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  1. cool. By the way, could you change the post icons to what they used to be; the "thumbs down" today, used to be a "rotating gear". A lot of thumbs down show up now, where rotating gears were used. example: http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/24/the-chimp-s-forex-trades-2698-8.html#post22930 Take care. Unicorn.
  2. Hello Walter; welcome back; ;) it's good to see you around TradersLab.
  3. Hi guys; what is the VSA analysis for the last 60 minutes of trading on Friday 22-2-2008? cheers; Unicorn.
  4. Hi subq; I think there is a missing word in your sentence, and I cannot understand the information you want to convey. Please add the missing word. Thanks.
  5. No need for videos Jerry. They are indeed time consuming. Plain charts (figures), such as end of day snapshots, and a couple of lines with your comments will do. Take care. Unicorn.
  6. Thank you Jerry; I would appreciate a few examples i.e. charts with your comments, at your convenience, as the market may provide them in the following days. I think that I have understood the theory, but applying it real time is still a challenging task. Take care. Unicorn.
  7. Sledge THANK YOU for your effort in re-posting these. :thumbs up::thumbs up::thumbs up:
  8. That is the reason that after informing people of the existence of the continuation thread, moderators lock the primary (first) thread before it becomes huge. SIMPLE AND EASY. It is also helpful when the initiator or the main participants of a widely followed thread, are encouraged by moderators to keep a secondary thread with the Key methodology and a list of pointers to the most beneficial posts of the main thread. SIMPLE AND EASY when moderators actively moderate. So Mr Paul, I for one, am requesting that this thread be closed, and that the moderators (or one of the main contributors) create the continuation thread after posting the appropriate notice. I certainly hope that the main contributors to this thread see the reason that I am asking this action and are not in any way offended. cheers. Unicorn.
  9. Hi Tingull (starter of the thread), or whoever moderates this thread; Is it not time to make VSA thread number 2 (the son of VSA - or whatever) ? Why are you guys letting threads become huge monsters ?
  10. Thank you Jerry; I do have another question, posted due to its relevance in section X, position trading. Take care. Unicorn.
  11. Hi Jerry; When watching yesterday's and today's probability function and statistics, and both lead to the same trade assessment, the decision is easy. How do you deal with situations when one trade assessment contradicts the other? Do you go with today's assessment or yesterday's ? I guess yesterday's statistics over-ride during the morning and noon. How do you decide in the afternoon? What is your thought process? cheers. Unicorn.
  12. Hello TinGull and moderators; How is it possible to delete charts from past posts, when the edit button disappears after 1 hour? :frustrated::frustrated::frustrated: The only similar deletion was by a moderator to one of walterw threads, when all attachments were deleted. :crap: The remedy was to restore the thread from the backup; Soultrader decided against that action because the newer posts (since the backup) would disappear. :pc guru: Well, this time IF you guys move FAST ENOUGH, it will not matter if you lose the grand total of 10 posts that were posted all day today. PLEASE GO AHEAD AND RESTORE THE THREADS. Unicorn. It appears that nobody cared to answer my previous post on this matter, this morning. http://www.traderslaboratory.com/forums/6/mentally-using-mp-946-4.html#post29809 I wonder why. Nobody cares or moderators don't moderate? :confused:
  13. Hi PivotProfiler; what is it that pissed you off and led you to delete the charts from the VSA thread? and the "mentally using MP" thread ? :thumbs down::thumbs down::thumbs down:
  14. Yes Sinatra; I would appreciate a thread on this methodology. Please go ahead. cheers. Unicorn.
  15. Where's the beef? Is there a reason that pivotprofiler has deleted his attached charts? Same in the VSA thread... Nice going... I hate to see traderslab catching the disease of other forums.
  16. Hello Jerry; when skew exists and price breaks through the sd1 curve against the skew, we enter a trade against the skew. ( price < sd1 < pvp < vwap OR price > sd1 > pvp > vwap ) I have the following questions: what is the appropriate course of action when the pvp is between the sd1 curve (first standard deviation) and the sd2 (second standard deviation) curve and price breaks through the sd2 curve? i.e. when price < sd2 < pvp < sd1 < vwap OR price > sd2 > pvp > sd1 > vwap a) we enter a trade against the skew b) do nothing and why? Additionally, what is the appropriate course of action when the pvp is between the sd1 curve (first standard deviation) and the sd2 (second standard deviation) curve and price returns to the sd1 curve a) we enter a trade against the skew b) do nothing and why? Thank you. Unicorn.
  17. Thank you Jerry. I do have another question, that due to its relevance is posted at the Position Trading thread - section X. cheers. Unicorn
  18. Hello Jerry; On certain days it appears that using the previous day's volume distribution data, is better suited to the price action, to decide on a trade even in the afternoon. Have you developed a process to identify when this course of action is appropriate OR do you have a means to recognize this fact early in the day, and thus not switch to using today's volume distribution data? Thank you. Unicorn.
  19. Thanks Jerry; How important is that the daily volume be greater than 100,000 contracts, as mentioned earlier? EurUsd usually exceeds that; but GBPUsd hovers around 40%~50% of this requirement.
  20. Hi Jerry; I am going through your threads for the second time to absorb the nuances of your method. I have not found the topic that refers to "Old POC's or PVP's do get touched. " I suppose that the HUP in section XI, is the proper location, but I find that the information presented there is limited. I would appreciate your advise with respect to this topic. Thank you. Unicorn.
  21. Jerry, what do you think of currency futures GBPUSD EURUSD; how suitable/appropriate is the market statistics method for trading them? regards, Unicorn.
  22. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.
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