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  1. Order Flow Advice

    Anyone experienced footprint and orderflow discussion in bigmiketrading elite forum ? That's the most activated forum about footprint and orderflow. but need 100$ to be elite member.
  2. Hello brothers Im readin "Markets in Profile" nowadays and I see a lot "too long" "too short" Im familiar with terms relevant with trading. but I cant understand these terms when explained in MP Can somebody help me to understand these terms? Thanks
  3. The Truth of Trading

    It's luck for me got a chance to read this invaluable post. Really Really helpful post ever Thanks daedalus
  4. hello forum search doesnt work correctly since a few days ago please check
  5. Thanks tams From your reply I guess there's no way to simply recall specific day and time's value e.g. volume value of 4/05 ( 09:00 ),, right???
  6. For example in 1min chart : yesterday's volume value or specific day's volume value in this same time bar (09:01) can we recall this value during this bar in easylanuge?? or should we make some function or code for this job?
  7. Hello can we call tick value in min chart or volume chart ? I want calculate tick by tick in other type bar, but Im not smart enough to do this. Any help would be appreciated~ Cheers
  8. Volume Splitter

    Anyone has tried to save ask bid data into SQL server using API ?? If it could , can we use this information with multicharts or tradestation ?? I have plan to setup DB server for this..
  9. Hello. Great TL dudes~ Im going to measure time in seconds between bars in example, if current bar's time is 09:10:50 (hh/mm/ss) and previous bar's time is 09:09:30 time between two bars is 80 seconds. How can I calculate this ?? Im a beginner of EL coding. Thanks.
  10. Convert STEPMA to Tradestation

    I could see some screenshot or stepma on TS someone could help to convert this to TS or share stemap eld ? MQ4 code //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| StepMA_v7.1.mq4 | //| Copyright ?2006, TrendLaboratory | //| http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/TrendLaboratory | //| E-mail: igorad2003@yahoo.co.uk | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ #property copyright "Copyright ?2006, TrendLaboratory" #property link "http://finance.groups.yahoo.com/group/TrendLaboratory" #property indicator_chart_window #property indicator_buffers 3 #property indicator_color1 Aqua #property indicator_color2 Blue #property indicator_color3 Red //---- input parameters extern int Length = 10; // Volty Length extern double Kv = 1.0; // Sensivity Factor extern int StepSize = 0; // Constant Step Size (if need) extern int MA_Mode = 0; // Volty MA Mode : 0-SMA, 1-LWMA extern int Advance = 0; // Offset extern double Percentage = 0; // Percentage of Up/Down Moving extern bool HighLow = false; // High/Low Mode Switch (more sensitive) extern int ColorMode = 0; // Color Mode Switch extern int BarsNumber = 0; //---- indicator buffers double LineBuffer[]; double UpBuffer[]; double DnBuffer[]; double smin[]; double smax[]; double trend[]; double StepMA=0, ATR0=0,ATRmax=-100000,ATRmin=1000000; int limit; //---- StepSize Calculation double StepSizeCalc ( int Len, double Km, int Size, int k) { double result; if( Size==0 ) { double AvgRange=0; double Weight = 0; for (int i=Len-1;i>=0;i--) { if(MA_Mode==0) double alfa= 1.0; else alfa= 1.0*(Len-i)/Len; AvgRange+= alfa*(High[k+i]-Low[k+i]); Weight += alfa; } ATR0 = AvgRange/Weight; if (ATR0>ATRmax) ATRmax=ATR0; if (ATR0<ATRmin) ATRmin=ATR0; result=MathRound(0.5*Km*(ATRmax+ATRmin)/Point); } else result=Km*StepSize; return(result); } //---- StepMA Calculation double StepMACalc (bool HL, double Size, int k) { int counted_bars=IndicatorCounted(); double result; if (HL) { smax[k]=Low[k]+2.0*Size*Point; smin[k]=High[k]-2.0*Size*Point; } else { smax[k]=Close[k]+2.0*Size*Point; smin[k]=Close[k]-2.0*Size*Point; } if (counted_bars==0){smax[limit+1]=smax[limit];smin[limit+1]=smin[limit];trend[limit+1]=0;} trend[k]=trend[k+1]; if (Close[k]>smax[k+1]) trend[k]=1; if (Close[k]<smin[k+1]) trend[k]=-1; if(trend[k]>0) { if(smin[k]<smin[k+1]) smin[k]=smin[k+1]; result=smin[k]+Size*Point; } else { if(smax[k]>smax[k+1]) smax[k]=smax[k+1]; result=smax[k]-Size*Point; } //Print (" k=",k," trend=",trend[k], " res=",result," Smax=", smax[k], " Smin=", smin[k]); return(result); } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Custom indicator initialization function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int init() { string short_name; //---- indicator line IndicatorBuffers(6); SetIndexStyle(0,DRAW_LINE,STYLE_SOLID,2); SetIndexStyle(1,DRAW_LINE); SetIndexStyle(2,DRAW_LINE); SetIndexArrow(1,159); SetIndexArrow(2,159); SetIndexBuffer(0,LineBuffer); SetIndexBuffer(1,UpBuffer); SetIndexBuffer(2,DnBuffer); SetIndexShift(0,Advance); SetIndexShift(1,Advance); SetIndexShift(2,Advance); SetIndexBuffer(3,smin); SetIndexBuffer(4,smax); SetIndexBuffer(5,trend); //---- name for DataWindow and indicator subwindow label short_name="StepMA("+Length+","+Kv+","+StepSize+")"; IndicatorShortName(short_name); SetIndexLabel(0,short_name); SetIndexLabel(1,"UpTrend"); SetIndexLabel(2,"DownTrend"); //---- SetIndexDrawBegin(0,Length); SetIndexDrawBegin(1,Length); SetIndexDrawBegin(2,Length); //---- return(0); } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| Custor indicator deinitialization function | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int deinit() { //---- //---- return(0); } //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ //| StepMA_v7.1 | //+------------------------------------------------------------------+ int start() { int shift, counted_bars=IndicatorCounted(); if ( BarsNumber > 0 ) int Nbars=BarsNumber; else Nbars=Bars; if ( counted_bars > 0 ) limit=Bars-counted_bars; if ( counted_bars < 0 ) return(0); if ( counted_bars ==0 ) limit=Nbars-Length-1; for(shift=limit;shift>=0;shift--) { int Step = StepSizeCalc( Length, Kv, StepSize, shift); Comment (" StepSize= ", Step); StepMA = StepMACalc ( HighLow, Step, shift)+Percentage/100.0*Step*Point; if ( ColorMode == 0) LineBuffer[shift]=StepMA; if ( ColorMode == 1) { if ( trend[shift]>0 ) {UpBuffer[shift]=StepMA-Step*Point;DnBuffer[shift]=EMPTY_VALUE;} else if ( trend[shift]<0 ) {DnBuffer[shift]=StepMA+Step*Point;UpBuffer[shift]=EMPTY_VALUE;} } else if ( ColorMode == 2) { if (trend[shift]>0) { UpBuffer[shift]=StepMA; if ( trend[shift+1] < 0 ) UpBuffer[shift+1] = DnBuffer[shift+1]; DnBuffer[shift]=EMPTY_VALUE; } if (trend[shift]<0) { DnBuffer[shift]=StepMA; if ( trend[shift+1] > 0 ) DnBuffer[shift+1] = UpBuffer[shift+1]; UpBuffer[shift]=EMPTY_VALUE; } } else { UpBuffer[shift]=EMPTY_VALUE; DnBuffer[shift]=EMPTY_VALUE; } } return(0); }
  11. New Volume Indicator

