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  1. Nickm thanks alot for the file. It works great exactly what I wanted. Once again thanks
  2. Thanks for the response. One more question I really don't want to mess up the indicator. Where exactly do I add this line? Here is the indicator. After I add the lines do I just save it and readd the indicator in radar screen? thanks again for the help. inputs: AvgLength( 50 ), AlertPct( 50 ), UpColor( Cyan ), DownColor( Red ) ; variables: VVol( 0 ), AvgVVol( 0 ), TVol( 0 ), AvgTVol( 0 ), AlertFactor( 1 + AlertPct * .01 ), AlertStr( NumToStr( AlertPct, 2 ) ) ; if BarType >= 2 then { ie, not tick/minute data } begin VVol = Volume ; AvgVVol = AverageFC( Volume, AvgLength ) ; Plot1( VVol, "Vol" ) ; Plot2( AvgVVol, "VolAvg" ) ; { Alert criteria } if VVol crosses over AvgVVol * AlertFactor then Alert( "Volume breaking through " + AlertStr + "% above its avg" ) ; end else { if tick/minute data; in the case of minute data, also set the "For volume, use:" field in the Format Symbol dialog to Trade Vol or Tick Count, as desired } begin TVol = Ticks ; AvgTVol = AverageFC( Ticks, AvgLength ) ; Plot1( TVol, "Vol" ) ; Plot2( AvgTVol, "VolAvg" ) ; { Alert criteria } if TVol crosses over AvgTVol * AlertFactor then Alert( "Volume breaking through " + AlertStr + "% above its avg" ) ; end ; { Color criteria } if C > C[1] then SetPlotColor( 1, UpColor ) else if C < C[1] then SetPlotColor( 1, DownColor ) ; { ** Copyright © 1991-2003 TradeStation Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. ** ** TradeStation reserves the right to modify or overwrite this analysis technique with each release. ** }
  3. Bill, thats what I also have but I want to add a extra column that shows what percentage of daily volume a stock has printed. Basically I want to look for stocks on my watchlist that have the highest % of their daily volume at a certain time.
  4. Is it possible to add another column in Radar Screen for the Volume Avg Indicator. Basically I just want a column to show the actual percentage of daily volume that has printed currently. This way I can sort by stocks that are printing the highest % of their daily average. Is this something that someone with no coding experience can do? Thanks in advance. Bubs Bubs Blog
  5. Hello all first time visitor. Love the forums. Found the site when I was looking to download a indicator for tradestation and found it here. Anyway I also just started a blog. I am a very new trader and post all my trades right after they are taken. If anyone is interested in following my action go to Bubs Blog Leave a comment and tell me what you think
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