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  1. ckait


    good awnswer kinda what i was eluding to thanks for articipating
  2. ckait


    Are we bing "Primed" by our chats and Dom's the samr way we are advertisements and stuff like that into tricking us into dooint the wrong thing at the wrong time ?
  3. ckait


    Heres a thought for a thread for us Technical traders. Why do YOU think certain prices are important as in a place you would put on a trade on a pull back or how ever you decide to get in to the market. Example for me trading energies I like to seee what happens around quarters and dollars I might not use them to actually say if this holds, I'm long but i do like to see what kind if response you see around them. So what do you use and why do you think there is any meritt to why you use them?
  4. Sorry, that's not possible, however I do plan to let people watch me trade using conferencing software. I will let you know when that is going to occur and you are welcome to attend.


    Best Regards

  5. Sorry, this being the Internet I have had bad experiences letting people know where I live....I do plan to have people observe my trading process using "go to meeting"...I will let you know when this will happen and you are welcome to attend.


    Best Regards


  6. Sorry, this being the Internet I have had bad experiences letting people know where I live....I do plan to have people observe my trading process using "gotomeeting"...I will let you know when this will happen and you are welcome to attend.


    Best Regards


  7. Hey steve Ive read alot of your stuff over and i just live in Carpinteria can i come up and see what you do live?I Ive traded lots of different stuff over the past 6 years mostly im trading oil right now never seem to get quite over the big hump. would love to check you out if your game.

  8. I do trade my own stuff. but for me that means getting up at 4 am trading til 7:30 AM pst then go to work keeping my buisness I built with my blood sweat and tears going and getting home to do my family stuff after that. So a stand alone automated system would be nice. If you had one why wouldnt you share it? it would only make it more robust. The whole trading community I think for the most part is full of shit. Most people dont make money over the long haul and thats why they pretend to stand behind " Im not sharing my system it wont work any more". If people would just be honest for once it would be AMAZING. letting people in on a working system would make it stronger rather that weaker. Look at the whole Woodies CCI group the only reason those trades work is ther are so many people doing them. And i dont even know if they do work maybe Ken fades evry signal If he is even alive any more. If I could write out exactly how come each of my trades worked and why I made money off of them I would totally do it and I will if I get to that point. As it sits right now I have a good feel for where stops will release and trade accordingly. Management is where my edge is not letting loosers dominate. I get out early and get back in when i feel its time. Now I like to trade thin contracts. corn copper crude and I trade ES but they all have different temperments. So bring forth your system and put your money wher eyour mouth is.
  9. well my intention was not to start a debate over system trading vs descretionary trading but maybe its a good topic.by all means please show me a profeitable system and i will gladly implement it. I double dog dare you !!!!
  10. The reason I started the thred in the first place was to educate people in the ways of the vendors and and how no one sells a system that is truly profeitable. I personally think that "systems" are inharently flawed as they cannot take into account the context of the day as it pertains to the market. Thank you everyone who participated we served our purpose with this thred.
  11. I LOve that response that about sums up the way I felt about it
  12. I was contacted by a friend who wanted my advice about a vendor soliciting his $ for an indicator service. I did a small amount of research and found that they are connected to the "Traders Edge Network" and there is a master mind mathmatician who figured out how to read what the new trading computers of the "Big Guys" are dooing whos name if Jeff Augden. I personally have been trading indicator free for several years so I can not give an objective opinion. below are the links please look at it and give your opinions. http://www.swingtheaxe.com/final-trading-session-replay http://www.swingtheaxe.com/webinar/11-9-12.html http://www.swingtheaxe.com/additionalassets/055-Basic_Paterns.pdf enjoy and plaese respond not enough vendors are held accountable.
  13. all of your plans, your disclipline, your hours of watching the tape, will all be for nothing without my new E book . Just kidding but seriously systems dont work! a, " system can't tell what new numbers are comming out , a system cant tell if the leader of syria has just been assinated, every thing is so dynamic these days your brain must be the biggest indicator you have. Price and eagerness of participants to trade at a certain price at a certain time is key . Other than than that I dont kow what else to say. my E book will be available on 12/23/2012 at 11:59 pm.
  14. Well its setteled, Im going to get into the "Educating Traders" buisness ive just decided. And what im going to teach are 101 ways you will surely loose your ass in the futures market.The document I will produce will save people tons of cash!!!!! And the reason I know I started out doing all the things I will teach not to do. I will sell this vast and extensive knowlede base for the low low fee of $25.00 thats USD. PM me if you want a copy Im not even kidding Ill have it done in a week. Ill even talk to you Via skype if you want and trade at the same time.
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