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  1. There's also a trading platform called ProTrader! Any connection?
  2. protrader, just a coincidence, or do you have anything to do with the ProTrader platform?
  3. lbj


    PT multistation trading platform also has a trading community (called BeTrade) but, unlike Zulu, the community is within the platform itself, where you can share signals, sell signals, search for frinds to follow based on trading criteria (market, performance history, instruments, etc), view other traders' performances, etc...
  4. Further to my comment yesterday, it seems like PT multistation can be used to trade with Dukascopy live accounts afterall. See all this discussion on official forum about PT multistation
  5. PT multistation has some pretty unique automated trading functionality: - visual advisor tool for beginners to graphically creat simple strategies on the chart; - PTL bulider IDE for programmers, which supports MQL4, EasyLanguage and C# strategies, with back-testing, optimization, and debugging tools. You can import strategies into it.
  6. Is this not a common feature of most charting software? e.g. PT multistation shows volume info at bottom of chart window
  7. Seems like there's a problem with Dukascopy live accounts too - I read somewhere that Dukascopy have said they do not support live accounts through PT multistation, although the PT website leads you to believe they are supported: Dukascopy | PT multistation btw, PT multistations's forum is at: protrader.org
  8. Thanks, KalixMOR, Not bad, but not many comments. I've started to look for trading blogs with loads of comments (assuming this indicates that they are well read)... Anyone know any MOST COMMENTED BLOGS?
  9. Yes, a nice one, Suri. Btw, I also came across this nice page, which was one of the places I began my research. Another 3 popular trading blogs I found (judging by loads of comments) are: Hot Option Babe the evil speculator - one nefarious trade at a time blue chip bull dog
  10. After a bit of research, I found these ones with lots of comments (so assuming they are well read too): zero hedge | on a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero Daneric's Elliott Waves Market-Ticker - MarketTicker Forums
  11. Trader Mike seems to be popular too - I've now seen this blog mentioned in different places actually... Looks like need to pay for the Kirk Report.
  12. Thanks a lot, cuttshot. Tim Knight's Slope of Hope is a real quality one - and I've never seen so many comments on posts on a trading blog!
  13. Thanks. --------------------- Gotcha...
  14. I don't see anyone commenting on your posts, but looks like you've got a nice blog in the making there. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and thx for info...
  15. Its easy to find a list of top trading blogs like this one in Google, but I'm looking for recommendations from traders who really use them. What are the your favorite trading blogs that you really read and find useful?
  16. Thanks for all bakrob99. Could you just clarify this one? - as it looks like you made a typo in the link name: electroniclocal.com
  17. Let me start with the BeTrade blog about a new trading community (which is inside the PT multistation trading platform)... btw, not that this blog is very useful to most of us (since its specifically about a software product) - its just that I'm using this platform...
  18. Anyone know the best blogs that we traders should be reading? Would be great if we can get people to recommend their favorites her (but pls don't forget to say WHY they are the best in your opinion)...
  19. You can use PT multistation for free to trade on your demo (or live) accounts with lots of brokers which it supports.
  20. I came across the PT multistation platform, and it supports Easylanguage as well as MQL! Is this a first, or do any other third-party platforms support these languages?
  21. Still waiting for someone to comment on strategy building in PTmultistation...
  22. PT multistation from PFSoft I've been using this multi-asset platform. It can trade on a range of markets: Forex, Futures, CFDs, Options and Stocks. It's based on the front-end of the same company's well-established ProTrader brokerage platform. The basic version is free, and some powerful stuff can be added by subscribing.
  23. Is it true that brokers consider MT no longer cutting-edge enough for their changing needs, and are switching over to other platforms. If, so, what are the reasons?
  24. btw, just noticed nice couple of banner ads showing for me on this page by Velocity and Traders Trust - looks like they're both offering the same ProTrader platform by PFSoft!
  25. ProTrader PT Multistation which supports loads of markets including equities looks like a nice platform (although looks like the it was originally designed for FX)... Another nice looking one is Saxo Bank's. These 2 look the best I've found so far. Note: I have demo-ed them both, but haven't used them live...
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