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  1. i agree - and Gold is one of the main commodities I trade
  2. Most of the time I place stops and limits on my trades
  3. A lot interests me in the markets these days. Gold has caught much of my attention. I also like to trade stocks with pair options, as I can trade freely in a market neutral environment. I trade stocks via pair options almost daily, while looking for the weekly opportunity in Gold returns
  4. Many brokers forbid arbitrage, and it is often listed in their terms and conditions
  5. Traders do often try to profit big from arbitrage on index futures on an individual level. The outcome usually is your profits being confiscated by the brokers, because they rule arbitrage against one of the trading rules.
  6. Around the 1.6100 level there is a lot of wiggle because the GBP/USD pair is trying to find a clear direction with the bulls and the bears battling it out. As you see from the graph, the bulls eventually got the upper hand.
  7. One of the reasons that 90% of traders lose, especially with forex, is due to not trading/concentrating on 1 or 2 assets, such as the EUR/USD at 1 time, rather than 5 or more. This approach would at least maximize your attention span on the top assets, increasing your chances of earning profit.
  8. I have experience with pair trading, but I heard some online companies now allow you to trade Pair Options. If anyone knows where I can trade Pair options please let me know? :cheers:
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