    this is advertise. if you google you can find exactly same sentence in many other forums.
  12. Hi. I read about this indicator from here http://www.ninjatrader-support2.com/vb/showthread.php?t=9623&highlight=stepma It looks useful and shows trend clearly IMO Anyone had coded this indicator for Tradestation (Easylanguage) ? I could not find this anywhere Thanks
  13. Gapless Squeeze

    Thanks for your quick reply, I'll try
  14. Gapless Squeeze

    simterann22, Thanks for your brilliant works could you please make gapless Hull moving average ? belows are function and indicator I attached gapless addin but it seems not work Type : Function, Name : jtHMA {jtHMA - Hull Moving Average Function} {Author: Atavachron} {May 2005} Inputs: price(NumericSeries), length(NumericSimple); Vars: halvedLength(0), sqrRootLength(0); if ((ceiling(length / 2) - (length / 2)) <= 0.5) then halvedLength = ceiling(length / 2) else halvedLength = floor(length / 2); if ((ceiling(SquareRoot(length)) - SquareRoot(length)) <= 0.5) then sqrRootLength = ceiling(SquareRoot(length)) else sqrRootLength = floor(SquareRoot(length)); Value1 = 2 * WAverage(price, halvedLength); Value2 = WAverage(price, length); Value3 = WAverage((Value1 - Value2), sqrRootLength); jtHMA = Value3; Type : Indicator, Name : jtHMA {jtHMA - Hull Moving Average Indicator} {Author: Atavachron} {May 2005} Inputs: price(Close), length(21), zeroLine(0.0), zeroVisible(false), upColour(Blue), downColour(Red), colourDeltaBar(1); Value1 = jtHMA(price, length); Plot1(Value1, "jtHMA"); If ZeroVisible = true then Plot2(zeroLine, "Zero"); { Color criteria } if (Value1 > Value1[1]) then SetPlotColor[colourDeltaBar](1, upColour) else if (Value1 < Value1[1]) then SetPlotColor[colourDeltaBar](1, downColour);
  15. Kelly's Cycle Identifier

    How can I make strategy with this code I added bold line in this code and delete plot line if C < triggerPriceSell and highest(high,highBarsAgo) < hightoBeat and (H[highBarsAgo]-L[lowBarsAgo])>= MinimumDiff then begin sell next bar on market // ADDED if C > triggerPriceBuy and lowest(L,lowBarsAgo) > lowtoBeat and (H[highBarsAgo]-L[lowBarsAgo])>= MinimumDiff then begin Buy next bar on market // ADDED but it shows totally diffirent buy/sell signal with indicator Im not good at EL and strategy

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