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  1. The best book that I have found regarding the Gartley is Beck's "Gartley Trading Method". He incorporates research that he has done on various standard and non-standard ratios and discusses things that Pesavento does not, including the importance of the pattern before the Gartley forms. Worth the read, imo.
  2. I clone my hard drive to a 2nd hard drive. Many programs can do the cloning operation without a problem. Some are even free such as Macrium Reflect but all work OK.
  3. You can find a few pages about the "young" Elliott in "Dynamic Trader" by R. Miner.
  4. I found it interesting to learn about the "young" Elliott who only knew about 3s and 5s. There were no inviolate rules or even Fibonacci stuff. Then, as you say, the need to explain every wiggle set in and with it the infamous X wave, etc. For me, I'm young at heart and travel in young Elliott's footsteps especially when they mesh with other indicators.
  5. There is no "best" swing system. You have to investigate systems and decide which one trades the way you like in terms of frequency, drawdown, equity gain, etc. Then you will have the best system for you and that is the best one and only you can determine which one that is. No easy road to the holy grail.
  6. As a discretionary trader I don't have a "main" method. Rather a number of things that are used as circumstances dictate. For example, it might be that there are no harmonic patterns for the markets that I trade. Do I stop trading or ujse other indicators? Harmonic patterns are just in t he toolbox along with everything else and do not hold any superior position. Even when a pattern is present I always look for verification by other means which is the same requirement for any indicator that I use.
  7. The website gives step by step instructions for installing with Windows 7.
  8. If running Windows 7 the compatibility mode usually permits older programs to work.
  9. DT permits you to use H-L or C as the pinning points. It does not appear that you are using either. Be sure that you choose the one that you want and that the snap to bar is active (can also use with the Hot Pivot function). Contact me if you want more detail.
  10. You have to understand what is meant by a trend. Google and you will find many websites that discuss what a trend is and how to determine if a trend is in place. Then you can trade with or against (counter trend) the trend.
  11. If I understand your comment, that is not the issue.
  12. PPS: Statisticians might be biased but their statistical calculations should be objective and reproducible by third parties or else ignore their results. In any case, all that is need is not sophisticated statistical analysis but just some simple raw statistics (e.g., X% cross for EMA, Y% for..., etc.) that can be generated by backtesting with any of several programs. Some information along these lines has been published but not enough that I'm aware of to pick a winner. Without that we are left with a bunch of subjective "claims" that perhaps some find meaningful.
  13. In the last analysis finding what works is the bottom line. However, this search can be facilitated by studies which quantify the relationships even if only for a limited number of circumstances. Absent such studies it is hard for me to see the value of a colllection of numerous opinions. Hence, my original question about the availability of statistical and quantitative results.
  14. Some say that MAs are useful and others that they are useless. Some say that VWAP or VWMA are better or worse than EMA or SMA. Are we dealing with subjective opinions or are any or these claims backed up statistically or quanitatively?
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