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  1. This site (link attached) gives an interesting statistical overview: http://thepatternsite.com/CandleReverse.html
  2. 5% risk.....? Jeez, 'small' has changed since I started trading.
  3. Lots of different opinions on here about what constitutes 'successful'. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. 10%, 15%, 20% per annum. Anyone read 'Pitbull'?
  4. I would partially agree with this. TA is useful for visual confirmation of reaction around key areas, and also as a means of calculating risk on each trade, ie the 'I was wrong point'. But, without the underlying basics of supply/demand/inflection points etc, its a bit 'hit and hope' on its own.
  5. Kinda keeps coming back to capitalisation. The contents of your wallet dictates your possible options re timeframes and 'style'.
  6. I believe that time-frames are the key. I trade trends on H4 and up, and I trade reversion on M15. Market noise is ok, if you position yourself accordingly. cheers
  7. I really like Sam's videos. Straight forward and uncluttered by mumbo jumbo.
  8. I purchased from these guys. No problems. Quad Vision Trading Environment
  9. If you need a little help, drop me a line.

    No cost.


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