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  1. Mustang-

    !bd 100

    Im looking for a IBD 100 list ideally in excel. Thanks
  2. yeah I can understand your wanting to dig deeper... 20 day prfoile represents one month, its fairly common to do a monthly profile. just keep in mind Markets are not rational/ logical etc..
  3. Is it available in ELD ? If not can you post the code. thanks
  4. Hi BlowFish, As it seems that you have a good understanding of VWAP, I thought it would be approriate to ask you what your thoughts are about Weekly VWAP and Monthly VWAP including SD bands that are associated with them. with respect to Day trading or Swing trading.
  5. Thanks for pointing that out BlowFish...will do. take care
  6. BF, Although im familiar with VWAP, I rarely have used... (TPO)POC and VWAP are very similar. I prefer the POC as In my observations and the way I approch the market POC works better for me. You are 100% correct... As with most thing it's how you apply them that counts. That said I can only speak from my experience and if someone asked me about Volume Profile or TPO prfoile I would say go with Price profile. However In the Future Im going to ammend that statement too... primary focus should be Price Profile but monitor Volume profile as you may end up liking it and finding it useful too.
  7. When I think of Volume Profile and Price Profile in terms of Logic makeup of indicator its very easy for me to say that a volume profile amkes more sense on purly logical terms. but the markets dont think and function in terms of logic, reason , science. The markets are what they are. If you have some trading experience and monitor both Volume and Price profile it is quickly obvious that Price(TPO) profile is much more effective then Volume profile. For trading results I would recommend a classic TPO profile. For scientific studies I would recommend a volume profile
  8. So since when is the UK know as In Da House Aside from skeptics, what you say is valid in many respects. Infact I have seen in real example how one can go around these agreements. This will sound odd coming from me, since I asked for the NDA to begin with. Those that are paranoid about having their confidential material being made public or used without their consent...will inevitably have such happen to them.
  9. Zapisy, greatly appreciated....... Member slike you add value to TL. BlowFish, Thanks for the comments... I want to shre some confidential information and want to make sure the parties I do share the information with, I have evidence to show that their was a confidential agreement. can you elaborate on why you dont think its a good deterant?
  10. I have need for a Non Disclosure Agreement. I can make the changes I need to it. If I can find one that I can use as template or just to get an idea of context it would be great. I figured there might be one lying around this forum, or possibly those that have used such agreements in past might be able to share a copy with the confidential information Blocked out. Any contributions greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi Soultrader, Thanks for sharing your experince of these MP traders. A few questions as Im trying to imagin there process in my mind and some more details from you might help me do that better...thanks. A. Were you able to determin if their analysis was mostly based on TPO profile or Volume profile or were they using other indicators to help? B. Were they using daily structures of the 30m period or were they blending days in a discretionary manner??? C. Did you get a feel that most of their analysis and decision process was based on s/r levels extracted from MP??? ....this is what I have personally noticed with expert MP users. just wondering if that was your experience. I will say this....from my observations. MP for some is the holy grail and for others its useless. currently there is another thread on this site that has some that have not been able to make use of MP, its not because they are lacking intelligence or that they are lazy, I believe they are being honest about their claims-- at the same time there are traders that I know personally, and on this forum that live by MP and are very successful. There is a old saying that goes something like this...I allways butcher saying, so parden me. " If you look for something you will find it ". i.e. what ever you look for with faith you will see. This is what makes statistics or statistical findings so amusing. ****************** By the way a couple of minutes after my post i realized that your(SoulT) post was made back in 2007. I got fooled into thinking its arecent post because the previous post to mine said yesterday and I dont expect you to remeber the details of your experience from 3 years ago. However just incase you do...Im all ears.
  12. ochie, for the Syock index symbols ES,YM, NQ I keep the compression set to 1 and I had checked the numbers with someone elses code (different TPO profile then the one I posted) and it matched exactly. Further more if the compression is set to less then 1 or > then 1 then one will get a TPO plot at a VALUE < then the min tick move or a TPO plot at value > a min tick move. I have not checked the above TPO profile with other site to verify its accuracy but will do so soon. As far as the link you posted for drawing the VA H and L I did not see a code for such...did I miss it?? Thanks much. Backrob99, Thanks for posting the site for MP numbers. Best regards
  13. Thanks for your message. I think I will take your suggestion. It would be good to shorten peoples' learning curve.

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