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  1. Here my forex experience Its true that FOREX is unique income opportunity that no other business can match, in as far as income potential is concern.That is why there is a lot of individual who jump on the bandwagon, hoping to benefit on this field. But on the other side of the story, there is a very high percentage of trader losing money in FOREX. In my experience, it took me sleepless nights doing research and hundred of hours reading Forex e-books. But the most important thing I found out about this market, is not about the technical aspect, winning FOREX cannot be achieved by just having a good trading rule or indicators, of course you need to learn all of this, but the one that will determine success in Forex is about how you will control your emotions, have self-discipline, patience and consistency. Its a matter of how you will control yourself while in front of your trading platform.
  2. Has anyone had any experiences with "Point and Figure" charts? I've seen some interesting videos about it, albeit from people trying to sell the system. I tried to do some research on it, but am having trouble finding "independent" information. Anyone on here know anything about P&F? Regards
  3. Hi all I am looking for a high leverage/low margin req. broker where i can trade US stocks (it should have all the stocks, not just 20-30). The best one i could find offers a 10:1 leverage which is really low compared to the 100:1 or ever greater that i'm used to when trading forex. Hope you can help, Thanks
  4. We cannot look on the faluire side while trading. you need to look on both the side. people forgo the chances of losing when they keep the track on the potential of trading to win billions and millions in short time
  5. Exactly Forex may be the most appropriate market stuffs to be played by the beginners. There may be less choice other then forex for beginners
  6. Read this article ..Its the best and easiest article that had explain support and resistance Support & Resistance Basics
  7. There are different platform in market which allow you to trade with paper currency until you build up the confidence and get equipped with the platform. Butt his decision depends entirely on the fact that What type of trader you are ?
  8. Yes 5K is not suitable amount to trade during day ..you must at least get $20K to trade in order to get proper ratios.
  9. well its better not to trade in weekend . why to miss the favorable time to trade and trade during odds ? it better to give this off.
  10. Try google and this links may be helpful for you to know more about forex
  11. Search this forum and read posts about forex...have a lot of Patience and keep trying new and new ideas
  12. Well i tried the link but its not working. could you update the new link if possible after all I am searching for the resource of this kind.
  13. well trading may be related to gambling in certain cases but its different from gambling. In gambling you won't have fixed strategies and perform swot analysis but here you do. You cannot gamble on basis of technical and systematic ground but you can trade on this ground. So there is a gap.
  14. yes psychological and emotions really effect the trading. Special we may be the victim of escalation de commitment ; entering into a false decision and continuing it even after we know it . But what about the suggestion of entering being fearless and entering the target ?It might cause more loss ....
  15. Hi all It is said that straddles and strangles are two effective trading strategies. How effective are these strategies. Can both be applicable while stock prices are galloping upward or decreasing? I am searching for details of this strategies and how can they be developed and implemented. Regards :crap::crap:
  16. Hi all I am confused with the concept of limit order and stop loss order? Last time I was reading a journal and it stated that limit order is helpful to traders who order the broker to trade behalf of them only in specific condition. Can any one discuss this in detail? Regards
  17. Arthur

    Best Time

    Hi all I am looking for the best suitable time to trade? What is the most feasible and appropriate time in a day to trade? is it while the stock exchanges are getting prepared to be closed or the time when they have just started to trade ? Regards
  18. Hi all It is said that there is more rate of return in future trading. However there are risks also but what is different risk involved in future trading? Is it good for new beginners like me to start trading with future commodities or there’s other better option for me? Help? Regards
  19. Hi all I came through the article where the author has stated that there are 3 types of account. It stated that the brokerage houses offers cash account, margin account and option account. What type of account must be posses by me in order to trade? Is there any plus and minus of different accounts? Which will be the most suitable for beginners like me? It stated that margin account has more added benefits along with some complications and lengthy procedures. Is that true? Regards
  20. Can you help with the methods and ways with which I can know how to read and understand the charts.
  21. Yes that absolutely right. can you figure me the ways to develop a trade plan along with vital component needed in the trade plan. Regards
  22. I think its quite high in case of earning of this type. and it depends from country to country, ranging from 10% to even 35% .
  23. Hi all I have been referring to the huge volumes of information in the internet. I have started to get different concepts regarding trading .However I was confused regarding some concepts as two different resources were pointing to two different directions. Finally I think I will get the right answer out here. Please help me regarding some of my confusions. What are market orders and limit orders which method of trading is more convenient? Which method can be used in order to limit risk and to achieve maximum gain? Regards :)
  24. Hi all :) For some days I am deeply involved in reading different articles in the forum. And have obtained lot of knowledge however there a long way to go through. I am planning to start trading with Forex. However I came to know that forex trading is the most risky investment in many of the articles. Is this true? What are the additional steps that we must assure before marching on to forex ? What is currency pair? As its always said that there is currency pair in Forex ? What significance does it have? Regards :haha::haha:
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