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  1. I have just connected to a CQG broker feed and my volume delta charts and other order flow volumes are significantly different to my IQFeed volume deltas. Has anyone else seen this or have any comment regarding what I'm seeing. TIA. EL
  2. I've had nothing but good experiences with AMP, and with IB for that matter. Making gratuitous unsupported defamitory statements about someone is both useless and a reflection more on the maker of such claims thatn the absent person it's made about. AMP costs can be found on their website. And they now support MultiCharts with both CQG and Zenfire. EL
  3. The question mark at the end of the title to this post is mine. Ther article I am refering to is one by the hedge fund manager, Hugh Hendry and can be read here. It's an article from today's UK press that CNBC Europe is promoting too. The article is particularly apropos after Mr Bernanke's statements yesterday, coming clean a little.While I agree with the judgement of Mr Hendry who I have watched for a number of years, timing is everything. But as we say in the U.K., Mind the Gap!
  4. Market System Analyzer : Day Trading Strategies : FX Trading : Adaptrade Software MSA has a lot more functionality than just record keeping. It can be used to improbe profitability. EL
  5. Have a look at the new options for Renko charts - SHOW WICKS. The Renkos give a nice smooth clean chart and the visibility of the wicks is very important for backtesting. EL
  6. I've used eSignal for years but am probably switching to or adding DTNIQ. I also use the data from TS in MultiCharts. I also have algos that use the Interactivebroker data directly rather than symbol mapping as the shorter timeframes need to trade off the same data as is being executed. I run a lot of algos and a 4 core processor handles it fine with the MC 64 bit version. I can add RAM if needed as I run a VPS.
  7. Oversold markets don't usually have "V" bottoms. Depends on timeframe/periodicity. Usually a low followed by a higher low shows a rebound, especially if you can measure how oversold you are eg distance frm an MA,BolBand/keltner. Some testing will show you the probabilities of different setups. EL
  8. I run both TS and MC, as well as a few other platforms. I was a user of TS since the very early days of the 1990's. MC is much, much faster than TS in Optimisation. TS has historical data, MC needs 3rd party historical data. The newest 64bit MC allows almost unlimited ticks historically. The amount of RAM you have is your limit. I get load failures on TS with complex strategies and trying to optimise over lots of tick data. I predominantly use MC for my trading. Each has pluses and minuses so choosing what features are dealbrakers for you will help your choice. EL
  9. I use the fin-alg MP. Looking at your pic, the first change I'd make is that I'd use 1 minute bars not 30 minute bars so you get better granularity. That may fix the prob. Secondly, make sure you are both using the same percentage for calculating the VA. HTH EL
  10. Yes, autotrading does "work", "work" meaning that you can create an automated trading system that is profitable over time with an acceptable drawdown. The expectations for a fully automated system should be different to expectations of an expert trader trading on a discretionary basis as, in most instances, a lot of quick dynamic reaction is lost in an algo. That being said, autotrading can take less skilled traders to CP by mitigating many of newbie reactions it may otherwise be difficult to eradicate. I'd start by reading Bob Pardo's book. EL
  11. An easylanguage platform like MultiCharts or TradeStation is IMO the easiest comprehensive solution as its really almost english. EL
  12. It's the best retail WFO analysis tool out there, IMO. Lots of great testing and it can save a huge amount of effort. The only downside is that the TradeStation Optimisation process that is a prerequisite to running WFO is very, very, very slow compared to MultiCharts. The South African guy who built it is working for TS in its integration into TS. The WFO presents a number of solutions and allows the user to look into them and choose which to use. Part of the results is a five point test that analyses each reported iteration and gives each test a PASS/FAIL and the overall iteration a PASS/FAIL. Great stuff. Highly recommended to algo designers. EL
  13. The WFO is a great tool. Problem is the usual: RIRO (rubbish in, rubbish out). The criteria that is used to both enter and exit trades is of great importance. Just using your favourrite indicator with optimised inputs, rigid targets and stops won't in most cases provide a robust model, even if one set of parameters passes WFO. It's usually just a fluke. You got lucky, as Clint would say. This is easily seen as you try and get the same "chosen" inputs after using different lengths of data both for your IS and OS testing. The way to use the WFO is to use criteris that relates to market activity so that the algo will self adjust to the volatility and to use the WFO to fine tune its sensitivity. Having said that, TS's WFO is the state of the art after having purchased the Grail and having the guy that owned it integrate it into TS. But its really slow when you compare it to MultiCharts but what you get from it is much better. EL
  14. shooly76, its unlikely you can earn a living with just $3k capital, but you can learn how to trade. Firstly, you should trade smaller, not larger so that the fear of loss is diminished. Secondly, you should perfect your skills before you risk money and prove to yourelf that you are CP. Thirdlly, you don't have funds to hire a mentor but you can self mentor yourself to a certain extent if you create a very specific written trading plan that fully describes your trading pictures: entries and exit rules after back testing. Then, at the close of every day, score yourself on how compliant you were to your trading plan. The result of this is that you will be profitable. If not, either you have not been compliant or your trading plan is really not profitable and your back testing was deficient. EL
  15. That's the whole point. What does having money have do do with human rights, human dignity and the ability to play your role in your community. The fact that this "question" is even asked or considered as something that could be debated says a lot. Having money is an attribute just like having blue eyes or a colledge degree. As human beings in a community, deenfranchising anyone, not because of him committing a crime against the community, but because he just happens not to contribute money, quite abhorent to me. Some people make their contributions in other ways: playing music, painting, social assistance and so on. Just because I have a talent for making money does not give me the right to tell everyone how things should be in a society. In a democracy, the majority rules. Any one who doesn't like it can vote with his feet. People seem to be quoting Winston Churchill a lot recently. He said: "democracy is the worst form of government except all those other forms that have been tried from time to time".
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