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  1. Looks like he is at it again. I am sure jbarnby is breaking the forum rules by not registering as a vendor.
  2. You are a scam. You keep coming back to justify your actions. Any successful trader that is making money would not give a crap. Why dont you just be honest and say you dont make money trading you make it teaching other peoples methods. As far as students watching you trade and others making $10k over the summer is a great sales pitch. Be aware! He is a scam.
  3. No need to get defensive. This is a public forum and that is my opinion. Spyder left for family reasons. I have no doubt there will be a copy available for download. Good luck to you.
  4. Jack or Todd never charged. I was under the impression Todd did this as a pay-it forward from Jack. John sees it as pay me. Where is the track record? I asked about live trading to see him in action. It is very easy to annotate looking through the rear view mirror. You have got to be nuts to pay for this, I will wait for a free recorded version.
  5. To add to the above, you do not annotate inside a lateral it is non-dom and it is not on our fractal.
  6. I love the man, I still find his writings mumbo jumbo, not easy to decipher.
  7. Where is Spydertrader when you need him to decipher Jacks mumbo jumbo? :helloooo:
  8. Interesting, what is your previous username in this forum before the recycle to Fractals?
  9. Keep up the good work. You may run into fractal jumping. As an example in your 2B ( your fractal) you may have a b2b2r2b, where you are assigning the 2r part of the sub fractal to your 2B fractal. HTH
  10. Is there any reason you are annotating laterals in laterals, I don't recall Spyder doing that? Since the original lateral has not ended what do the internal laterals tell you? Thanks
  11. I am confident about that. I manually drew them in and changed my colors to match his. I am sure other TN users can back up what I am saying. Spyders lateral tool does not end laterals correctly in TN.
  12. I can give you a better explanation . Those laterals have been drawn in manually. When I compare it to my TN with lateral study enabled it shows up as a lateral. Please find image attached HTH
  13. It looks great. Well done. Spyders toolset on TN kills a lateral with an IBGS and an OB that pokes outside (close does not matter). You need 3 closes outside if 1st two are part of formation. HTH
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