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  1. I'm always early. I should have waited 2 days then replied.
  2. I'm thinking the next target might be 448.
  3. What do you think of the average person's chance of achieving the 1%. Since there are people born in the 1% it must be much less than 1%. Just wanting it is not enough. "It's not what you know it's who you know". Crony capitalism: bigger and better than ever.
  4. Is this $380K, income or wealth? I assume income, so what is the wealth line? The problem with our economy is the top wealth holders are playing it like a game of monopoly where 1 player owns all the wealth at the end. This is only sustainable if most of the players starve at the end. The government should provide a fair and level playing field so most of the people have an opportunity to work and survive. Sadly, crony capitalism today is much like Britain of the David Copperfield era. The king gave special tax credits to his favored subjects while many other people starved. Henry Ford paid his workers twice the prevailing wage. This obviously cost Henry some wealth. He was not playing a game of monopoly but a game of compassion. His workers were partners in the game he was playing, not human resources to use up and throw away.
  5. Three words: "Supply and Demand" If there is increased demand, prices will rise. If there is increased supply, prices will fall. If the supply of money is increased, prices will rise. If the supply of money is reduced, prices will fall. Doesn't seem random to me. The Federal Reserve knows this has always been true. If the supply of houses is in excess of the demand, prices will fall, unless the supply of money is increased. Then, all prices EXCEPT house prices will rise since they have been inflated by previous policy and still want to fall past their median price. I think I've said too much. I DO want to give away all the secrets I have noticed, hiding in plain sight, but I am just blathering now. The markets ARE manipulated. For proof, just watch the Federal Reserve show on the financial news. TRADE IN THE DIRECTION OF THE MONEY FLOW FOR BEST RESULTS. If day trading; never mind.
  6. The same thing has been floating around the U.S. for a few years. Fishing for dollars...or pounds.
  7. One of my favorite books. I am re-reading it now. This is a book I always want to have handy. If someone borrowed it and I did not get it back I would buy it again.
  8. "It never was my trading that made me the big money. It was my waiting, sitting tight. It is no secret to be right on the market. Traders who can both be right and sit tight are rare." J. Livermore This may not be the exact quote but is close enough.
  9. I think the definition of a world war is when more than 2 countries are at war. Iraq and Afghanistan come to mind. I can see Buffet's assertion that it is not comparable to a household budget; unless the household has a printing press in their basement. Then it is about the same. The household cannot default so the only downside comes from excessive money printing. Taking value slowly from savers is an acceptable form of stealing.
  10. Organized democracy always defeats individual freedom.
  11. You are trading against the trend, NOT GOOD. If you leave a 100 share position overnight and the stock gaps down, you can lose a quick 4 to 5 thousand of your 10 thousand. I tend to want to take trades against the trend as well and have spent 2 years trying to break myself of this. If it is easy to take a position exactly where you want , you are probably trading in the wrong direction. It should be difficult to buy at a good price. Read "Reminisciences of a Stock Operator". It is the first and possibly still the best book on trading.
  12. It was predestined that they would look. Of those who get hit, it was predestined that they would not look. My father always told me, "if everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you jump off a cliff?" Therefore it is predestined that I try not to follow the herd. We are programmed by our learning. Computer programs are predestined to follow their code and so are we. Logic leads to some strange places.
  13. "find something you love to do and you'll never work another day in your life....."
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