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  1. The curve averages out to about 5 points/day (roughly 30-50% ATR for the last 2 weeks) @ 5 contracts. We spoke about how he is applying the techniques and, to paraphrase, he says he uses these principles to help him identify the trend (volume). He then looks for an FTT and once he thinks he has spotted one he makes and entry with a small stop and then tries to sit on his hands. He also draws in an anticipated higher fractal TL (one less steep) to help him hold longer which he says eases his emotions as price retraces from PT2 to PT3. Once he is in a developed trend he waits for price to break the TL and exits.
  2. Very cool! I am reminded of the movie "The Astronaut Farmer"....
  3. A neighbor of mine lost his job (upper mgmt with a tech firm) in the beginning of the economic fallout last year. He decided to give some attention to these techniques. He is a modest fellow, but he just emailed me a snapshot of his equity curve from 9/1 - present day with a quick note. I asked for his permission to share. He mentioned in his note that he does not think he will be looking for another job anytime soon. lol! I believe this brief snapshot equity curve demonstrates someone who is becoming Operational.
  4. A very wise man has said; "To get from square one to operational takes time and patience." tapes? traverses? channels? These are all constructs for use in becoming operational... Increasing, Decreasing, Continuing or Changing... and WMCN... We perform the routine so that we may develop and refine our ability to become operational. Spydertrader has provided us all the tools needed to do this and through effort and experience we become more effective and efficient. When emotions override logic step back and take a break. The market is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. Developing the routine and learning to learn is what the journey entails. But enjoy the journey. It is meant to be enjoyed.
  5. I can appreciate your question and enjoy it because it makes me think. So keeping it simple (and considering that critical component of M is still being refined) then I will humbly submit my analysis (just based on PT2 analysis only): If THIS was a Traverse (which completed Friday morning) then the down traverse which is being built requires a PT2 outside of the previous up traverse. We did not get that on Friday. Now If the preceding link is in fact a channel, then it is quite possible that what was constructed on Friday was Pt1, 2 and 3 of a down traverse. Frankly, I may very well be stuck in SLOW MOTION coming off of the summer pace here. But my PFC is established and I will continue on with the MADA asking WMCN as each bar forms.
  6. Hi dkm, IMHO, Post #5 gives us a primer for the building blocks (i.e. BBT's). As Spydertrader mentioned earlier, "...begin with these smaller pieces and build from there. In such a fashion, you'll soon see how letters form words, and words become sentences. It is within these sentences that the market tells its story..." With that, I have annotated the story I read for Friday...
  7. Hello James, It appears that recent attachments "view counts" are no longer being displayed. Older attachments seem to report the number of views, but newer attachments are not displaying view-hits. I am not sure if this is an issue per say or a possible design change. But I thought I would report the observation nonetheless. Thanks,
  8. Sorry for the delay in responding Ez - IMO, the segment had the appearance of non-dominance.
  9. Gets my vote... Ending the day in that DOM lateral still has me looking for PT2 confirmation on the 5M tape though EDIT: Better double check my data provider on that one @ EOD (No LAT). Though personally, I am not comfortable calling 15:15 ET a PT2... So PFC has me looking for PT3 of tape then IBV to PT2 of traverse.
  10. I always thought the site looked great. But 4X improvement is no small benefit. Nicely done and thanks for supporting this great community.
  11. Nice to see folks posting charts - starting to feel like 'old' times. My view of the day...
  12. Morning Trade... Doing the MADA - Gathering Data Sets - Continuation or Change...
  13. Hey romanus, Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I can see your view. Perhaps I have annotated sub-fractals. I still find it astonishing that the sequences can be observed within internals.
  14. QFT... Every Fractal contains the exact same components. Learning to observe them manifest is the process of differentiation.
  15. Interesting question. For me, an FTT of something becomes a PTn of something else. So logically (for me) this FTT is the place to drop the TL. Geometry does not always allow one to place a TL where a sequence completes, but IMO it seems more important that one does things consistently to be able to provide him/her the view required to see continuation/change.
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