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  1. Could someone translate into easylanguage?
  2. I am looking for thesame indicator. I read that is called battleplan also. Is there any payment easylanguage software or add on that plot cycles? Regards
  3. Do you have a collection of Pesavento Pattern? Is it possible to draw the proiectin of the pattern into right side of the charts?
  4. All these indicator doesn't well on 100 tick charts?
  5. Hi sould have you got other video to watch?
  6. WHat do you think about CQG datafeed and Genesisft datafeed? Do they have the same features of IQFeed of syncronization? How many years of well tick data suncronize folks do you collect? This is a very hard task to do well, how do you collect them? Crazynasdaq and other folks please tell us your views! Bye
  7. DO oyu have indicator that tell us when there is a lack of volume in bid or ask?
  8. Couls someone convert this trainer in price action strategy?
  9. COuld code this example by normal easylanguage and not OOO.
  10. Do anyone built a profitable strategy in easylanguage by pin bar?
  11. Triangle, head and shoulder and other patterns are great. I see autochartist software and the resolution to find these patterns is great. Could someone improve or have coded better this basic chart pattern?
  12. TheRumpledOne I see your indicator on metatrader, could you post please the link for multicharts or tradestation please? Do you try Strategy Trader ?
  13. Is it possible post the last version of the indicator?
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