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  1. yeah CFDs are originated form the U.K but not many people here do it bcoz we have to pay TAX, instead people do something called Spread Betting.
  2. hehehehehee your a safe guy
  3. hello mate, hey thanks for the info, ye i will do some research on the forum and get some more advice, but thenka you for the help and advcie,
  4. 1PIPATATIME hello mate, thanks for the info i will def read up on babypips, and thanks you for the help, ive got those questioned noted so i will be thinking about them b4 i start seeing the $ signs, lol thanks mate, hey can you recommend me a good broker who can help on a demo account when ever i need their assistance ? cheers
  5. hi everyone, my names Bobby a.k.a FOREX SMITH, just wanna say hellp to everyone on the forum, looks good, i am a beginner to the forex world and i am looking to learn more about FOREX trading b4 i open a trading account, can you guys direct me to the best and easiest and quickest ways to learn about FOREX trading ? many thanks
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