Thanks god I managed to pick a new manager before it was too late for my dimes. But in general, the service looks more and more comfortable to use.
  11. Gonna make my wife to bring a small copy of me into this world
  12. I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2012 - it's a complex software that consists of a firewall, AV and anti-malware. For the whole perioud of using (about a year) didn't have any problems with any kind of malware.
  13. Merry Xmas and happy New Year to everyone! May all of us enjoy huge profits and low taxes.
  14. So I became an investor in Forex Club. For the month yield was about 5% - not so much but I believe it's going to grow in a course of time. Merry Christmas and happy New Year everyone!
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