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  1. Ahh the joy of indicators. If anyone is looking for another hobby while waiting to trade - try a programming course at edX or Coursera. Free and a lot more productive than indicators vs timing.
  2. Yes. Given the populations around the world it shouldn't be too hard to use multiple regression to establish whether there are statistically valid links between various explanatory variables and the response variable "murder rate." So there must be relatively unbiassed studies out there. What was the outcome?
  3. If it's based on what price has done it's technical analysis; and although I believe that there are many paths to success my own approach has evolved towards simplicity. I'd prefer the thread stay away from market internals, bid and ask volume, and anything that isn't generally available across most of the world's markets. Also, from me at least there'll be a lack of indicators and an attempt to focus on robustness. I'll put up a series of ideas for discussion that I think can contribute to profitable trading either as exit, entry or both. So the first straw man is this: Longer time frames give more reliable signals, be they highs and lows or patterns of price action.
  4. Strength of opinion seems proportional to ignorance. Ain't the internet wonderful. Have a look at Chan's free stuff. There is lots of it and if his way of thinking seems to fit yours then pay for the product - you might get an insight that would take you years of watching markets tick up and down if you got it at all.
  5. A second copy lets me trade the same thing with no connection to the first (different client id numbers). A third copy runs on a different timezone for forex trading so that I see the world from a european viewpoint. Synching between new copies is just a matter of copying critical files across. sierra3.cfg, accounts.config, plus some others ... look at what changed most recently when you shut sc down. Yeah, I am not entirely fond of some elements of the attached order logic. You tend to get used to what you use a lot over time.
  6. Nice thread Steve. It's been interesting to ride along and watch how another person develops and trades their perceptions.
  7. Yes, you can run net and non net versions in different folders. I typically run 2 copies of SC for trading only one of which updates the data for the symbol (the other relies on the first to have updated the data file). You can also have seperate data files for each copy. And they can be different revisions of SC as well as net vs non-net. They can also use different data providers. It's designed to be flexible. If nothing is happening I may open another SC for system development so 3 isn't unusual for me. Others seem to go far further. At the moment there isn't anything I need the chart trading to do differently. It seems intuitive to me and lets me manage things as I like. I think Ninja is much more heavily into the net framework than Sierra ever was so there is probably more potential for issues. I havent used ninja for years so I don't really know.
  8. It is a good platform for your use. They focus a lot of keeping it fast and low on resource utilization (great panic whenever anyone reports increased usage). I use the non-NET version of Sierra Chart because it is slightly faster and tighter. I chart trade but don't use the dom so you'd probably want to get the trial and see what you thought. You default to confirming a lot of order entry / mod stuff but can turn it off (I just click, drag and release on the chart to place my order from a customizable chart trading menu, customizable brackets are displayed and placed with your broker when the entry fills). NET runs slower (because more needs to be done) and is potentially less stable simply because stability is at risk whenever you add an extra layer of complexity. To be honest though I've never heard complaints that the .net version is less stable - I think its all about speed and platform compatibility (quite a few people seem keen on linux/wine use of Sierra).
  9. On the general subject: if you just want to trade and use standard indicators then Sierra will probably offer a price performance package that can't be beat. If you want to just program it using the spreadsheet or you want to use ACSIL and already know how C fits together (you don't really use C++ features or C# or anything fancy) then it can't be beat. If you're going to program it then you really don't want to be a newbie - but if its just spreadsheet style manipulations of indicators it should be pretty easy. But if you already know and like something else; or if you want to do complex programming and don't get/like C++ style programming; then you might well not like it. Then one of the others like multicharts might be better for you. On the .net question. NET is a complex framework to let programmers in microsoft environments do stuff (pre windows 8 ... the world is moving towards html5 and less proprietary approaches now). But it adds complexity. So it is slower than just coding it in C++ (which is what Sierra Chart is built on). So the Sierra people are trying to move away from .NET which creates a leaner faster package that will likely be easier to use in non-ms environments as well.
  10. Both links work for me on Google Chrome and Pale Moon x64 (faster version of firefox).
  11. I don't get this post. The chart shows that their spreads are not a patch on Oanda's and thus will come a poor third to a real broker like Interactive Brokers. So was @leonelucy5 being sarcastic or shilling for the company --- I am always suspicious of first posts with such radical enthusiasm. By way of a recommendation, I'd bet that both IB and Oanda were a better brokerage choice than tfc.
  12. LOL Steve, As you might have guessed, I enjoy your work and your response to some of those who deserve a little smacking around. They really do make it easy. But you do stir it up unmercifully with some of your phrasing. Perhaps you intended it but possibly not so I'll point it out. "You are one of the few who seems to have ..." I suspect that lots of people, especially those who don't participate in the repartee, have paid attention. Even some of the challengers. But using "You are one of the few" does seem to inflame the urge to confrontation when compared with something like "I really appreciate you and others who ...." or something like that. Of course, if you intended the barb, then please carry on and ignore my suggestion; as most suggestions are to be ignored or quickly forgotten anyway. Cheers
  13. Its always bad news when someone starts by admitting that they are innumerate and then starts talking about statistics. What follows just displays their ignorance and is best ignored - although you have to love the use of the word "but."
  14. Are there any traders (day or swing) on the Gold Coast who're interested in occasional meetings. Or perhaps one to find out if more would be worthwhile. I've no strong feeling on format although if there are enough of us it would be worthwhile to have something presented each time. If you're interested post here or pm me. I'm a day trader (Asian Markets) and potential forex swing trader (W, D, H4, H1 bars). Been at it for quite a while.
  15. I suspect that the answer is part of the old trading answer: you need to combine a lot of things to make it work. So it may be that AA = conceptual skills, AA = enough maths maybe, AA = did at least do the work required to get the degree. And you probably aren't completely stupid. But obviously that isn't enough. A twat who gets an MBA is still a twat. And trading is about a lot more than the skills tested while acquiring a degree.
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