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  1. we are both correct (imagine that! )... pending on how the chart is setup... """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" The keyword "Ticks" with "Trade Vol" selected shows the number of contracts traded over all transactions during the bar. The keyword "Ticks" with "Tick Count" selected shows the number of transactions occurring during the bar and ignores the number of contracts traded. """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" and for detailed explanation see the following link https://www.tradestation.com/wiki/display/EasyLanguage/Understanding%20Volume#UnderstandingVolume-bookmarka
  2. The explanation that I heard is that floor traders talk about "Opening range" that refers to just the few ticks range that market opened at. It can be approximated closely as first minute bar range.
  3. not really... Tick = trade and each trade can be 1 or many contracts... Real volume would be measured in contracts, not the number of trades.
  4. in TS if you were to use Up/DN Volume... it would be only RT.... What Delta Indicator is doing is using UpTIcks/DownTicks instead to approximate volume. This change also allows historical back testing.. (data is always available, not only in RT)
  5. Check out Ant's Market Delta indicator. It has some elements of what you are looking for. It shows volume per price, but it is not P&F chart. It might be a good start.
  6. i use IB and had no access issue. Make sure that your TWS and Java plugin are up to date. If you have to install newer version of Java, the best thing is to remove old version(s), reboot and then install new version.
  7. makes sense.. thanks..
  8. EDIT: Ignore previous post... Just modify the following lines.. inputs: StartTime( SessionStartTime(0,1)), EndTime( CalcTime(SessionStartTime(0,1),90)), I was looking at different version of my code, not the code I posted in here. Note to admin: For some reason I cannot edit my previous post
  9. Code is for regular session. Lines that needs to be changed is: from ... "EndTime( CalcTime(SessionStartTime(1,1),EndTimeOffset))" to EndTime( CalcTime(SessionStartTime(0,1),EndTimeOffset)) same for ... If time > EndTIme and time < SessionEndTIme(0,1) then Here is the copy from TS guide that explains the difference... ____________________________________________ Usage SessionStartTime(SessionType,SessionNum) Parameters SessionType A numeric value. 0 = Auto Detect, 1 = Regular Session SessionNum A numeric value. Session Number to Reference
  10. I have made minor changes to the above indicator to work regardless of the time zone one is in ( uses SessionStartTime instead of absolute time). OPENRANGE1.ELD
  11. it is always better to buy the same memory sticks to be on a safe side.. especially if your mobo is dual channel.. it will only work if sticks are identical.
  12. I can tell u my solution... I upgraded to dual core PC... not because TS can use 2 cpu's but because the other apps ( like your execution platform) will not be locked when TS overloads cpu... On 21st I had several copies of MP running concurrently ES, ER2 RS ( since I trade stocks too) with ~200 symbols, many other things and it did not lock up. I upgraded last sommer..spec is AMD 4200X2/ 2Gb RAM, XPPRo. If I were to upgrade today, I would be looking at intel this time.
  13. I have not tried this ..but it should work in theory.. one way is to add @YM as data2 to your chart, overlay it over the existing data1( @YM.D). Use the same interval as in data1. Modify your pivot point code to use data2 for calculation, for example.. var: pivot(0, data2); ( pivot = ( HighD of data2 + LowD of data2 + CloseD of data2)/3 ;
  14. here u go .. mods done... just import it in your TS... VOLUMEAVERAGE_PCT.ELD
  15. Create new copy of Volume Avg indicator ( different name) and add the following line: Plot1( TVol, "Vol" ) ; Plot2( AvgTVol, "VolAvg" ) ; if AvgTVol > 0 then Plot3(TVol/AvgTVol * 100, "% D Vol"); << new line
  16. Hey Torero! It has been a while last time I spoke to you... Where have you been?
  17. Since I am not sure what you need from platform, I will suggest you several options: #1 - IB as data feed + quote Tracker ( $5/month) - simple charting package - no backtesting #2 - IB as data feed + AmiBroker ( ~$200 or so) - charting and backtesting #3 - IB as datafeed + MultiCharts ( from [http://www.tssupport.com]) ... I have not tried this package, but it is suppose to be compatible with Tradestation. It should run EasyLanguage code. #4 - TradeStation 8.2 - with brokarage account is free if you trade 10 round trips on any futures contract ( not sure if TS support Copenhagen Stock Exchange )
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