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  1. This is absolutely incredible, that after all these years this thread is still alive, the last time I posted here was back in 2011, best wishes to all the newcomers that are learning about the Taylor method for the first time
  2. do you have the video from the Chicago seminar that Robert conducted, I was able to get the audio tapes and manual but I would like to know what additional info you have and any new advancements you have made,let me know how to get in contact with you, were you a personal friend of Joe

  3. just saw your message for the first time i would be interested to hear from, do you have the video from the Chicago seminar that Robert conducted, I was able to get the audio tapes and manual but I would like to know what additional info you have and any new advancements you have made,let me know how to get in contact with you, were you a personal friend of Joe

  4. Hi

    I can help you with the Joe work, he left it all to me and i have been working on software to make it easier, i can provide a manual if your interested and training with some new advancements.


    thanks , message me with an email address ill send you a reply.





  5. Symmetrics, Just saw your post, can you tell me where I can purchase Rondinone courses, I believe he created several of them, thanks
  6. Hello Apig, I am interested in purchasing Rondinone course material, can you tell me where I can purchase them from, I am not able to find any links to a website that offers his trading methods thanks
  7. ZDO In all honesty I must admit that the journey I took to learn the Taylor Method was an informative and a special journey, I not only made special friends along the way, including Mitsubishi and a few others, but I walked away with a feeling of accomplishment because I was able to master a very complicated method plus learn the secrets of being a discipline trader, even though I did not actually make money form what I learned about the Taylor Method, I believe that the real message that Taylor wanted to pass on to future traders was that it matters not what method you use to trade, the key essential ingredient to becoming a successful trader is to first master the art of being a disciplined trader. With that knowledge, one will be able to view the markets in a different perspective and ultimately you will become a better and more successful trader. I may never open the Taylor book again, I have since placed it back on the shelf where it was for about 10 years before i even read it. So with that said I would like to take this opportunity to thank and pay tribute to the person that introduced me to the Taylor method, this strange book was given to me by someone whom I have never met or spoken to, his name is Robert T Rogers, on 10/10/2002 after exchanging a few email with Robert he mailed me the Taylor method, it was an original version of the book,he states in a letter to me "I am enclosing the original of taylor's Trading Technique" it came in a green or blue binder with faded pages. The only reason I even decided to read this book was after I discovered this thread back in 2011 on this forum, Traders Laboratory, so it took me some 10 years to open the Taylor book which was sitting on my book shelf since 2002. It was an amazing and eye opening learning experience with a very deep learning curve that would discourage most traders from going pass the first page, but I did not give up because I believed that there was a message to be learned from studying and comprehending the material. What Taylor teaches and reveals to you is that there is a natural cycle or rhythm within the markets and that this natural cycle is present today as much as it was present during his time back in 1950. This ever present cycle, is not random and it will continue indefinitely into the distant future, governed by the same laws and principles that control nature. The basis of this cycle is similar to that of the Sine Wave, the market is a rhythmic pulse, or pattern that appears in every market. This is what Taylor teach in his 3 day cycle, Selling Day, Sell Short Day and Buying Day. Within those 3 days traders go through a Sine Wave period which begins with Optimism as they start buying at the bottom, this leads to a Euphoric stage at the top, which turns into Anxiety not knowing if the market will go higher or lower then Fear develops as the market starts to decline which leads to Desperation as the market crashes, then finally the feeling changes to Hope as the market settles and start to rise and finally the cycle ends back where it started as Optimism sets in as the market starts to rise again. One last note I never made contact again with Robert T Rogers, I wanted to thank him for sharing this wonderful book with me, all of his contact information have since become obsolete and a letter I mailed him I never received a reply.
  8. Tony Crabel book is a must read, "Day Trading with short term price patterns and opening range breakout" Linda Bradford Raschke also wrote a excellent book, "Street Smarts: High Probability Short-Term Trading Strategies ", read these 2 books and they will improve your trading
  9. hi mitsubishi, Actually I never stop trading, I just stop using the Taylor method after my very disappointing experience, so I had nothing else to share. with the group since I was no longer using it. I am a day trader, I trade primarily the Emini SP , the Taylor method just does not fit my style of trading. Its probably useful for someone that position trades but I am flat all my position before closing. bobcollett I will check out page 595 as you suggested, thanks
  10. hi mitsubishi, Good hearing from you and I hope all is well with you and your family. Well believe it or not but I am just using some basic moving average indicators along with chart pattern recognition. Al Brooks has written several excellent books on price action, just do a google search, simple having a sound knowledge of chart pattern is all you need to make money trading the markets and I found this approach to be reliable when used in conjunction with a simple moving average indicators. Taylor's idea is sound but perhaps todays market is a lot different from the market that Taylor traded back in the 1950's. richbois Has done extensive work with the Taylor method and he is also a vendor, I have a lot of respect for the work he has done and have read and learned a lot from what he discussed in his thread on this site and on My PIvots, perhaps he can share with us his experience, but I would really love to hear from anyone who is using this method to trade real money that has had success, its quite different from paper trading where there is no pressure to make a decision
  11. Very difficult method, works on paper trading but in real time it did not work for me, I tested it for several weeks on paper and the results were great but when I applied the method with real money, I immediately lost about $1000 in just a few days. I would honestly not recommend this method unless you have taken the time to thoroughly test it on paper and have enough confidence that it will work for you in real time trading. Or perhaps you could just use it as a timing method, to determine the direction of the market, that is to find out what day is a Sell day or a Buy day, then use some type of simple crossover moving average system, like Bolinger bands to refine your entry price. But simple relying on the Taylor method 100% could prove to be a disaster. I honestly studied and tested this method over several months, I kept and maintained a book and logged all the trades on a daily basis, but strangely enough once I decided to use it real time it failed miserable. Maybe other have had better luck with it than I have. But I have since put the book back on the shelf and have no plans to open it again in the near future.
  12. Thanks for sharing the chart and your comments, looks like a great indicator
  13. I started trading the Taylor method with real money about 2 weeks now, and in all honesty I must admit that I am no where profitable as I was during my practice period when everything worked , that my confidence level was so high, I could not wait to start trading. So my first few real trades were a complete disaster, the market did everything the opposite of what my ES book forecasted. On 9/13 I was short and that was the day the market broke loose and the DOW went up over 100 points. So I had to stop trading and re think what I was doing, it seems to me that the market is not the same market that Taylor traded back in the 1950, the 3 day cycle is far from accurate and lately it has not been working. I just wanted to share my honest opinion.
  14. I just read your post #18 again, you did a nice job of explaining the 3 different approaches used by Taylor
  15. Well its nice to see that this thread has gained some new energy, I do use several other technical indicators to time my entry and exit prices but I use TTT for determining my primary trade direction, that is whether I am going to Buy or Sell. And as WHY suggested, tape reading is quite important, I have taken several trades that were totally opposite to my primary strategy depending on how the market opens, and its in those cases when the market seem to readjust itself, for example on a Buy Day if the market open up strong and close to the exit target, then I will use that opportunity to Short the market. There is something peculiar that I dont recall if Taylor address, what happens in cases of major Bull or Bear markets, for example in the ES we are experiencing a major Bull market so on days when we should be going Short, I have observed that those trades either tend not to be too profitable or they become losing trades because the upward momentum is so strong. So I have been wondering if it would not be more prudent of a decision to take trades only in the direction of the major trend and pass on those days when the trade is in the opposite direction. This was something that WD Gann did successfully, he would first identify the major trend, then he would start a trading campaign placing a series of trades in that direction until the campaign had exhausted itself
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